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The Tragedian

Yes we do....*slumps onto couch* the cops and medics are on the way to my house.....

7/11/2009 #181

Goodness girl what happened?

7/11/2009 #182

*Grabs Fop and drags her out onto the dancefloor with two margaritas* We'll make it go away. It's not even worth your anger!

7/11/2009 #183

Reallly what did happen*eyes wide*

7/11/2009 #184
M Wilridge

Alright ladies I'm back.... But forget what I'm wearing what's wrong with Fop?

7/11/2009 #185
The Tragedian

well, somebody.....*coughs* stalker *coughs* threw a f*** rock through my window! and you would never guess where it landed.....

7/11/2009 #186

**Drags to couch**

Okay, spill it sweetie...

7/11/2009 #187


7/11/2009 #188

I'll kill him! *grabs a crow bar* Seriously...why can't ppl just let "no" mean "no".

7/11/2009 #189

Are you alright?? You can deal with your life right now. We are not as important as your safety by no means. If this place is a way for you to calm down then fine.

But if you need to be with your family or anything please go ahead.

7/11/2009 #190
M Wilridge

What kind of message does throwing a rock through a window make? I love you?

Was he sitting outside your house like..

What should I do? I love this girl so much.. Maybe I should write her a poem about how she looks when she turns and realizes I'm following her.. Or maybe I should tell her how I feel.. Yeah that's it.. I'm going to grab her by the arm turn her around and say hey you.. Sexy Asian girl! I love you! I'm going to do it tommorow.. I should head home... Then again.. I'm just going to throw a rock at her house..


7/11/2009 #191
No Longer An Account

Holy s*** . . .

I'm really not sure what to say. Calling the fuzz was definately a good move on your part.

I hope you're alright. And I hope the m*** pays.

7/11/2009 #192
The Tragedian

landed on my toes.....and i felt 3 toes crack.....

and my parents went out of town this morning....

well i have to go, medics will be here soon.........

*drinks keg of beer and leaves*

7/11/2009 #193

Wow crap that is nuts, if that was me and he was found by my family, I would be needing bail to get them out of the hothouse, oh Fop I hope crazy stalker guy gets his stalker/vandalizing a** kicked and caught XC

7/11/2009 #194

Holy F*** that is nuts, he needs a crowbar shoved up his*cough* for hurting Fop, man that is just creepy!!

7/11/2009 #195
The Tragedian

and M? I'm 18....the guy looked 50....

i dont think its about love.....................

7/11/2009 #196

yea stalkers are no fun. i had one, and he was a real creeper. i was 16 he was 26...and he was always trying to grab some part of me.

7/11/2009 #197
M Wilridge

I know not truly.. But peopled are Ucked up..

7/11/2009 #198
No Longer An Account

That makes it even creepier . . .

Gawd, I hope they make that guy pay.

A tube sock full of oranges doesn't leave bruises . . . just saying . . .

7/11/2009 #199

wow i missed alot today ...

7/11/2009 #200

you stalkers suck!

7/11/2009 #201
M Wilridge

No comment on my in the mind of a mad man narration? Another One of those moments I think I'm so cleverly funny... Ok I know it's a serious time but wasn't it Mark Twain that said "Let a girl watch Flavor of Love if she's reading Twilight because it's still the same thing.."... Lol...

7/11/2009 #202

I am sitting here almost trembling with a ferocious anger none has seen....

What gives that no good MuthaF* perv the right to not only try and control you but...the SOB waited till you were alone!! B.S. AH.!! Oh you need to shut this internet down and find somewhere else to go....RIGHT NOW! The hell with waiting for your parents....Tell the authorities to have someone outside.

M.F. if I was there he would be digesting my d* toe nails while trying to pull the pitchfork out his a** wondering which way I threw his Eyes after carving them B** out with an ice pick....

7/11/2009 #203
M Wilridge

Some resort to anger.. Some resort to humor.. We all are resorting to something in your behalf FOP.. I wish I could make sure you were safer.. By the way Nate the Sock full of Oranges.. my new saying..

7/11/2009 #204

Okay...bartenders...I think we need to calm down now...Fop are you in good hands? If so we will turn the music back on...we are all hoping the best for you but its not like we can do anything....but try to make you smile....

7/11/2009 #205

wow, i don't think i've ever seen cCc so angry before. but rightly so

7/11/2009 #206
M Wilridge

So book club hold off until tomorrow?? I don't want to stop...

7/11/2009 #207

I feel all bubbly on the inside...could mean many things ....

7/11/2009 #208

Many would never know the darkness that is....Queen, But I manage it well....most of the time....I had thought of a couple of more things, but I have been in a fist fight with a registered peddy so I am no stranger to giving good a** kickns.

CYB...(I wont' type it again)

7/11/2009 #209
M Wilridge

I'll be back.. Have to do something real quick..

7/11/2009 #210
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