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The Tragedian

*just realizes something* OH NO! I befriended a lesbian....

Here's the PM

My dear Huntress, I have scared you away from me, have I not? I'm a terrible monster in my own right, i guess. 'Tis so like me to scare away people who doesn't deserve such an outburst of it all. My apologies. *whimpers* The "Erik" side of me makes me walk away yet, I'm attracted to your hatred of Raoul and forgiv'd me. I must tell you though, I am here to stay in other little surprises. I must finish what i was about to say. My character Erik Raoul was named for his inner conflict with his father and himself. I'm sure whenever I decide to post the story "Children of Darkness", you will soon understand everything of him. He's a stubborn little twit. I must say that I am deeply indebted with such a heavy heart. My thoughts cannot go away from my mind as if it was a disease. I am not a madman or an angel, just merely a man. I have told you that yes, I'm a woman in some right but I feel to not say so. Please, do not turn away from the darkness of me or of my words. I feel as though I am an "Erik" of my own right and I'm in search of a "Christine." My ex was the most wonderful example. She was wonderful to me, yet I had to lose her to some circumstances. It saddens me but I would love to meet someone like her again. She was the small glimmer in the end of the tunnel. My dear Huntress, why must I have been so blind to my anger? *blood eyes look up to the stars* I have no plan in my life but to nurse people's inner need that I cannot fulfill my own self. I am very lost in emotional abyss. I feel I must relieve myself of these words before we are gone apart too long.

I am becoming very poetic, am I not? Anyway, I must go. Please do correspond back, my dear. "An Angel" Nightmara or really Erika SilverWolff

.My endless claims of darkness satisfies me.

This part scares me, "My ex was the most wonderful example. She was wonderful to me, yet I had to lose her to some circumstances. It saddens me but I would love to meet someone like her again."

8/17/2009 #2,971

Yup... Definitely pretty weird. In fact, that gets the award for Feckin' weird PM of the decade.

8/17/2009 #2,972
No Longer An Account

Say what?

8/17/2009 #2,973
The Tragedian

I think.....she's trying to get a girlfriend......

8/17/2009 #2,974
No Longer An Account

I think . . . maybe . . . That really is the only comprehensible vibe that I got from that big block of text.

And apparently Phantom of the Opera is even more serious business than Internets . . .

8/17/2009 #2,975

I think... you got yourself a stalker.

Not cool. In the slightest.

EDIT- At least a potential one. It's hard for a stalker to stalk when she only knows you over the 'nets.

8/17/2009 . Edited 8/17/2009 #2,976

Was he trying to promote a story or something? o_O

8/17/2009 #2,977
The Tragedian

Yeah, she was weird.....Even I'm not obsessed with Phantom.

8/17/2009 #2,978

That was disturbing...

8/17/2009 #2,979
The Tragedian

Nor, honey? that was a SHE.

8/17/2009 #2,980

I'd steer clear of that. That's trouble.

8/17/2009 #2,981

OH I misread everything. Creepy chick.

8/17/2009 #2,982
No Longer An Account

Creepy, indeed.

8/17/2009 #2,983
The Tragedian

You see, I met her on a phantom forum (big surprise) and she started to PM me so we had a convo about Phantom and she brought her story up.

Remember how Ryo was with pretending to be a kitsune? This chick was barking and howling at the moon like a wolf. She was creeping me out so I stopped responding to her and I got that!

8/17/2009 #2,984

And on this note, I must retire...

8/17/2009 #2,985


Wow, poor thing.

And there's no way to block her, eh?

8/17/2009 #2,986
The Tragedian

Haha. I can block her, Shay, one of the things has that doesn't.

8/17/2009 #2,987

They really need to do something about this website.

It's such a clunker sometimes.

8/17/2009 #2,988
The Tragedian

Yeah, FP needs to be at the same level as FF.

8/17/2009 #2,989

FP should be at the same level, or higher.

I think that as far as a writing community goes, there's a lot more that can be done here than there.

8/17/2009 #2,990
The Tragedian

True, true!!

haha, still LOL at the PM.

8/17/2009 #2,991

Mind, I just don't like as much as I do here.


Yeah. Uber LOLLERZ, actually, accurately describes it. It's ridiculous.

8/17/2009 . Edited 8/17/2009 #2,992
The Tragedian

Same here, I only stay over there cause me and my Star have a PotO rp going.

8/17/2009 #2,993

I have one fanfic, and that's because Mr Tolkien left his Middle Earth world completely open to add new characters and make an entire world of my own with his as a foundation. But I refuse to make any more than that.

8/17/2009 #2,994

I dunno...the warping of characters to fit certain situations in our most loved stories.....

It's like plagiarism gone wrong!

8/17/2009 #2,995
The Tragedian

AGREED! I think i'm gonna had out. my headache's back. Such a bad day today....

8/17/2009 #2,996

Well, I hope tomorrow's better for ya.


8/17/2009 #2,997
M Wilridge

Alright.. So sorry I wasn't on all of this off day.. I was so inspired I actually uploaded two chapters.. one on Humanize.. Angel Lies' companion novel.. and also a new story.. called Dangerous Trinity-The Father, the son, and the Text.. Which is developing very well I

8/17/2009 #2,998
M Wilridge

I don't care that no one is here.. I will still

8/17/2009 #2,999
M Wilridge

I have been bedridden for almost a week with some unknown pain disorder..

8/17/2009 #3,000
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