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This is the second Lounge!!! Whoo!!!

Same rules apply stress free lots of laughs and no arguing...Let's party!!!

7/24/2009 . Edited 7/24/2009 #1
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox

never mind the message.

7/24/2009 #2
M Wilridge

what a way to close a forum..

7/24/2009 #3
The Tragedian

M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS SOOOOOO CLOSE!

7/24/2009 #4
M Wilridge

A simple love you back would suffice...

7/24/2009 #5
The Tragedian

*grumble* love ya. there, happy? LOL

7/24/2009 #6

Lol yay! Now, of course we must throw a party tonight to honor the new Lounge

7/24/2009 #7
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox

k im back! anyone miss me? -laughs-

7/24/2009 #8
M Wilridge

i have to go... but hopefully some will be on in the late night...

7/24/2009 #9

Goodbye M my love *blows kiss* See you later!

7/24/2009 #10
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox

yes! finally the last chapter is done!

7/24/2009 #11
M Wilridge

goodbye my angels.. tell Saint ii said hi... And girls... try to be a little less abusive to my slave/lovey... I torture her....

7/24/2009 #12
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox

oh great if you leave then that means -gasps- im the only guy hear! i think anyway.

7/24/2009 #13
The Tragedian

Thank you, master.

7/24/2009 #14

It was just some good fun, M! She didn't feel a thing, she was asleep the whole time!

7/24/2009 #15
M Wilridge

the only guy there is a good role... trust me... youre surrounded by beautys... and FOP.. You can thank me tonight...

7/24/2009 #16

Lolz M, Robin Hood? XD

And Ryo, I'm a GIRL dammit!

Soo, new forum! W00T!

7/24/2009 #17
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox

dont know why but i have the strange urge to dance.... so i think i will! -random Dancing!-

7/24/2009 #18
M Wilridge

I know you girls were all having fun.. I dont expect you to listen to me,,, What kind of bar would this be if I came in and people werent tattooed with admiration for sorry

7/24/2009 #19
The Tragedian

isnt it your turn in STP, Star?

Alright, see ya then! *blows kisses*

7/24/2009 #20
M Wilridge

Maybe you girls can get cCc... she tries to hide it.. but i can She wants

7/24/2009 #21
The Tragedian

M!!!! *pouts* Then I wont be here tonight.....

7/24/2009 #22
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox

-stops dancing- well seens everyone is starting to leave i guess i will to. -starts to hover- i shall return! -hovers out the window-

7/24/2009 #23
M Wilridge

AWW! Come on!!!

7/24/2009 #24
The Tragedian

we'll do cCc tonight!

7/24/2009 #25

I think i should christan the new pole with a dance. *walks towards it*

*wraps thigh around the bar and rolls body*

7/24/2009 #26
M Wilridge

89 do you think you and Saint can help topple the Queen?... we're talking about a revolution!

7/24/2009 #27
M Wilridge

cCc.. will love being made a M doll..

7/24/2009 #28
The Tragedian

I'll give her the queen the.....special treatment......

7/24/2009 #29
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox

-hovering out the window- yeah thats what im talking about! go collegegirl!

7/24/2009 #30
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