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The Tragedian


3/20/2013 #3,751
The Tragedian


3/20/2013 #3,752
The Tragedian


3/20/2013 #3,753
S. M. Saves

You're silly.

Sounds like you'll be moving in with me. Not the other way around. ;)

3/20/2013 #3,754
The Tragedian

Ooooh, someone's making a move on me......

3/20/2013 #3,755
S. M. Saves

Can say the same to you, Miss. Handcuffs.

3/20/2013 #3,756
S. M. Saves

I need to turn in for the night. Don't miss me too much while I'm offline. ;)

3/20/2013 #3,757
S. M. Saves

Why? Why is everything still weird today? ;_;

3/21/2013 #3,758
The Tragedian

Maybe its the new norm?

3/21/2013 #3,759
S. M. Saves

Bleck! Don't like.

3/21/2013 #3,760
The Tragedian

i know, right? each page's only 30 posts. we'll be fighting for page way too often that we wont have any real conversations.

3/21/2013 #3,761
S. M. Saves

And all that PAGE stuff we had been doing way back when won't make any sense.

Ah, real conversations. How are you tonight?

3/21/2013 #3,762
The Tragedian

I'm pretty great actually. FOR ONCE! haha, i only have 2 classes on friday which are just plain lectures, and spring break also starts tomorrow, which means i did absolutely no work today!!!!

3/21/2013 #3,763
S. M. Saves

Whoo-hoo for spring break! My spring break doesn't start until March 30th, which is the last day at my current job. :P

3/21/2013 #3,764
The Tragedian

My brother has his the same week as you do. A lot of colleges are already done with spring break.

3/21/2013 #3,765
S. M. Saves

Mine's 15 days though. Bet your brother can't compete with that.

3/21/2013 #3,766
The Tragedian

ARE YOU SERIOUS?????????????????? I ONLY GOT 10 DAYS!

3/21/2013 #3,767
S. M. Saves

I graduated last May. I get a 15 day break in between the last day of my current job and the first day of my new job. :P Silly Foptress.

3/21/2013 #3,768
The Tragedian

Dont play with my heart like that!

3/21/2013 #3,769
S. M. Saves

*tweak tweak* Pulling on your heart strings. ;)

3/21/2013 #3,770
S. M. Saves

Brrrrr.. . . .it's cold outside.

3/24/2013 #3,771
The Tragedian

I know the feeling, lovergirl. First day of spring break, there's a blizzard.

3/24/2013 #3,772
S. M. Saves

Mother Nature is such a tease. Suppose to be 50's by this weekend. Maybe it'll be spring in time for April?

3/25/2013 #3,773
S. M. Saves

It's Wednesday. Who's on?

3/27/2013 #3,774
The Tragedian

I'm always here, my love.

3/27/2013 #3,775
S. M. Saves

Whew! I'm glad somebody responded. How are you, loveliness?

3/27/2013 #3,776
The Tragedian

i spent the afternoon at the DMV.

other than that, I'm actually doing well for once. I needed spring break so bad

3/27/2013 #3,777
S. M. Saves

Ah, the DMV. I spent the morning at the doctor's office if that makes you feel any better. ;)

Been catching up on writing during this spring break?

3/27/2013 #3,778
The Tragedian

Actually, i'm catching up on some reading instead. From YouTube, I downloaded all of the Game of Thrones audiobooks released so far. I always wanted to read the books, but wasnt willing to pay the ridiculous price for the kindle version. Then, this week, an user uploaded the audiobooks on YouTube. I downloaded them instantly lol

3/27/2013 #3,779
S. M. Saves

You can get the box set of books 1-4 for $20 on Amazon. Or do you prefer audio versions?

3/27/2013 #3,780
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