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No Longer An Account

I'm doing NaNoWriMo.

10/16/2009 #61


I was thinking about it, but I need to get writing on other stuff that I've started... and I really need to work on Calyx. 0.o

10/16/2009 #62
No Longer An Account

I've reached a bit of a standstill with my original fiction, so I'm hoping that this'll jumpstart me.

And the re-write of Ghost Dance is going pretty well, except that I seem to be unconsciously applying the formula "first draft minus ten percent," which is good because it won't be fluffy but bad because now there's no way in Hell that it could ever stand alone as a novel.

10/16/2009 #63

First draft minus ten precent? 0.o

Never heard of that...

10/16/2009 #64
No Longer An Account

Generally, your first draft is going to contain alot of unnecessary wording and usually a couple of plot tangents that you might want to smooth out. So if your second draft is about ten percent shorter than your first draft, chances are you're doing pretty well.

Stephen King swears by that rule. And you've seen how many forests have to be clear-cut to keep those books in print . . .

10/16/2009 #65

Glad to see I'm not the only NaNo at the Roadhouse :D

My NaNoWriMo totem (item to keep me motivated) is going to be a garden gnome this year. He gives me very stern looks whenever I'm not writing. I should really name him something other than "Writing Gnome" though. I've already started talking to him about my story. . .*sigh* The NaNo insanity begins before the actual writing this year. I think I'm going to keep him in one of those dog-carrier purses...

10/16/2009 #66
No Longer An Account

Star is also doing it, I believe.

You could name him Chomsky. XD

10/16/2009 #67
No Longer An Account

Y'know . . . Gnome Chomsky . . .

Is this thing on?

Tough crowd tonight . . .

10/16/2009 #68

I'm here.

10/16/2009 #69
No Longer An Account

Me, too.

What an astounding coincidence!


How have you been, o my beautiful wife, o my one and only love?

10/16/2009 #70

Ne'ermind. I'm gone.

10/16/2009 #71
No Longer An Account

Aw, b*** all.

10/16/2009 #72

Davi, I dislike your FB status.

The Gandalf one. T__T

10/16/2009 #73
No Longer An Account

Has Dumbledore ever beaten a Balrog?

There ya go.

10/16/2009 #74
No Longer An Account

And has Dumbledore ever come back from the dead?

Or beat the Witch-King of Angmar by staredown?

10/16/2009 #75

Chomsky, heehee. Sorry, I was gone for a bit. . .

10/16/2009 #76
No Longer An Account

I'm still here.

No sleep in me tonight, it seems.

10/16/2009 #77

I'm writing. . . Attempting to finish this extremely old fanfiction story before I start NaNo in November.

You live in MS, don't you, Nate?

10/16/2009 #78
No Longer An Account

Sorry I disappeared for a while. I was looking something up on YouTube and somehow wandered into one of those videos that parodies the war room scene from Downfall . . . damn, there are alot of those. They've got "Sombeody stole Hitler's car," "Hitler gets banned from Runescape," "Hitler loses his gym membership," "Hitler finds out about the altered Watchmen ending," . . . some people just have too much time on their hands.

I do indeed live in Mississippi.

10/16/2009 #79

:) I can't actually remember where I was going with that now... Perhaps I should get some sleep tonight after all, haha. I live in Alabama--we're neighbors.

I'm surprised you escaped YouTube. If it traps me, I'm usually gone until 3am.

Did you see Zombieland, btw?

10/16/2009 #80
No Longer An Account

I haven't seen it, but I REALLY want to. It looks awesome.

I want to see Inglorious Basterds as well.

10/16/2009 #81

I want to see Inglorious Basterds, too. Looks awesome. The Men Who Stare at Goats looks pretty amusing, too.

I loved Zombieland :D Frickin hilarous and had great zombie effects. 'Course, now I go around telling everyone to make sure they "double tap". You should definitely watch it.

10/16/2009 #82
No Longer An Account

I will as soon as I get the chance. I love zombie movies.

10/16/2009 #83

I think there's a new Nazi Zombie movie coming out sometime next year.

Well, I think I'm going to retire. G'night.

10/16/2009 #84


I'm not actually here, btw.

10/16/2009 #85

wrote a chappie tonight, though!

and did the hustle. That was AWESOME.

I looooovvvveeee the hustle! :D

10/16/2009 #86

Ok, out of nowhere but... I'm doing NaNo! And I'm dang excited about it as well :) First time see, so I'm all 'this is gonna be great' instead of 'oh my god why am I doing this to myself'.

10/17/2009 #87
Fay Diablo

So. Guess who got the swine flu and hasn't been able to get to a computer in a week.

10/17/2009 #88

Ouch . . .

Good luck to you.

10/17/2009 #89
Fay Diablo

Eh, well, it wasn't that horrible. My mom medicated me enough to take me to see the Allman Brothers on Sunday, and then I spent the week at home, choking down cough medicine and yelling at daytime television.

Besides, my grandma felt so bad for me she went and bought me my favorite cookies.

...And, wow. I sound like a four-year-old.

Edit: For the record, I wasn't aware it was swine flu when I went to the concert. Just so we're all clear. And there isn't actually verification that it was swine flu. But the doctor said over the phone that was what it probably was, so we're going with that.

10/17/2009 . Edited 10/17/2009 #90
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