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No Longer An Account

The Vegetarian Serial Killer, formerly Stardust Seraphim. We're kind of an item.

7/11/2009 #91

And it is a very good work (The Actor)...M. When is the next act?

Fop Star is Nates official girlfriend and wife. When she comes in he is blind to all others so just to give everyone a heads up...But they have a very strong but cute connection.

7/11/2009 #92

**Pulls Fop to floor with her to join C.G.89 on the floor**

I'm listening!

7/11/2009 #93
M Wilridge

Girlfriend and Wife... Nice... That way you don't have to pay for a house and an apartment..

7/11/2009 #94

Woot! **spins cCc and then Fop** dancing is the most awesomist pastime...along with writing/singing/music/reading!

7/11/2009 #95
The Tragedian

Oh, right.

well, to answer your question, my day was HORRIBLE! all because of that stalker incident last night....i'm thinking of calling the cops...

I'm too young for this kind of stress!

7/11/2009 . Edited 7/11/2009 #96

They have already gotten the details of their wedding, place of residency, number of kids, occupations, and possibly the location of their burial plots...LOL'd.

Sorry Nate, but you know its true...XD

7/11/2009 #97

**Grabs Fop's shoulders after second whirl**


7/11/2009 #98
No Longer An Account

Yeah, it's all true. :)

I'm a very dutiful husband. :) And I read alot of Burns and Byron.

7/11/2009 #99
The Tragedian

*drops to knees and nods*

7/11/2009 #100

Oh no Fop! *storms off in a Spanish rage to kill her stalker!**

*Screams into his/her face* "How dare jyuu?! Jyuu betta leave her alone!"

7/11/2009 #101
No Longer An Account

Stalker problems?

I probably shouldn't give advice if I don't know the specifics, but calling the cops might not be an entirely terrible idea. And coming from a guy who hates authority as much as I do . . .

7/11/2009 #102
The Tragedian

the guy's pretty dumb cause i am best friends with a cop and i took a few police academy classes....

7/11/2009 #103
M Wilridge

Problems with authority too... Man Nate you are a walking Cliche...


7/11/2009 #104

You should definitely call the cops. Take it from someone who knows what happens when you don't. *shivers*

7/11/2009 #105

Fop were do you know your stalker from again...

**Starts to dial up the Shadow Hunters**

7/11/2009 #106
M Wilridge

And you completely look like a guy from Sex

7/11/2009 #107
The Tragedian

I do not know him nor know where he's from....but i did see him a couple times before the vacation....

7/11/2009 #108


M...That is a picture of Star, Nate's girl...

Nate since no one knows what you look like I was going to tell you maybe you should change that...It is sort of...odd now...I remember when you posted it up but no one else knows the history....

7/11/2009 #109

Fop...You need to tell your parents and have them get with the authorities...SERIOUSLY!!

Do not play around with this. I have had stalkers...**Cough** and you have to put them in their place or get the cops to do it for you. My co-worker did not understand what No meant.

7/11/2009 #110
M Wilridge

oops... I was going to say a very Feminine version but I didn't want to be offensive...


7/11/2009 #111
The Tragedian though that was him in the picture? *laughs*

7/11/2009 #112
M Wilridge

I don't like the word No........ Just playing..


7/11/2009 #113
The Tragedian

I know, cCc.....

7/11/2009 #114
No Longer An Account

I don't have any love for cops, but you should probably get somebody to do something about it, lest things escalate and become . . . unpleasant.

Aye, I really should change the picture. Or at least make the text bigger.

Say, M, have you ever heard of Edward Abbey?

7/11/2009 #115

Definitely do something about it Fop, because i've had a stalker before, who I didn't put in his place right away...and things got a little out of hand.

7/11/2009 #116
M Wilridge

yeah the enviroment guy?? Monkey Wrench mob or whatever?

7/11/2009 #117

M...I would never say 'No' to you...

You may jump off the bridge when'd...Sorry babe....

Well Fop if you know then do it man. Don't let someone control you. That is what stalking does. CONTROL. Look have you talked to your parents.

**C.G.89 can you throw in a party mix. I know we are discussing but we could do some group dancing in a minute or two**

7/11/2009 #118

Mind if I join in, I am interested about what took up ten pages at the bar. Hello all, the first page of the louge was /way/ interesting ...

7/11/2009 #119

Oh yeah, and Nate...I am a reformed mistress... the only perv-offs will be in the pool house.

7/11/2009 #120
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