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Just read and reviewed Mrblah3 story Best Times Of Our Life,Yeah Right.

Definiterly one of the better ones and worth looking at.


12/21/2009 #391
Devil's Playground

HI KRISTEN, WE ALMOST HAVE THE SAME NAME. I'm Kristyn. And welcome to you and everybody else! Holycrapfloodofpeople.

I'm probably getting kicked off soon, but I'm continuing to try and review what I can.

Reviewed Where the Sun doesn't shine

Drum Sticks and Guitar Picks

12/21/2009 . Edited 12/21/2009 #392

Just read and reviewed sarah loves charts. story The Fake Prince.

She is a very strong writer, with good characterisation, grammar, spelling, very articulate, and I would recommend anything written by her.


12/21/2009 #393

Just reviewed A Ballet Freak poems 43 Years and A Performance Night.

Both simple wording that works very well with the various messages.


12/21/2009 #394
Kristen Wallen

Hey, Kristyn! Heh. I can see that our names are almost similar. I'd imagine that they sound the same, too! :)

12/21/2009 #395
Palm Tree

HOMG. NEW PEOPLE. -waves- I'm Palm and welcome to the Road House! I hope you benefit from your experience here. 8]

So far I've read and reviewed:

Larissa2008: Royal Engagement: Chapter One

Fudgyvmp: Bloodtypes: Prologue, Chapter One

12/21/2009 #396

Know of a brilliant blog written by author of The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl, Barry Lyga. He has great writting advice for teens on everything from dialogue, narrative, punctuation, characters, to literary agents and getting a book published.

CHeck it out if you're looking for a little help on writting. blog-writing-advice. html

Just remove the spaces.


12/21/2009 #397
Gone with the tide

Reviewed Swing by sarah loves charts., and I'd have to say she's very talented.

Now have three chapters up in Letters To Thane, my new fiction, if anyone's interested. I'd like some feedback, and I'll return the reviews.

12/21/2009 #398
Kristen Wallen

So far I've read two stories by Larissa2008: Royal Engagement and Mixed Emotions.

And I have to say, she's a pretty talented writer. I'd recommend anyone to read to read those two stories of hers. =]

12/21/2009 #399
ephemeral dance

PEOPLE MUCH? In the short time I’ve been gone, so many more little nooblets have arrived. X3



Chapters 1-3 of Where the Sun doesn’t shine by Olly-Insignificant

Chapters 1-2 of Drum Sticks and Guitar Picks by BlackFire101.

Mixed Emotions by Larissa2008.

Reviews for Regan Saves the Drama Club! are appreciated and returned.

12/21/2009 #400

reviewed the fake prince

12/21/2009 #401

I reviewed Reagan Saves The Drama Club!

Please read and review my story ABC's of Growing Up.

ABC's of Growing Up: In 2nd grade he asks me to marry him. In 5th grade I filed a restraining order against him. Now in 12th grade they’re teaching us the alphabet. The guy that hates me is my partner for a project, and he secretly likes me. I thought the economy was ** up.

12/21/2009 #402
Haruka Kuchiki

Hey I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who reviewed my story and poem! You guys are great and I appreciate it!

12/21/2009 #403

Hey! Paid back KM Simpson's I Saw Bella Kissing Santa Claus.

I'd love reviews for Sane Christmas or Revolution. Cheers!

12/21/2009 #404
Palm Tree

EEE. X3 I hope the Road House has a bunch of new frequenters. And you're welcome, Larissa! I hope you update Royal Engagement soon!


jessexreality: Deja Vu: Chapter One

BlackFire101: ABC's Of Growing Up: Chapter One

Both of which are AMAZING, just so you know.

-cough- And now I'm going to be totally selfish and advertise me'self, so any reviews for Eden or Doubutsu! would be greatly appreciated and returned like BAM. 83

12/21/2009 #405
zombie chickens

Hi. This is a really good idea and I love giving feedback and receiving So I will totally read umm..anything. If someone could review my story 3 Witches Grimm that would be great since it's the one that I'm mostly working on right now. I tend to leave reviews for pretty much everyone who leaves me one. Thanks.

12/21/2009 #406
ephemeral dance

Reviewed I'm Dreaming of a Sane Christmas.

And yes, all of our darling little nooblets need to know that Palm Tree's Eden just happens to be the most beautiful damn thing I've ever read before in my life ok.

Reviews on Regan Saves the Drama Club! and Copy of a Copy of a are appreciated. (Only review the latter if you actually think I seem like an interesting person/are into 19-year-old girls with nose complexes/whatever.)

12/21/2009 #407
Palm Tree

Thanks Sarah. 8'] You're always just too extremely sweet and flattering and it means so much because, my god, you're the brilliant genius behind Regan! and do I even have to mention Greenlee? Seriously. I'm humbled, and couldn't be given a kinder word from someone so incredible.

Unfortunately, I'm now called off to a movie. .;

Sarah: A PM'll be coming your way once I get back.

Fudgyvmp: A review's to be expected by you.

And, again, any reviews for either of my stories will be returned! 8D

12/21/2009 #408
S. M. Saves

Reviewed "Vampire Hunter: The Dark Knight" by miko822 and repaid K. M. Simpson. Definitely check out K. M.'s "I Saw Bella Kissing Santa Claus" if you want to be put into the Christmas mood.

12/21/2009 #409
ephemeral dance

ILYPalm and I'll be working on that new chapter of Regan! X3

12/21/2009 #410

Palm Tree that review might take a bit of time, but I'll get you one that says more than just this is great/beautiful before i go to bed tomorrow

12/21/2009 #411

@Zombie Chickens: please review my story. I'll make you a cover!!! (See profile)

12/21/2009 #412
Gone with the tide

Reviewed Mirrorland by Zombie Chickens. If you like ver abstract fantasy, I would suggest that one.

12/21/2009 #413
zombie chickens

Reviewed eleMENTAL by tim4him. A great start to a scify. And your covers are awesome!!! Will you really make one for me? lol, they're cool as heck.

12/21/2009 #414
Eiya Weathes

AN INNER GODDESS. I'm working on the second chapter but I still need ideas on how to do it. So please leave a review with your ideas. Thank you.

12/21/2009 #415

Just read and reviewed Eden by Palm Tree, it's quite long, and there are a few chapters, but it's very descriptive, and well thought out, and Palm Tree is a very strong writer.

I'd recommend it if you like romance/fantasy style of writing.


12/21/2009 #416

Sure! Which story do you want me to make it for? Glad you like them. (^_^)/

12/21/2009 #417
zombie chickens

3 Witches Grimm if you don't mind. It's a dark fairytale type thing. That would be so awesome!!!

12/21/2009 #418

If I own anyone a review or cover PLEASE let me know.

12/21/2009 #419

Hey, y'all! Thanks for all the reviews! Love the feed back. I'm new here, so could Someone please explain the "pillowbook" concept. Sorry for my ignorance. Thanks!

12/21/2009 #420
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