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The Tragedian

i dunno. I haven't gotten that far in thinking. I still have years before I could go. I still have one more year of school then college.

7/19/2009 . Edited 7/19/2009 #2,941


Star thanks so much again, your words mean a lot, and I am really glad you're enjoying Time of Kings. Thanks for pointing out the mistake, I'll be sure to correct it. Thanks again! ~ Luke

7/19/2009 #2,942

Again, my pleasure, Imma keep reviewing! :D

7/19/2009 . Edited 7/19/2009 #2,943

oh my gosh... thanks again for your review, Star. It's nice to know someone is enjoying the story. You're awesome!

7/19/2009 #2,944

I try and make it a habit to review every chapter after I've read it, so expect another review coming your way shortly! :)

7/19/2009 #2,945

Thanks again, I'm really grateful. if you enjoyed it, they'll be another chapter up within the next 2 days - 3 at the latest. Thanks so much Star! You are a star! (no pun intended muhaha!)

7/19/2009 #2,946

And now you review my haiku's... I feel bad because I don't have time to pay you back for all these reviews :( Thanks so much, you don't know how happy I am lol!

7/19/2009 #2,947

Oh, that's alright, I just enjoy reading them! Besides, I love haikus, they're just so graceful...

7/19/2009 . Edited 7/19/2009 #2,948

They are... I find them quite theraputic (spelt wrong!) and relaxing, plus they're very addictive when you start writing them. Writing fantasy is my favourite time spending activity though...

7/19/2009 #2,949

I know what you mean, fantasy is just so addictive!

7/19/2009 #2,950

Anywayz I'm off... thanks again Star I am so grateful! See you guys!

7/19/2009 #2,951

See ya later Luke!

7/19/2009 #2,952

I fixed my story. Chapters were too short. And appearently uninteresting, but my book always starts off slow, so yeah. anyway. fixed.

7/19/2009 #2,953

Hellooooooo lefty!

7/19/2009 #2,954

whoa. sorry. I was working on chapter three of my book. I decided to make the chapters longer. in order to do that though, I had to delete my other one, and I can't remember who reviewed it so I can't give them one back.

7/19/2009 #2,955
The Tragedian

you didn't have to delete them, you could have just replaced them.

7/19/2009 #2,956

No problem. In my opinion, the length of the chapter doesn't matter, it's the quality. AND YOURS HAS QUALITY!

7/19/2009 #2,957

I thought it might have been simpler than going back and forth.

7/19/2009 #2,958

I suppose so...

7/19/2009 #2,959

You read it? Thanks for saying so. I have to say I don't find myself as much of a writer as a photographer. I suck.

7/19/2009 #2,960

GRAARGH! You don't suck!!!

7/19/2009 #2,961

Thanks for saying so. I reviewed your, uh, poem? just now. I like it, I guess I just don't connect with it.

7/19/2009 #2,962

I wonder which came first, poems or songs?

7/19/2009 #2,963
The Tragedian

Definitely poems, without a doubt.

7/19/2009 #2,964

Well if you think about it, didn't cave men kind of "sing" before they could talk. So, like, songs?

7/19/2009 #2,965
The Tragedian

It wasn't songs though, it was just a form of communication - an early version of talking.

7/19/2009 #2,966

Okay. Poems it is.

7/19/2009 #2,967

Good morning all! How are you doing?

7/19/2009 #2,968

morning? its like, after 12:00 here.

7/19/2009 #2,969

yea, it's 2pm here, but the roadhouse time says 10:30am so i said good morning. :)

7/19/2009 #2,970
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