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put on some salsa! I feel my puerto rican blood itching to get out there and shake my asss...ets!

7/11/2009 . Edited 7/11/2009 #61
M Wilridge

Because they're afraid of having to introduce them to their girlfriends..


7/11/2009 #62

Woah! Is M a studmuffin! Omg! We'll never know!

7/11/2009 #63
M Wilridge

I will say.. that I modeled Azrael after myself.. Straight haired Brown skinned...

7/11/2009 #64
The Tragedian

Haha....poor M....*huggles*

7/11/2009 #65
M Wilridge

I kind of had that attitude in highschool too... Now that I am an adult.. my life is a lot different.. Would any of you ladies like a drink? I can go grab it so you can talk about me while I'm away...


7/11/2009 #66

lol, i think i'll pass. hit the tequila pretty hard back at the bar!

7/11/2009 #67
The Tragedian

Get me something strong.

7/11/2009 #68
M Wilridge

You got it.. (Walks Away.)

7/11/2009 #69
The Tragedian

*looks at 89* So, did he truly expect us to talk about him while he's gone?

7/11/2009 #70
No Longer An Account

*jumps fearlessly int othe middle of the conversation*

Something strong?

The mescaline's not working; pass the ether!

But I'm not a lady . . .

7/11/2009 . Edited 7/11/2009 #71

hahaha idk Fop. probably. tehee

7/11/2009 #72

Oh so there is someone here too? Geez, I knew I heard talking...

7/11/2009 #73
The Tragedian

Ooooooooh! M's got competition!

7/11/2009 #74
M Wilridge

lol.. I jumped across the bar and made you my own special drink FOP.. Don't worry.. You can trust me.. Hopefully you guys weren't talking to bad about me while I was gone... 89.. When is 11:00 clock sound off in your locale? 1 hour or 2?

7/11/2009 #75
No Longer An Account

Momo! I'm here!

I made a literary reference (or film reference, depending on which you're more familiar with; they're both great). I'm waiting to see how many people notice.

EDIT: For the benifit of the ignorant, we used to call Chit Chat Cat "Momo". I'm not sure why.

7/11/2009 . Edited 7/11/2009 #76

we didn't say anything bad! you came back too soon for us to even get there!

7/11/2009 #77
M Wilridge

Fear and Loathing?

7/11/2009 #78
The Tragedian

Thank you for the drink, dear....5 double shots of whiskey aint enough *slurps drink down*

7/11/2009 #79
M Wilridge

I read a couple of your reviews Nate.. Seems you have a little Hunter in you...

7/11/2009 #80
No Longer An Account

You win, M!

I have the book pretty much memorized, I've read it so many times.

Would you like to go for a swim in my private, kidney-shaped pool?

7/11/2009 #81
No Longer An Account

You really think so?

That's probably the biggest complement anyone's ever given me . . .

7/11/2009 #82


Good that you came by...make yourself at home, and thanks for checking out the Controversy topic...You know how I roll so chill if you like or just start looking over the newcomers here at the bar! are in the midst of a very fatigued queen and her sassy careful...

Oh and for all that don't know, my name Momo came from my shortened nick of Mouth Ole Mighty. (Of course no one would dare call me'd)

7/11/2009 #83

I told you Nate. You would like it here. Now for all others just because they are talking doesn't mean we cant' chat. This is a lounge you know....

**Settles down on couch to watch C.G. 89 do her salsa, while Fop gets bent**

7/11/2009 #84
The Tragedian

*sits on couch drunkardly* man, i'm beat! I did NOT get any sleep last night....

7/11/2009 #85
No Longer An Account

I like what you've done with the place.

This could mean that the Promised Land will be totally and finally dead in a few weeks, but it was a reactionary thing anyways. As long as I'm wherever Star is, I can manage. :)

7/11/2009 #86
The Tragedian


7/11/2009 #87
M Wilridge

I only defend Nate because I am one of those people that you might consider to have made a I am targeting the same audience.. For one of my stories.. But I also have my artsy pick.. The Actor...

7/11/2009 #88

Nate, you guys always knew I liked to be in the company of positive vibes and wonderful people. I was so happy when Dolvich bestowed me with the honor I could have died. But I let him know to let my work here speak for me...

This place is a home for authors. If we want to get sociable fine, but we must never loose sight of why Dolvich built this place.

Fop you sound like your day was like mine...**Sits up attentively**

Talk, I'm listening....

7/11/2009 #89

*shakes her puerto rican behind* I loves salsa! Weee! Join me!

7/11/2009 #90
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