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Kobra Kid

Hey everyone! Finally, its Friday! :D Okies, well here are the stories I have reviewd so far...

Shamanics by Palantean Writer

BITE by Darknessfalls-1120

Eternal Grail by Mr. Ragna Badguy

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause by K.M Simpson

An Inner Goddess by Amethyst Penn (sorry if I messed ur name up :()

I do know that I owe revies to Mizzuz Spock, YasuRan and Angel's Requiem. If I forgot anyone, please PM me! I've been really busy with tennis and christmas shopping so I forget! Thanks! And please review my story, "Rises From The Ashes" All reviews are returned!

12/18/2009 #271

can i get a review for my latest story named 'Plagiarism and the Fourth Wall' (yeah i know the title kinda sucks, lol) please? I'll review stories of whoever reviews mine!

12/18/2009 #272

I just read and reviewed Mizzuz Spock's The Engine Styx,I really liked it, you should read it when you get a chance!

I have also reviewed the first chapter of Spurlunk's Plagiarism and the Fourth Wall, a very nice begining.

12/18/2009 . Edited 12/18/2009 #273

ello all. new to the bar. could i get a review for my story Graffiti Shogunz vol.1: The Exposure

12/18/2009 #274

I'm just in the process of reading/reviewing Mr Cottontail, Bite and Plagiarism and the Fourth Wall. Would really like some reviews on my stuff, specifically Into the Night if anyone has the time.

12/18/2009 #275

I reviewed chapter 1 of The Eternal Grail and chapter 7 of Children of Winata.

Reviews for my story Harry McGilligan are highly appreciated.

12/18/2009 #276
Mizzuz Spock

Yarrr! *slaps on pirate patch* I has read and reviewed the followin' whales of them tales:

Graffiti Shogunz [chapter one] by Mr.Frownz

Plagiarism and the Fourth Wall [chapter one] by Spurlunk

Into the Night [chapter one] by Dreamers-Requiem (Not about zombies. But still purdy good. xD)

Contact [chapters four, five] by YasuRan (Ay-may-zing.)

Harry McGillan [chapter one] by RentBoheme

High Revere [chapters two, three] by MantraMagazine

If anybody could drop some review love on Dusk or Mr. Cottontail's Chicken Run, I would be most grateful. And if I still owe you reviews, don't hesitate to send me a PM and annoy the heck out of me until I give you the review you deserve! :]

12/18/2009 . Edited 12/18/2009 #277
Eiya Weathes

Reviewed: Mr' Cottontail's Chicken Run.

And to Darknessfalls-1120: Thank you.

And to Crymson Black: You didn't. :)

12/18/2009 #278
Classy Broad

I'm returning pretty early. I missed you guys XD !! Alright, I'm gonna review some people pretty soon! Oh, I just re-wrote the first chapter of What's A God To Do? would be nice if someone reviewed it. Alright! That's it! gonna go and R&R something soon!

12/18/2009 #279
Classy Broad

I'm returning pretty early. I missed you guys XD !! Alright, I'm gonna review some people pretty soon! Oh, I just re-wrote the first chapter of What's A God To Do? would be nice if someone reviewed it. Alright! That's it! gonna go and R&R something soon!

12/18/2009 #280
Mizzuz Spock


BITE by Darknessfalls-1120

What's A God To Do? by Moody Chaser

It's 1:34 a.m. and now I must give FP a big, sleepy "G'night!" xD

12/18/2009 . Edited 12/19/2009 #281
Eiya Weathes

NEW STORY!!! No Other Copy but I think An Inner Goddess is better. But still, R&R please.

12/19/2009 #282

Hi everyone! I'm new here, and I definitely would love some feedback. Criticism will whip me into a better writer. So, here goes....I would love someone to review my two stories Through a Mirror Darkly and The Begging Bowl. I have a thick skin, so tell me what you think. As a fellow writer, I have no problem doing the same for anyone else.

12/19/2009 #283

Reviews On myI Saw Bella Kissing Santa Claus. Will be returned.

And I also have a new story out Fairy Tale Of New York. Reviews will be doubled returned if you review both.

12/19/2009 #284
Classy Broad

Goodnight guys!. Sorry couldn't review the other authors

I just reviewed Amethyst Penn's two stories: An Inner Goddess chapter 2

and No Other Copy

I'll be back to review more tommorow... Would like Reviews on the What's A God To Do? preferably the first chapter.

That's all guys... gotta sleep early... dammit....

Happy Holidays!! XD

12/19/2009 #285

I have just updated BITE and would like to know what people think about it.

Reviews are retured, even if I'm slow about it XD

12/19/2009 #286

Reviewed BITE x

12/19/2009 #287
Mizzuz Spock


Through A Mirror Darkly [chapter one] by Amaranth101

Meh. Will have more time for reviews later tonight. (I'm gonna be hella busy during the day.) @__@

In the meantime, I'm still asking (shamelessly) for reviews on Dusk. Reviews are much appreciated and will be returned. I can't remember if I've paid everybody back. If I haven't, LET ME KNOW, 'ight? x]

12/19/2009 #288
Palm Tree

Alright! Finally (FINALLY!) on break and so that means I'll be getting in as many reviews as possible and breaking into the dusty stash that's piled up in my inbox (or profile/Alert list). Ragna, I'm coming for you! As for those down at the RoadHouse who've already received something from me:

K.M.Simpson: I Saw Bella Kissing Santa Claus: Chapter Three

Sarah Loves Charts: Regan Saves the Drama Club!: Chapter Ten

Narq: Children of Winata: Chapter Sixteen

Lovaxx: Pink Lemonaid: Chapter Seven

Thanks for the awesome reads, guys!

Now, to slap on the iconic Shamwow! headset, and advertise. I'd LOVE reviews on Eden or, if you can't handle MxM in any shape, size, or form, Doubutsu!. In the near future and with the help of endless free time, I'm hoping to update both and will probably broadcast that when I do. Also with the help of that mentioned free time, I'll be sure as sun to return reviews to anyone kind enough to hit me up with their thoughts/comments. Thank you in advance! 8]

12/19/2009 . Edited 12/19/2009 #289
Devil's Playground

So, my flight was cancelled because of the blizzard on the east coast! I'm not leaving until tomorrow now, so I'll be trying to give out some last minute reviews today!


Regan Saves the Drama Club! chapter ten, lovelovelove -- BUT I WASN'T SIGNED IN AND DIDN'T REALIZE IT. Sorry! D:

BITE chapter three

What's A God to Do? chapter one

Dusk chapter two

Reviews on either Bite or The Dreamer would be very much appreciated, and all will be repaid. I'll try to pay back anything I can tonight, but if not, I will as soon as I get back from vacation. I'm going to miss you all!

12/19/2009 . Edited 12/19/2009 #290
Kobra Kid

Hey everyone, I've been stuck in this blizzard over here all dayy and just got home from my Mom's @_@ Anyways, here are the stories I've reviewed so far...

Bite by Darknessfall-1120

The Dreamer by Angel's Requiem

Spectrum YasuRan

Graffiti Shogunz Vol 1: The Exposure by Mr Frownz

Dusk by Mizzuz Spock

I plan on reading more stories today and I'm going to try to finish up the next chapter to my story, since I'm stuck in this house all day anyways. 0_o Please review my story though! I do return all reviews ASAP! Thanks!

12/19/2009 #291

I'd love love love love it if my new story, The Statues Speak to Me, was read and reviewed.

Also, I've cut down the reviews I owe people. I know I still owe a few people, though, but I'll get to you!

12/19/2009 #292

Can someone please review my story eleMENTAL? I give u a COOKIE! Not really, but I will make you a "book cover". Check out my cover for eleMENTAL on my profile.

LATER! (0_0)/

12/19/2009 #293
Kobra Kid

Hey everyone, back again from this blizzard 0_0

I have updated my story, "Rise From the Ashes" for Chapter 5, Bite to Break Skin.

Please review my story! I do return reviews ASAP!

I am also going to read stories later tonight, after I'm done napping. ^_^

Thanks! :D

12/19/2009 #294

Reviewed eleMENTAL.

12/19/2009 #295
Devil's Playground

Reviewed the new chapter of Rise from the Ashes. If you guys haven't been reading that, you should -- it's getting quite good!

12/19/2009 #296

Thanks, Rent! I've change most of what you suggested. I really appreciate your review! \(^-^)/

12/19/2009 #297

What goes around comes around.

Reviewed "The Statues Speak to Me"

12/19/2009 #298
Devil's Playground

Reviewed The Statues Speak to Me and eleMENTAL. :)

12/19/2009 #299

Just reviewed Elements of Our Days. Great story. I warning you though, it is 52 chapters long, but it's worth it!

12/19/2009 #300
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