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"Shooting Pool, Shooting the Breeze"

Or my forum, Bringing the Press Down.

8/13/2009 #61

I'm always lurking near the poolhouse, it's just the Lounge gets more traffic right now. If Pyro and you came back, then it'd be good and going again. :)

8/13/2009 #62
Mr. Metamorphosis

I take that as a compliment.

So, Fay hasn't been here a real long while, has she?

8/13/2009 #63

Coming in to say to Ki, you come back and already advertising in the forum. Opportunist?

Heh...I like your idea. I hope you get enough folks to get it going.

Hey Shay and Blazn.....**Glomps**

Just here for a bit. I have to leave out then I'll be out until evening possibly.

Oh the stats.....I hate stats so if you want to do them well I'll cut and paste. Sorry I'm lazy with that. XD

8/13/2009 #64
Mr. Metamorphosis

Screw the lounge, lets head to SPSB, k?

8/13/2009 #65

Screw the lounge? Such words....Fiesty little thing now aren't you... XD

8/13/2009 #66
Sakina the Fallen Angel


8/13/2009 #67
Mr. Metamorphosis


Though Im not here

8/13/2009 #68
The Tragedian


8/13/2009 #69


8/13/2009 #70

zZzzZzz mucho editing and reviewing to be done today

8/13/2009 #71
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Night night!

8/13/2009 #72

This is a pop-in until later but I wanted to let you guys know that M has really been ill and I hope you guys can send him a PM just hoping that he has a speedy recovery okay?

Now I'll catch you guys in a few, but I just hate for one of our own to be out and the rest of us not let them know we are pulling for them. So drop him a Get Well Soon if you feel so inclined. If you don't then that's your business.


Later gators!

8/13/2009 #73

Oh so you guys are going to sleep? Ur....Okay....Later.... @_@

8/13/2009 #74

I'm not sleep! Just still sleepy after waking up lol. I'll shoot him a message.

8/13/2009 #75
The Tragedian

Is m okay? Did he contact you?

8/13/2009 #76

Wait..what's his profile?

8/13/2009 #77
The Tragedian

M Wilridge is the username/screenname

8/13/2009 #78


8/13/2009 #79
J. D. Bennett

Awh poor M. Is he okay?

8/13/2009 #80
The Tragedian

Gee, I hope he's okay....he's been long for a while....

8/13/2009 #81
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox

-fox comes running in- i have to say i kind of miss M... anyone know were he went of to?

8/13/2009 #82
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox

-looks around- yea! Mi isn't here! I can drink all the wine i want now! -runs to the bar-

8/13/2009 #83
The Tragedian

I emailed M. *sighs* I hope he gets better.

8/13/2009 #84
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox

hum... is something wrong with M? -takes a drink of wine from the bottle-

8/13/2009 #85

*yawns* Evening people, the place is kinda slow *looks around*

8/13/2009 #86
The Tragedian

Did you get my PMs, Ryo?

8/13/2009 #87
The Tragedian


8/13/2009 #88


8/13/2009 #89
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox

-takes another drink- i dont think so... PM's for what by the way...

8/13/2009 #90
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