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Sakina the Fallen Angel

What's this about DIY? Who's building shelves??

7/19/2009 #2,881

Lol Sakina, we're not building shelves, we're getting ourselves's a dangerous business.

7/19/2009 #2,882

I'm trying to channel my inner Billy Mays and sell Starweep a DIY "Get A Life" kit :D

Sadly, one has found its my into my house. I'm trying to get rid of it so I can peacefully go back to watching tv and doing much of nothing.

Edit: Are you interested? :D

7/19/2009 . Edited 7/19/2009 #2,883

So let's say I do get a life...actually, don't, it ain't gonna happen ^^

7/19/2009 #2,884

If you did, Starweep...

I'd have a buddy to accompany me to GALA. (Got A Life, Anonymous.)

7/19/2009 #2,885

I get free tea and scones! :D

7/19/2009 #2,886

Well, I don't know how many more clubs I can take. I mean, I'm part of TACASAC, Erik's Harem, the Swayzes (I think..) , the Random Oreo Prophechy Organisation (don't ask), and a few others that slip my mind at the moment..

7/19/2009 #2,887

*quirks up*

Oreo, you say? :D

7/19/2009 #2,888

Oh yeah. Random Oreo.

And on the subject of tea and scones, Sakina and I can easily provide that!

7/19/2009 #2,889

Ello :)

7/19/2009 #2,890

*throws life out the window*

Well, that takes care of that!

A mindless mornin' - Us three, tea, scones, and Oreos. What do you say?:D

7/19/2009 #2,891

Hey Blazn!

Sounds great Tarac! *hands over tea and scones*

7/19/2009 . Edited 7/19/2009 #2,892

Eh haha Hello, so um lol good night it is 5 am and I have had no sleep, just felt like popping up to say hello then good night XD

7/19/2009 #2,893

Okey dokes then, have a good sleep! :)

7/19/2009 #2,894

Sweet dreams!


7/19/2009 #2,895
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Buh bye, Blazn!

Cheese and ham toasties, anyone?

7/19/2009 #2,896

So Blazn's one time zone ahead of me, huh...

=] Interesting.

7/19/2009 #2,897

Oh, I'd like one!

*steals platter* ;D

7/19/2009 #2,898

Thank you I will be around in the evening in your time I suppose lol, Night guys :)

7/19/2009 #2,899

Yes please! *grabs one off Tarac*

7/19/2009 #2,900

*with mouth full*

Why bot? Pwently tuh go woun!

7/19/2009 #2,901

Now I'm hungry. XD

7/19/2009 #2,902

I'm not, had a reaaally late breakfast (around 10:30) lolz, that's about the time I woke up. ^^

7/19/2009 #2,903

O.o I wake up around 3PM.

Hahah. ;)

7/19/2009 #2,904
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Slowly turning nocturnal eh?

7/19/2009 #2,905

Quite, it's mostly because of my job =]

I'm getting paler than I'd like, as well. Flourescent lights can do that do you D:

7/19/2009 #2,906

I'm nocturnal's not good for school, because it means I can't get to sleep, but when the bell rings at 7:20 am....a monster awakens...or not as the case may be.

7/19/2009 #2,907
Sakina the Fallen Angel

A bit Jekyll and Hyde...?

7/19/2009 #2,908

Oh, hell yeah. Just check the penname, it's true to life.

7/19/2009 #2,909

It's been nice chatting with you all, but I think I'll head to bed now. :)

Have a good day, you guys :D

7/19/2009 #2,910
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