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Wow, spammed to the next poolhouse! Surprised U'Dust didn't, but I guess she's a better woman than I.

To Shay, because she deserves a poolhouse.

and to my FAD Goblin. Cause she hates me for spamming to the poolhouses. XD

10/10/2009 . Edited 10/11/2009 #1


First Poolhouse: Over 3 months

Second Poolhouse: Just under 2 months.

Third Poolhouse: Exactly 16 days

Fourth Poolhouse: 23-29 makes 6 days... O_O

Fifth Poolhouse: 29- 10 ... 11 days...

Sixth Poolhouse: 10-23 Just over 12 Days

Seventh Poolhouse: 23-4th Just over 12 Days

Eighth Poolhouse: 04-18 14 Days

Ninth Poolhouse: The 17th - 28th... 11 Days..

Tenth Poolhouse: January- October Ten Months. (Holy s***, people. XD)

10/10/2009 #2

Gah. Now Shay hates me.

10/10/2009 #3

I like that.

10/11/2009 #4
No Longer An Account


10/11/2009 #5

Gah! I missed the closure of the old poolhouse! *face-palm* DAMMIT!

10/11/2009 #6

Gah! I missed the closure of the old poolhouse! *face-palm* DAMMIT!

10/11/2009 #7

im bored D:

10/11/2009 #8

Whoops. This is actually number 11...

10/11/2009 #9

Hey, Jake was here. :D

10/11/2009 #10

Hey, Jake was here. :D


10/11/2009 #11

I was going to go to a party tonight.

Then parents said I can't go.


10/11/2009 #12
No Longer An Account


10/11/2009 #13


How're you and that auto writing story?

10/11/2009 #14
No Longer An Account

We're doing pretty good.

It's angry that I've been neglecting it. I have to write more, or else the hard copy might burst out of its three-ring binder and murder me in the night . . .


10/11/2009 #15
No Longer An Account


10/11/2009 #16

*drums fingers on bar*

10/11/2009 #17


I went to take a shower, then played Bioshock.

I came on here just as Jake signed in on Live.

I do have rather bad timing. :)

10/11/2009 #18
No Longer An Account

We ALL do.

As for me, I'ma play some Diablo II. After that I'll be available, but I don't know when that'll be. Godspeed!

In the words of Eddie Izzard, "What is Godspeed? 45?"

10/11/2009 #19
Mr. Metamorphosis

Diablo II is great. good choice.

10/12/2009 #20

YAY Diablo II!!!

And People, if you're in Mafia (*cough* Kii *cough*)


10/12/2009 #21

Rebecca is the best novel ever written by a woman.

Seriously. Wow.

10/12/2009 #22

I wish she hadn't left the ending so up in the air, though...

And why is it that the best characters have barely five scenes in books like these?

10/12/2009 #23

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

10/12/2009 #24

From Canada, that is. Isn't Thanksgiving some time in November in the States?

10/12/2009 #25
No Longer An Account

That it is.

10/12/2009 #26

Oh cool! Nate's here!

How's it going?

10/12/2009 #27
No Longer An Account

Not so good . . .

I went to the dentist today. Needed two fillings. TWO!

And he didn't even offer me a sticker afterwards. :(

But I'll live. No serious harm done.

How are you?

10/12/2009 #28

Two fillings? and no sticker? I'm going to attempt kissing it better over the internets... not working, is it?

I hate dentists. They always get surprised when my teeth are decent.

I'm pretty good. Enjoying the end of my long weekend. Trying to write, but it's not working. I hope I get more inspired by the time November rolls around.

And my parents totally okayed me getting fencing lessons! They said it was about time I got a sport...

10/12/2009 #29
No Longer An Account

'fraid not . . . but it's the effort that really counts. :)

I haven't been able to do any writing, either . . .

Fencing lessons, though? Awesome!

10/12/2009 #30
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