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Sakina the Fallen Angel

Wow, so many new faces...I feel like a n00b here again... xD

Anyway, term's ended, so look forward to some serial reviewing and story updating from me, if anyone's still following any of my stories. Apologies for the two month hiatus - last semester was just too intense for me to keep up with the fp world... *sniffles*

But uh...hey all!!

12/19/2009 #301
Kobra Kid

Hey guys, :D Here are the stories I've gotten to review today:

eleMENTAL by Tim4Himi

The Statues Speak to Me by RentBoheme

I'm sorry that I didn't get to read more stories, I was planning on reading like 5 more but my online time ran out =(

I'll try to read as much stories as possible tommorrow, but I have NO IDEA what my family is planning.

And pleaseee review my story, "Rise From The Ashes." I do return all reviews! Thanks! :D

12/19/2009 #302
Kurohime no Miko

Hey Sakina!

And wow I feel like n00b too i haven't been her in so long O_O

Anyway I would like to ask for some reviews on my updated story Urban Paradise. I return all reviews that are given^^

12/19/2009 #303
Devil's Playground

Welcome back, Sakina! I felt the same way when I came back after being gone for a while, hahaha. Are you looking for reviews on anything in particular? :)

And welcome back to you, too, Kurohime no Miko! :) Expect some reviews coming your way soon.

EDIT: reviewed prologue and chapter one of Urban Paradise.

12/19/2009 . Edited 12/19/2009 #304
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Kurohime!!! You're still here!!



OK everyone - I can't remember who I still owe reviews to from 2 months ago, so please PM me, otherwise I am starting off with a blank slate, and therefore requesting reviews for my two stories:

Dear Diary ~ It all started when she left her diary out by accident. “Dear Diary, I wish I had never agreed to become Zack’s slave. This was the most stupid thing I could have done. Ever. And now he wants me to enter the Nationals with him?”

Soul Catcher ~ It sparkles; a phantasmagoria of light and darkness, entrancing you, hypnotising you, until you are caught in its spell, then, like a whisper in the night, your soul is gone.

And yes, both will be updated in the next two days! ^_^

12/19/2009 #305
Sakina the Fallen Angel

@ Angel's Requiem: I don't think I remember you...but then I had a look at your profile and realised that I'd reviewed your sci-fi story aaaaaages ago! Looks like you've updated so I'll leave you a few in the morn! :)

12/19/2009 #306

(Faints from happiness and then regains consciesness)

Sakina your back! And sould catchers getting updated! am i creepily excited about that XD

12/19/2009 #307
Kurohime no Miko

*glomps Sakina back* WOOT!

HEY Requiem! *huggles*

12/19/2009 #308

Reviews on My I Saw Bella Kissing Santa Claus.

will return :) xx

12/19/2009 #309

Hey, Crymson Black! I just got finished making your book cover. I'll PM it to you. Later!

12/19/2009 . Edited 12/19/2009 #310

Hey Sakina Welcome back! Hope you remember me. Can't wait to see updates of those two stories. Okay now tonight I managed to review

Circles of Arven


Unsevered Ties

Reviews for Journeyman Shaman will be returned to all those who do review. Well back to get in the writing mood.

12/19/2009 #311
Eiya Weathes

No Other Copy was deleted for it sucked. Usually, when I feel that the beginning of my story sucks, I don't know what happens next. So I just removed it. Maybe I'll rewrite it but until then, just read and review An Inner Goddess. I'm not bringing myself down for saying that No Other Copy was crappy. I just don't feel that I can continue cause I don't know where to go.

12/19/2009 #312
Mizzuz Spock

@ Amethyst: Are you still going to payback those who reviewed it, even though you deleted it? o.o

12/19/2009 #313
Eiya Weathes

Yes. In some way I will. Any suggestions? I'm sorry but I really hated it. Even though it's partially based on my life, I want to express it in a better way.

12/19/2009 #314
Mizzuz Spock

I'm sorry but I really hated it. Even though it's partially based on my life, I want to express it in a better way.

Artists generally hate their work. We writers are no exception. In fact, we're usually our own worst critics! I hate half the stuff that I have posted. xD

I'm sorry to hear about No Other Copy. (May it rest in peace.) And I look forward to whatever else you may post instead. :]

12/19/2009 . Edited 12/19/2009 #315
Classy Broad

Sorry to hear you deleted No Other Copy... I guess I know where you're coming from coz I once deleted this story I posted here a little while back.... May your story (and mine...) Rest in Peace... T_T

12/20/2009 #316
Eiya Weathes

@Mizzuz Spock I might make another one this week. Haha.

12/20/2009 #317


Reviews for any of my stories, will be returned ; as promised, I keep to my promises.



- K.M.Simpson.

12/20/2009 #318
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu

Reviewed Fairy Tale of New York. K.M.Simpson, you owe me two reviews if you want to include my payback review for Ancient Legacy. :D So yeah, pay back the whole shizzle via The Eternal Grail. Also to Sakina and Kurohime, I've just sent you two reminder PMs on the fact that both of you owed me some outstanding reviews. Please let me know if you've received them and give me some idea on how long it will take you gals to review back. :)

12/20/2009 #319

Have done so and reviewed 2 of them :) xx


12/20/2009 #320

WOOT Kurohime finally got her lazy butt back on fp!!! Now you better update Urban Paradise quick! *points* or I'm gonna mess with you at school you hear??

12/20/2009 #321
Eiya Weathes

An Inner Goddess. REVIEWS wanted, needed, loved, appreciated. Haha. Again, may No Other Copy rest in peace in the Story Graveyard. *sigh* But I must move on. I will write a better version which will truly show my life's experience of being a highschool student under pressure by school and this certain friend.

12/20/2009 #322
Kobra Kid

Hey everyone ^_^

Reviews on my story, "Rise From The Ashes" would be GREATLY APPRECIATED AND RETURNED AND I WILL LOVE YOU! XD

Also, I do return ALL reviews when I get a chance to. I do know I owe reviews to Mizzuz Spock, Mr Ragna Badguy and YasuRan. If I forgot anyone please PM me! Thanks! :D

12/20/2009 #323
Palm Tree

Hey-Hey! 8D

Reviews hit up to my stories Eden and Doubutsu! would be BOSS and promptly returned like MAGIC BOOMARANG (it really works!).

Aside from Ragna (conquering the mountain slowly XD;), I'm not up to my neck in reviews and enjoying my vaycay so you can bet that you'll have a Review Alert from me within the same day or the following.

12/20/2009 #324
Classy Broad

Reviewed back:

Angel's Requiem--Bite (ah cannibals... I love em.. XD)

Mizzuz Spock------Dusk (OMG vampires...! takes me back to Underworld..*dreamy eyes*)

Geez... What a busy day... sorry... had to juggle web designing and this, thanks to our wonderful teacher. Got to sleep early... My mom forced me to go with her to a morning mass in our church. ;P

That's it.. Any reviews on What's A God To Do? preferably just the first chapter...

I'll review back as fast as I can tommorow!!

12/20/2009 #325

Had to send the review for chapter one of Eden through a message because I accidently hit the review button long before I was done reviewing. Oh well. I still reviewed it!

12/20/2009 #326
Palm Tree

@RentBoheme: FO SHO. XD You're cooler than ice on that one and I'll jump on paying you back after breakfast. 89

... or before I'm whisked away to get a haircut. Sent. And, although I know you can't tell from the reivew itself, I ate it up. ;)

12/20/2009 . Edited 12/20/2009 #327
Kobra Kid

I love it! Its soooo friggin awesome! :D

The only problem is it says "Rising from the Ashes" instead of "Rise From The Ashes"

But it's soooo amazing! :D Idk how to repay you :]

12/20/2009 #328

Currently reading and reviewing What's a God to Do? and Rise From The Ashes. Would love some feedback on Into the Night, and just uploaded something new, Play The Game, again feedback for that would be great. All reviews returned. :)

12/20/2009 #329

Reviewed What's A God To Do?

Play The Game

Reviews on any of my stories possibly I Saw Bella Kissing Santa Claus. Will return.

And one more question, is any but excited for christmassss :DDDD

12/20/2009 #330
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