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7/2/2010 . Edited 7/2/2010 #2,971


7/2/2010 . Edited 7/2/2010 #2,972

Hello there, fellow writers. I have reviewed:

I Never Said I Was Brave by lookingwest

Shadows by Lianoid

Thats all. I know. Gasp. Usually, I review about six people a day. But at the moment, I'm chatting with someone... nice. I'll shut up now. ;)

Reviews for The Unwanted will be returned tomorrow! Bye bye people! :D

7/2/2010 #2,973

Okay, not as many reviews given as I'd like to, but since I have to head to work, I'll have to hold off for later.

Persephone's Flight- Avidwriter-92

Nowhere- Agent.frappucinno

Coffee, Embrace, and Another Love Story- MeasIam

I Never Said I was Brave- lookingwest

and The Only Exception- AmethystPenn

7/2/2010 #2,974
Just Silly Me

You owe me: HoodedStellaish

I owe no reviews and I have to edit grammar stuff, so I'm not initiating right now. However, anyone who reviews Secret Stalker will get their return read nearly immediately, if that is any motivation to read it. Also, review number 300 gets 3 reviews in return...

Hope that's enough to entice you to take a peek. :D

7/2/2010 #2,975

I think I returned all my reviews, but if I didn't, tell me and I'll give you a couple for the trouble.

Also I'm looking for someone to review The Library, except I need someone to also review my later chapters, not just the first 2 or 3. Hope someone out there will do that!

7/2/2010 #2,976

Hey RH! It's me again. ^.^

Just saying right now, I do not post up here who I review-reply, and I do not review reply unless you put RH on the review. Why? Because it gets kind of hard when you have eight reviews and you don't remember who to reply to. So, please, please write RH at the bottom or something!

Today, I updated Phoenix for July (well, for the first part anyway), and I'd love some feedback on first/second/third/etc. chapters please! I'll do my best to review poetry, but I have no idea what I need to do to critique, so I compliment. :) Here's the link for Phoenix (chapter 1) :

Thank you so, so much!


7/2/2010 #2,977

Hello, everyone. :)

I haven't been able to review much today. I'm really exhausted for some unknown reason... :P But I will try to catch up with most of the reviews this weekend. :)

Today, I've reviewed...

"Devil's Play," [Chpt 1] by Wounded-Petals.

"Scarlett," by short circuit.


"Underground Crusade," [Chpts 1-2] by Cybernetic Crusader. (Hit this up with some review love, people! It's really a great story. :D)


People I owe... (still! :/)

weary writer (2)

Vrooommmmmm (5)

*Lianoid (6)

Sercus Kaynine (9)

*Agent.Frappuccino (2)

in theory (1)

Cybernetic Crusader (3)

(I was almost caught up, too! :P The ones with an * are my review buddies. :D PM me if you want to be a review buddy of mine... :D The review I receive will reflect the kind that I return. :P)


Requesting reviews for Persephone's Flight. I've uploaded a new chapter today, and would love some feedback on it, especially. :) I (believe) that the review total for the story is 141. So, the person that reviews the 150th review, will get an extra one in return. :D

Thanks so much for all of your support and advice and help. I'm really, really grateful for all the people on here. I've learned a lot about my writing and how I can improve it, thanks to you guys!



~Avid. :)

7/2/2010 #2,978

After a long break, I'm back again.


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andHeavenfell The Unwanted 4~6

B. Cross Rise From The Ashes 1 chapter

MeAsIAm The Big Shift 3 chapters

TymCon Illeyna 1 chapter

Dreamers-Requiem Light

Reviews on Children of Winata are definately appreciated!

7/3/2010 #2,979

ergh, dunno what happened up there... but


Sercus Kaynine - Dolls & Cages, Matter of Opinion, Neverending Cycle, Wolf's Logic

7/3/2010 #2,980

I promise I'll shut up soon.

I'm also available as a Review Buddy!!!

7/3/2010 #2,981

After a month long hiatus, my exams are over and I am finally free to write to my hearts content once again! To celebrate, a brand new chapter of Hailstorm has been uploaded. New and current reviewers alike, reviews will be greatly appreciated and returned swiftly. Thanks guys, and it's great to be back! ~ Luke

7/3/2010 #2,982

Good morning road house! As you all guessed, I work again today, (You'd think Id get a break, but no.) Instead of reviewing on my day off yesterday, I spent the day playing Mario and Mass Effect with a friend so I apologize. lol. I did finally repay my review though.

Review Repaid: Adonen Esstenial , Agent Frappucino - No where,

Reviewed: Y By Deefective Frayling0 Hailstorm (Your missing out if your not reading this.) Look Through My Eyes by Narq Would LOVE reviews on Cyn Black Goddess, Tenshi No Revolver,

Hopefully I will get a new chapter up tonight I'm off kind of early (7pm.) and don't have plans, I know loser on a saturday, right? Anyways see you after work road house!!! Oh yes, I discovered that everything from the forum was going into my spam folder, ~_~ so if I owe you please PM me and Ill return it, I think I got every one though?

7/3/2010 . Edited 7/3/2010 #2,983


The Library (ch 1) - (I plan to follow this up soon!)

Phoenix (ch 10) - lovely chapter! :)

That's all for today. My throat is sore and I cannot even speak. Resorting to sign language. :)

Reviews for Coffee, Embrace and Another Love Story will be loved and reciprocated.

I know I owe some reviews and they will be returned at the earliest.

7/3/2010 #2,984
this wild abyss

So I haven't reviewed anything yet today, since I've got to clean the house. But I'm stopping by to say that I've posted another chapter of Silver Glass. Reviews are requested and returned within the same day. I appreciate any feedback.

Silver Glass: Alone in a tiny house nestled in the middle of a forest, a woman and her dog sit before an empty hearth and dream about might-have-beens. Little do they know that some things are left up to more than chance.

Have a great day, everyone!

7/3/2010 #2,985

I just posted Chapter's Four, Five and Six after a long period of no internet access, bringing the total word count of my story to about 10,500 words. I'm currently working on 2 reviews right now.

Also, my story's name has been changed from A Princess Decrowned to A Princess Dethroned.

Anyway, enjoy!

7/3/2010 #2,986

I know I said that I would return reviews today, but something came up and I couldn't spend all day reviewing as I planned. A bunch of my mates dragged me to the some fair in the park, and amazingly, I had a great time! (I usually hate being outdoors :P)

Anyway, I promise to review tomorrow! Nothing is up for tomorrow since it's Sunday, so I'll be able to return all reviews on that day then. In the meantime, reviews for The Unwanted will be highly appreciated and returned tomorrow! Thanks!

7/3/2010 #2,987
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu

Sorry there guys. I actually wanted to review tonight after church, but after crying like a 3 yr old in my heart when I'm watching the final ending in the Fate Stay Night/Realta Nua PS2 game, I just can't get the strength to focus. So yeah, will try to review tomorrow. And Frayling, I promise I'll try to get back to you asap. Just PM poke me if I delayed too long. ;)

7/3/2010 #2,988
this wild abyss

Today I reviewed:

Chapter 1 of Hailstorm by Frayling0

Chapters 4 and 5 of Shadows by Lianoid

Chapters 1-4 of Persephone's Flight by AvidWriter-92

I've posted a new chapter of Silver Glass, so if you haven't read it yet, please do. If you already have, repay the reviews to whatever catches your interest.

7/3/2010 #2,989


Devil's Play by Wounded-Petals (Ch. 1)


It's WCC/WTW time of the month, and as soon as I get those submission in, I'll be doing more extra-curricular reviewing!

Meanwhile I'm still seeking reviews for my story I Never Said I Was Brave! All reviews are returned, of course.

Summary: Reviews Returned. What does a famous shapeshifting author, a famous rock goddess from the punk band Wealhþēow, and a famous dashing prince witch turned bloodthirsty crazy vampire have in common? Take a peek, and don't forget to feel the magic when you blink. FSSA Nominee and La Campanella Creativity runner-up.

7/3/2010 #2,990

Reviewed INSIWB (again.) Would like reviews for the first and only chapter (thus far) of "Farmville". Only looking for easy fix type of things, though I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on the story itself, positive or otherwise.

Summary: "No summary available. v. o.1"

7/4/2010 . Edited 7/4/2010 #2,991
this wild abyss

I'm not sure how much reviewing I'll get done today, since it's rather hectic around here, but I'll try.

Until then, reviews for Silver Glass, particularly Ch 2, are always appreciated. All feedback is returned, of course. My average reviewing style is here.

Summary: Alone in a tiny house nestled in the middle of a forest, a woman and her dog sit before an empty hearth and dream about might-have-beens. Little do they know that some things are left up to more than chance.

7/4/2010 #2,992

Good morning !

Another day of work ahead. @_@.

Would love reviews on the usual! going to finish cyn chapter 2 tonight, hopefully; and get that posted then tenshi no revolver. Also any one wanting to catch up with the ormoulu boys in Black Lagoon? Thanks!!

7/4/2010 #2,993


Shall and Shall Not by Faithless Juliet

Silver Glass by Adonnen Estenniel Chapter 2

Writing what people want to read by perverted.intellectual Chapters 1 -3

I still owe

Sercus Kaynine - 16

Hayley - 2

ElectronicHeart - 2

Sophie - 1

Mr. Ragna Badbuy - 1

7/4/2010 . Edited 7/4/2010 #2,994
Stormi Reagan

Reviewed: Shadows by Lianoid [Prologue, Ch. 1]


My Review Style: Character Insight, Story Style (pretty much talking about the story plot, etc), and small Grammar (if there is much wrong and no one has put notice to it)

My Story Open For Reviews: Creatures | Summary: In the middle of a human war, one girl runs away in her Father's command, but when she is near death, she meets a Creature, and her world is literally turned upside down as she meets another world, Human Earth. She also finds love and war.

7/4/2010 #2,995
Robt Emmett

If anyone wants to review a short read this is it.

Will repay in kind.


7/4/2010 #2,996

Hey, Roadhouse. I am in one of my moods where I'm so close to smashing a wall in a moment. Ugh. I'm actually shaking in fury, it's unbelievable. How the hell do you tell a clingy guy to back off? He won't stop stalking me and to make matters worse, he lives just two houses away from me. Yay. Frequent visits. Ugh. FML.

Until by BRIGHTeyes.X3

A Princess Dethroned by Melody-kun

Like Vintage Wine by Robt Emmett

I'll try and do more reviews tomorrow... I have no school tomorrow because of someone killed our electricity circuit. Yay!

Reviews for The Unwanted will be returned tomorrow!!

7/4/2010 #2,997
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu

Reviewed Lianoid's Shadows and Creatures by ElectronicHeart. That's all I can do for now. Will try to be back reviewing asap.

And lastly, I hope to get reviews for A Ranger's Tale since I might be back on that one in the near run.

Summary: He has fought a lonely battle all the while and he had never thought of letting it end prematurely. The future of the world however, lies in his hands. And all that will happen will stem from the path he has taken all the while.

7/4/2010 #2,998
Robt Emmett

A general comment-

I have read a number of the posted stories. They all have told me what the writer wants to tell me, and that is the problem, they tell me!

I would rather you writers show me. Involve me in the story. Take me into the action, please. What do I mean? Read the following story. It isn't pretty. Comments welcome. RE

7/4/2010 #2,999

Hello, Roadhouse, and Happy Independence Day, America! :D

Speakin of today, I'm off to go to a party with my family. :) I've tried to sneak in some reviews before I left, though, and will be repaying reviews later on tonight.



"Whet and While," by in theory (For the June WCC--Check his stuff out. It's amazing! :D)

"Ascension: Ad Initium, Ad Finem," [Chpts 2-4] by weary writer.

"Whimisical," by Sercus Kaynine.

"Worthwhile Imagination," by Sercus Kaynine.

"For the Love of Shakespeare," by Sercus Kaynine.

"All's Fair in Love and War," by Sercus Kaynine.

"King Richard's Challenges," by Sercus Kaynine.

"Blackbeard's End," by Sercus Kaynine.

"The Circus," by Sercus Kaynine.

"Masquerade," by Sercus Kaynine.

"What You Can't See," by Sercus Kaynine. (I owed her a lotta stuff... xP)

"Secrets That Kill," [Chpt 36] by Anonymous Soul. (I am in love with this story. Read it! But a warning... It's yaoi. :P So, don't read it if you don't like that. But otherwise, it's really well written. :D)

"Set Me Free," [Chpt 5] by Vernelley.

Phew... Most of these reviews are payback ones from just a few days ago that people have dumped on me. :P (I don't mind it, though. So keep 'em coming! :D)


People I owe:

Adonnen Estenniel (4) (done!)

*Agent.Frappuccino (2)

Cybernetic Crusader (3) (done!)

Darkheart241 (1) (has no stories, so I can't review. xD)

Dreamer's Requiem (*3--1 for being the 150th reviewer. :D)

Idareutoguess (1)

*Lianoid (6)

ranDUMM (1, but wants me to review "Letters.")

Robt Emmett (1)

Vrooommmmmm (5)

Hmm... Looks like I have some work to do! :P The ones with a * are my review buddies! :D PM me if your interested. :) Oh, and just to let everybody know. If you give me only a couple reviews at a time, I'll be more apt to returning them faster. :D


Reviews for "Persephone's Flight," or "A Short Story Discovered."

(I plan on making this into a novel for National Novel Writing Month in Nov. :D Here's a basic synopsis..."The Erisis Prophecy: A Thief and A Ruler--A recent rebellion leaves the land of Erisis in turmoil; its people distrustful, while the ruling prince tries to extinguish an ancient prophecy. A friendship between a thief and a vendor's son quickly forms, and what they unearth from the ancient texts and her dead family shocks them both. Friendship. A Prophecy. A Corrupt Ruler. Deceit. Hope." :P That's where I plan to take it anyways... Tell me what you think of this idea in a review! :) )


Thanks everybody. :D I really need to work on my entry for this month's WCC. (.)

Side Note... Thanks to Dreamers Requiem, Persephone's Flight has 150 reviews. :DDD Thanks, Dreamers Requiem! :D You'll receive an extra review from me. :D

~Avid. :D

7/4/2010 . Edited 7/5/2010 #3,000
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