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Mr. Metamorphosis

So, if your interested, tell me!

I'm kind of hoping to make this actually happen.

8/13/2009 #31

Um no sorry Mr. M, I have to be going for a while..Mystery isn't my thing any how...

8/13/2009 #32
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Mr Metamorphosis (not sure if you have a nickname or not), join the RH fanfic!

8/13/2009 #33
Mr. Metamorphosis

Nickname's Kii.

Umm, naw I dont wanna join, sorry

8/13/2009 #34
Mr. Metamorphosis

JD what happened to you?

8/13/2009 #35
J. D. Bennett

I'm still here. It's an idea, I've never written mystery though.

8/13/2009 #36
Mr. Metamorphosis

Thats allright, its an RP, my friend.

I've only written mystery once, and then it wasnt exactly a success.

I'm doing this to expand my writing skills to all genres, or for now mystery and just for enjoyment.

8/13/2009 #37
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Neither have I, but I'd love to try something new!

Kii, how many more people do we need?

8/13/2009 #38
Mr. Metamorphosis

If JD accepts and a friend to whom I sent an email does the same, I'd say one or two more.

8/13/2009 #39
J. D. Bennett

How many characters would you do, though? Because really there would be only one or two large roles and everyone would want those. Or maybe you have an idea that would involve more characters, and I'm not very well-read when it comes to mystery novels.

8/13/2009 #40
Mr. Metamorphosis

Well in that sense you're right, but I think we need one or two people who will play all the secondary characters, who they can still have fun with.

We could have a killer, though: he wouldn't be named, just more of a intense, creepy character.

8/13/2009 #41
Mr. Metamorphosis

So I'll cut down the people to 4, allright?

2 main roles, (possibly) 1 killer, (maybe) 1 to play the minor roles.

8/13/2009 #42
J. D. Bennett

Alright, sounds like fun. Count me in. I'd like a secondary character, because I have one week left of summer and I don't know how much time I'll have once classes start.

8/13/2009 #43
Mr. Metamorphosis

One week? Ouch.

I have three.

Allright, you'll get a secondary role.

8/13/2009 #44
Mr. Metamorphosis

I'll go make a forum, Ill give the link here, and we'll discuss the plot, allright?

8/13/2009 #45
Mr. Metamorphosis]

come now. ok?

8/13/2009 #46
J. D. Bennett

Sounds good. I'm going to go though for a little bit, talk to everyone later!

8/13/2009 #47
Mr. Metamorphosis

Ok, bye!

8/13/2009 #48
Sakina the Fallen Angel

I got some nibbles to attend to, but I'll be back in 10/15 mins! :)

Oh, and I don't start studies again until October! xD

8/13/2009 #49

How goes the fanfic Sakina?

8/13/2009 #50

I wonder, is this maybe PAGE?

Woohoo, I got the first official PAGE, I dedicate this to ummmmmmm ummmmm ummmmmm IDK, I will think of something, right now I have to sleep XP

8/13/2009 . Edited 8/13/2009 #51

Why does no one do the stats for the pages around here?

Momo! Stats!

8/13/2009 #52
Mr. Metamorphosis

Hi, everyone.

8/13/2009 #53


Where on earth have you been?!

8/13/2009 #54
Mr. Metamorphosis

Elsewhere. Name, please.

So many name changes, I forgot everybody.


8/13/2009 #55

Shay! You remember me, I'm sure. I haven't changed my pen name ever, but because my nickname is so strange compared to my penname.... XD

How've you been?

8/13/2009 #56
Mr. Metamorphosis

Oh, Shay!

I remember. Somewhat. Very little, to tell the truth.

I've been good, you?

8/13/2009 #57

I've been good.

Unfortunately I have to go get ready for work.

But Pyro will be so happy you're back! She hangs out at the SPSB, or at my forum ocassionally. Send her a PM, I'm sure she'll be happy to hear from you!

8/13/2009 #58
Mr. Metamorphosis


Your forum?

Ahh, confused here.

8/13/2009 #59
Mr. Metamorphosis

Oh, the pool house.

Got it.

It's been empty, so I'm here for now

8/13/2009 #60
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