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-rubbing temples- okay, wheres the document manager?

7/18/2009 #2,671

Go to login up top and it should take you to your account page

7/18/2009 #2,672

OHOHOH! I got it. Thanks. I'm stupid.

7/18/2009 #2,673

so u figured it out?

7/18/2009 #2,674

Yeah. I've got my first chapter up. We should throw a party.

7/18/2009 #2,675
The Tragedian

We have quite a few thingsto celebrate, right Star? *points to Erik/Cy*

7/18/2009 #2,676

Oh yeah! :D

7/18/2009 #2,677

umm... woo?

7/18/2009 #2,678

Lol, no worries. Just something between me and the other members of Erik's Harem. ;)

7/18/2009 #2,679
The Tragedian

Still can't believe Erik smiled at us!

7/18/2009 #2,680

okay. well. WOOT! I got a second chapter up! It really pays off to write, and then type.

7/18/2009 #2,681

I know Huntress, unbelievable right!

Lefty, I reviewed your thing, but couldn't see chapter 2. You sure do write fast!

7/18/2009 #2,682

Like, chapter 2 wasn't there? Or you just couldn't see it. I can type something like 150 words a minute, no mistakes.

7/18/2009 #2,683

I don't think I could see it, sometimes it takes a while to show up.

Do you type using qwerty or dvorak? Just out of interest.

Yeah, I'm quite fast, I mean, I can touch type, but I'm not as fast as you...150? *faints* wow...

7/18/2009 #2,684

umm, I'm on the regular keyboard. Chapter 2 should be up now.

7/18/2009 #2,685

Cool. Do you mind if I review it tomorrow? I feel...sluggish, if ya get my meaning. No offence meant...

7/18/2009 #2,686
The Tragedian

she can touch type but she can't spell Vicomte right! LOL. Just teasing, Star

7/18/2009 #2,687

Lolz, I know. ^^

7/18/2009 #2,688
The Tragedian

you're LEAVING! just after starting Erik/Cy?

7/18/2009 #2,689

you don't have to review at all. I'm just going to post chapter 3 and stop. I just got in a fight with my fiance.

7/18/2009 #2,690

No, I'm not leaving, I'm just being lazy..sorry. ;)

Oh, lefty...poor you...*hugglez and passes over huuuuuuge bar of chocolate*

7/18/2009 #2,691
The Tragedian

Good! *hugglez*

7/18/2009 #2,692
Sakina the Fallen Angel

*huggles Janie*

I'm in a fight with the bf too... :'(

7/18/2009 #2,693

aye yi fiance o_O I thought you were like 15 or something...never mind......dont ask....

7/18/2009 #2,694

I am at the peak of love with my three potential suga daddies,one in which is taking me to le mall woot woot

7/18/2009 #2,695
The Tragedian

i thougt you were a teen too...

7/18/2009 #2,696

Thanks for the support.

I am only 15. I was just engaged and wasn't going to get married until I was nineteen, but I wanted everyone to know I was his. But now he told me never to talk to him again, so I don't know. Single now I guess.

7/18/2009 #2,697
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Bf = boyfriend!!

LOL, I'm not engaged or anything...ay yai yai!!!

7/18/2009 #2,698

...My life seems so boring all of a sudden.

7/18/2009 #2,699
The Tragedian

You're partt of Erik's Harem! That's exciting enough!

7/18/2009 #2,700
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