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The Tragedian

I'm tired, training was Hell on earth....*plops down on louge*

I PMed you cause I wanted to talk to ya privately about something.

8/13/2009 #91
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox

oh... -drinks the rest of the wine- no i didn't... sorry.

8/13/2009 #92

Hello hello...i'm done editing..and now I can read :D

What exactly are you training for Fop?

8/13/2009 #93
The Tragedian

training to help freshmen for highschool.

8/13/2009 #94

I have to EDIT in DETAIL in everything I have wrote XCCC I sticky note the word DETAIL onto my computer screen XD So I can't update for a while least I feel iffy about previous chapters, it's so hard XP

New person, have we met?

8/13/2009 #95
No Longer An Account

Blazn: Never, ever, ever, ever, EVER, EVER, EVER edit the living manuscript. You're going to wind up focusing on details and little mistakes instead of just telling the gosh-darn story. Things like plot holes and missing details should be fixed after you're done telling the story.

But that's just how things go for me. Whatever works for you . . .

8/13/2009 #96

Lol, I mean seriously Nate, out of 3,000 words you may find 5oo adverds, I COMPLETELY forget about detail, in 21 chapters I had never once explained a character, and finally after enough complaints got to it in chapter 21....How I get so many faves and alerts on that thing I have no clue...

8/13/2009 #97

Working with freshmen? Doing what exactly?

@BlaznFangurl No we haven't met, but you can call me Nor! What do I call you..

Nate I agree, but only if you have a good number of chapters done. I just got done editing and detailing my first two chapters because I didn't flesh out certain parts enough. In my third chapter I wanted to throw stuff in that seemingly came out of nowhere..had to backtrack a bit.

8/13/2009 #98
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox

and i thought my training was hard... (im a marshal artist in real life)

8/13/2009 #99

Ello Nor, you may call me Blazn, or Blaze, I am also known as Zeb, but that is for shay only. It is gooseygoog goodies to meet you ^^

8/13/2009 #100

Cool Blazn :D

Ryo, what fighting style(s)?

8/13/2009 #101

**Stretches while Yawning**


8/13/2009 #102
The Tragedian

I was a martial artist too, or rather was. I quit once i got my black belts.

8/13/2009 #103

Well I'm glad to see the Lounge is well protected with so many martial artists about.

How is everyone tonight?

Heh...Nor you got page...

8/13/2009 #104
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox

im a black belt in karate, and was a champion wreatler and boxer (i consider boxing and wreastling a form of marshal arts) and i didn't answer right away because fictionpress had a break down.

8/13/2009 #105
No Longer An Account

"Lol, I mean seriously Nate, out of 3,000 words you may find 5oo adverds, . . ."

That's GOOD. Too many adverbs makes a work seem fluffy and awkward; most hacky authors (I'm thinking of one in particular, but there are bunches . . .) use them as a crutch. To quote Stephen King, ". . . the road to Hell is paved with adverbs."

Adverbs can be a useful tool, but sticking to descriptive adjectives about 60-70 percent of the time will give things a less awkward, more poetic flow.

8/13/2009 #106
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox

quick question... how do you check on privite messages on fictionpress? the reason i ask is that i cant seem to find a way to check up on them.

8/13/2009 #107

I have page? What do you mean @_@

8/13/2009 #108
No Longer An Account

My social studies teacher knows Kendo . . . he has a Kendo stick in his room . . .

8/13/2009 #109

Well that must be fun Ryo...I am pretty sure you had to start early to get all that by the age of 18...

Hey CC ^^ I'm great, and you ^^

8/13/2009 #110

OHHH I have page..omg..AHHHH :O

8/13/2009 #111
Ryo-Ohki Rosefox

i want to know Kendo but i cant find anyone who will teach me it tho... -grabs another bottle of wine-

8/13/2009 #112

Lol, ohmygoodness, I got adverbs and adjectives mixed up...How does my writing survive XDD

8/13/2009 #113

lol..oh yeah you're 18 with all that? Cool..I studdied Karate when I was younger. Don't remeber a lick now.

8/13/2009 #114

I wanted to learn Kick boxing, but they are violent O_o

8/13/2009 #115


Good Blazn, good. Lol'd Nor...

I fixed up a good dinner today and there are no left overs to I'm happy about that but mulling over IRL crap. If I seem distant I'm reading and just laying low.

8/13/2009 #116

I wanted to learn Capoeira..but..yeah..too much lol

8/13/2009 #117
The Tragedian

You check PMs by receiving them in your email

8/13/2009 #118

What's there to mull over? Everything ok?

8/13/2009 #119
No Longer An Account

I took some martial art that I couldn't spell the name of for the life of me (I think it came from Korea . . .) when I was alot younger, but sort of fell out of it.

Now I want to learn old-timey boxing. Y'know, white guys in leotards with big moustaches. Starts with a p?

8/13/2009 #120
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