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Chancee now how to (----)...I forgot that...

Later then...

(Sort of suggestive so I read that and took it out.)

7/10/2009 . Edited 7/10/2009 #31

i've decided i want to be the official pun writer for csi

7/10/2009 #32
The Tragedian

Ok we made it to a pit stop. and we'll be here for an hour and AMAZINGLY THEY HAVE INTERNET IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God loves me!

And sign me up for the book club

7/10/2009 #33

Just come on over love and drop your questions for S.S.Lady...You have been missed!

7/10/2009 #34
M Wilridge

Thanks to everyone that has participated in todays Book Club reading of SaintSinnerLady's Saint.. We really appreciate everyones involvement.. It is my plan to go through her whole story.. I've decided the next person up for a review in our club.. It's pretty obvious who was the most help... 89.. We will start with your poem and then move up to your story.. So if you can rush out some more chapters.. I know you just started it.. but that's the perfect time for this kind of thing.. Hopefully everyone will be able to put their 2 cents in about Saint..


7/10/2009 #35
The Tragedian

Okay, i'm here for a few moments and I am frreaking out big time!!!! **teeth chatters**

Someone killl me.....

7/10/2009 #36

We won't Fop,

M...that song name is called 'Put you to bed'...

I'm out...

7/10/2009 #37
M Wilridge

now put on that Victoria Secret thing that I like!

7/10/2009 #38

It fits better on you...HAHAHA!!!...okay...CYB

7/10/2009 #39
The Tragedian

I think i have a stalker.....*screams in fear*

7/10/2009 #40
M Wilridge

Who's Stalking you? I'll protect you! No one better stalk my FOP!


7/10/2009 #41
The Tragedian

we went to the local market and there was this UGLY guy following me fronm section to section....and the scary thing that he KNEW that I knew that he was following me...

i'm staying at a cabin in the woods with crappy internet and cabins don't have locks here.....I cant sleep....

7/10/2009 #42
M Wilridge

My SOTO... What ever are we going to do... THE DAMN SUN AND THAT DAMN KELLY CLARKSON!! They set you up to be in that scary movie themed vacation...


7/10/2009 #43
The Tragedian

*cries and hides in dark corner with phone*

And i seen that guy around my hometown! *screams and runs away*

7/10/2009 #44


*Now I'm off*

7/10/2009 #45

*yawn* morning all

7/11/2009 #46


7/11/2009 #47

S'okay Jake. We all know you are here infrequently.

7/11/2009 #48
The Tragedian

and i have returned from my hell of a vacation, but i mostly might not post until tomorrow since i have to pay back a lot of reviews

7/11/2009 . Edited 7/11/2009 #49

I've never been here before. Hello!

7/11/2009 #50

Lol, M. thinks he's a player now, cus he's like...the only guy I know of on the forum. *I kid! I kid!*

7/11/2009 . Edited 7/11/2009 #51
The Tragedian

he's hitting on all the girls, LOL, not that I mind.

7/11/2009 #52
M Wilridge

So 89 does that mean you're not taking the arm?

7/11/2009 #53

well...I don't want to be rude...and you did say I was hot! So i guess I will be taking your arm M! *takes arm*

7/11/2009 #54
M Wilridge

to the lounge!

7/11/2009 #55
The Tragedian

Hey 89, I could totally imagine M showing us off to his guy friends. lol

7/11/2009 #56

lol! totally! is there music in this lounge! i wanna dance!

7/11/2009 #57
The Tragedian

I brought the boombox! What do you wanna listen to?

7/11/2009 #58
M Wilridge

Unfortunately guys like me hardly ever have guy friends..


7/11/2009 #59
The Tragedian

and why is that, M?

7/11/2009 #60
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