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Chapter 8 of Children of Winate by Narq

The prologue and chapter 1 of The Dreamer Angel's Requiem. I love this story so far!

12/20/2009 #331
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu

Eh sorry there Palm Tree. I would like to review Eden, but my brain has gone totally ka-bzt due to a minor headache. That plus I've lost count on the ppl whom I've reviewed for the day. x.x But yeah, thanks very much for your reviews on Atheran. tbh it's really unexpected and welcome. Gives me something to smile about after experiencing a failure night of football. And no, I don't mean the fake American version. :D

Anyway, I've reviewed The Statues Speak to Me, Journeyman Shaman, Dusk and Children of Winata. Can't remember the rest though especially since some of my reviews were for my friends who are not a part of this forum. -.-

12/20/2009 #332
Mizzuz Spock


What's A God To Do? [chapter three] by Moody Chaser

I realize I have a lot more people to review, and I'm hoping to get that done before I leave for my brother's little kiddie program in a few hours. xP

Also, Chapter Four of Dusk is up, if anybody's interested. Also, reviews of anything of mine would be most appreciated, though I can't guarantee a quick review return, as of my busy schedule. BUT I WILL TRY.


12/20/2009 #333
Palm Tree

@Ragna: DUDE. NO. o_o; Don't even think about reviewing me unless you're really /that/ bored. Moving on, you're so welcome for those reviews and I hope to read and review another or two of your shorter stories today. 8]

@K.M.Simpson: ME ME ME ME!!! 8DDDD -tosses out candy canes-

12/20/2009 #334

SORRY!!! I posted a link to the correct one in my profile, if you want it.

P.S. Everyone, I am delaying updates to "eleMENTAL" until futher notice. :(

12/20/2009 #335
ephemeral dance

O_O SAKINA IS BACK OMG OMG OMG. -spaz flail die-

And okay. I may not be able to do much reviewing tonight, but I WILL GET BACK TO IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE OK.

And also! If anyone would like to review Regan Saves the Drama Club! that would be amazing. :D

12/20/2009 #336
Sakina the Fallen Angel

ZOMFG, sarah you're still here...AND you have a ton of new stuff that I haven't read yet!!!!

This must be rectified!!!

12/20/2009 #337
ephemeral dance

YES I'M STILL HERE. I'VE MISSED YOU HNG. sadghjksdjfhsdfh.

LOL also for anyone that wants to read the newest update of my pillow book (idk idk do what u want), u kno u kno. ~ It was just posted. Ok.

12/20/2009 #338

Updates are GO! \,,/ (^.^)\,,/

PS I forgot to say this earlier, if anyone wants a cover please PM me. You can also suggest what you want it to look like. I cannot promise I will be able to follow them out, but I will try my best! (^_^)/

12/20/2009 #339
Classy Broad

Reviewed back: I Saw Bella Kissing Santa Claus by K.M. Simpson and Play The Game by Dreamer-Requiem

Any reviews on What's A God To Do? (1st chapter only) are welcome and reviewed back :P

That's it!

Gosh is it cold... XP

12/20/2009 #340

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been so MIA.

I was wondering if I owed anyone reviews? I received some a while back, but I think I've repaid all of them....I'm just double checking.

And in the meantime, I would love reviews for Revolution.

Summary is as follows:

A rebel groups fights for a world that cowers in fear under the oppressive thumb of its rulers, and for the truth in a world shrouded with lies of the world. Nat becomes wrapped in this underground world, fighting for survival: for herself and her love.

12/20/2009 #341
Mizzuz Spock

Wrote up reviews for:

Blood Rising [chapters one, two] by Rising Dusk

The Eternal Grail [omake, chapters three, four] by Mr. Ragna Badguy

Spectrum [chapters one, two] by YasuRan

Um. Can't remember, exactly, if I've paid everyone back. So, hit me up if I owe you a review, so I can get it to you ASAP.

Looking for reviews of anything really, though reviews for Dusk would be devine. Thanks heaps, and hope you're all enjoyin' the holiday season! :]

Dusk summary: There's nothing sweet about being sixteen forever. Especially when you're pale, sullen, and gifted with freakish X-men-like powers. Just ask Stella Byrde. Being a vampire is such a killer on your love life.

12/20/2009 #342

I have reviewed Revolution.


P.s I am so happy that your all excited. It seems my family arent scrooges this year either.

12/21/2009 #343
Yui Hina

Would someone review on my new story Vampire Hunter: The Dark Knight? I need to know where do I need to do corrections.

12/21/2009 #344
S. M. Saves

*slinkers in and stops aghast*

(O.O) I leave for a semester for school and what do you guys do to me?! You go out and relocate the bar! I was wondering why I hadn't gotten any alerts from the Roadhouse.

I must say, though. I love what you've done with the place. (^^)

Can I get a ginger ale and a review for To Never Die, please? I finally got around to posting a new chapter. FINALLY! Oh, if you do review be sure to tell me what story of yours you'd like me to review in return if you have a preference.

And for those of you college-types out there, I hope all your finals went smoothly.

12/21/2009 #345

Have reviewed Vampire Hunter: The Dark Knight?

To Never Die

Reviews on any of my stories prefferably I Saw Bella Kissing Santa Claus. Will gladly be reviewed returned back!

12/21/2009 #346

Just reviewed Vampire Hunter: The Dark Knight

Reviews for my story Journeyman Shaman will be returned post haste! Or at least if my computer behaves. School issued laptops only good for about four years then bzzt!

12/21/2009 #347
Gone with the tide

Hey. Well, I'm relatively new to FictionPress, but I have quite a few poems and one story, The Dreaming Window. I'd be glad for any reviews I get, and I'd be glad to review in return!

12/21/2009 #348
ephemeral dance

This is what I've reviewed:

Chapter 1 of Vampire Hunter: The Dark Knight by miko822

Brandon by WalkingPastSunday

Chapter 3 of I Saw Bella Kissing Santa Claus by K.M. Simpson

I'm still not home, though, so I'm sorry that I'm not reviewing that much.

If anyone wants to check out Regan Saves the Drama Club! or anything else, idk that would be cool. Ok.

12/21/2009 #349

can you review my stories please... i have 6... but just pick which ones you want to review....

Some person reccommended me to go here... but idk what to do... so please PM me if im supposed to ask people to review my stories... okay... id really appreciate it.

Expecially my story:

That Country Boy That Stole My Heart


12/21/2009 #350

Can you please review my stories. Id really appreciate it.

Some person sent me here... he asked if i wanted reviews.. and so he gave me this link to this... idk... but can you like review my stories please? Thanks:)

12/21/2009 #351

Can u review my stories pleaseee!!! I was sent to the review place from some person that sent me a PM... PLEASE review my stories... id really appreciate it.

12/21/2009 #352
ephemeral dance

Don't spaz. I'm reviewing you right now.

12/21/2009 #353

It was me. The rules are on the first page if you want to look thats helpful. xxx

Btw, people review my chapter of I Saw Bella Kissing Santa Claus.

Will reuturn.


12/21/2009 #354

Oh... okay thanks.. ima bit confused... but i bet ill learn soon enough... i was uber confused lol

12/21/2009 #355

you review people work and they return the favour, kinda thing.

12/21/2009 #356

Oh... Okay... kewl

12/21/2009 #357
ephemeral dance


Chapters 1-3 of That country boy that stole my heart by Calico252.

Again- reviews on Regan! or pm anything else are always appreciated u kno u kno. ~

12/21/2009 #358


I Saw Bella Kissing Santa Claus

12/21/2009 #359
Haruka Kuchiki

Will someone review Royal Engagement for me? I would really love to write more, but I won't until someone gives me a decent feedback on it. Thanks!

12/21/2009 #360
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