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Reviewed, Lucy,Worst Best Case Scenario, Jack's London, When We Wither.

Reviews for my Danse On Wood would be nice, Wil return reviews. x

11/23/2009 #31

Reviewed When We Wither and Danse on Wood. Nice work by both authors.

Carried over from the old bar:

Any reviews for my story, Rangers of Eternity, would be appreciated. I'll also return any reviews given to me. Thanks a million!

11/23/2009 #32

Looking for reviews on both my stories. The Dimensional Nine, and the Telltales of Fryn Morton: the Gift of the Free People. Reviews are appreciated and returned. :)

11/24/2009 #33

Reviews for my story, CODE would be really appreciated. =]

11/24/2009 #34
I know I'm a ghost a lot of the time, but if anyone feels like hit'en me up with a review on anything it'd be much appreciated and returned (of course). I will also try to put up one of my old stories sometime this evening, though due to the significant of today, it may have to wait until tomorrow, since I may be too drunk to put it up.
11/24/2009 #35
ephemeral dance

Reviewed My Reflection in an attempt to start getting back in the swing of things, since it's Thanksgiving break and I am free from school for a bit. X_X

11/24/2009 #36
ephemeral dance

Though I think a lot of the regular readers no longer post here, I just wanted to say that The Last Boys of Greenlee Academy was updated. O_O So yeah, uhm. Check that out if you're interested in awkward, ambiguous boys.

And for those of you that care, Regan Saves the Drama Club! was also updated.

Seriously, though, guys... If you want the reviews you gave me forever ago to be returned, I would recommend sending me a PM telling how many/what you want reviewed. I'm trying to compose a list, but I honestly cannot remember for the life of me. So yeah.

Anyway yeah.

11/24/2009 #37

Since I have a lot of free time nowadays, I am in the swing of reviewing, and returning reviews. So I'm hoping to recieve more for my two posted stories.

11/25/2009 #38

Not sure if this is a suitable roadhouse request, but this is relevant if you know me or read my stories:

I'm having some writers block trouble at the mo, mainly due to exhaustion from school and work. I'd love to know your opinions on the matter. How do I do that, I hear you ask? Please answer the poll found on my profile. That's all. Thanks in advance! ~ Luke

11/25/2009 #39
ephemeral dance


I would say it's a suitable request, since we're all here to help each other. I voted for the "start a young adult/sdkg etc" just because that is exactly what I have had to do in the past when my head has been buzzing with ideas and I've not known how to keep them all in line. Though that may not be what you have in mind with that particular option, sometimes it helps me to just write for the sake of writing--- even what I'm writing isn't up to par with what I usually write--- in order to just kind of settle down and get into the swing of consistently working on something. Once I do that, I am normally calmed down enough to start planning other stories/continue ones that I have neglected up until that point.

Lame advice, I know, but I do hope it helps at least a bit. Good luck!

11/25/2009 . Edited 11/25/2009 #40
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu

I vote Vision here 'cuz I think it's good to actually put up a certain plan in your profile so that via this means, you can actually have a more relaxing way or sorting things through since you don't need any stress for that. Erm I hope this statement makes sense 'cuz I dunno how to explain it further. -.-

11/25/2009 #41

It's not lame advice at all, I appreciate your response! My heads a bit scrambled at the moment, and I'm not enjoying writing as much, so going with something that's simply fun to write and not made to meet expectations is the way I'll go. A soap style drama sounds good to me, mainly because I think I write dynamics between characters best... Been reading Great Gatsby at school, it's kinda inspired me.

11/25/2009 #42
ephemeral dance

I'm glad I could help! I think that it's good to just write something without expectations and it's easy to write character-centric things as opposed to really epic, drawn out, complex stories when you're feeling stressed out over writing. It sucks to not enjoy writing; I went through that same phase recently, started about 3259854 different stories, and finally settled down.

And The Great Gatsby is amazing and it also inspired me when I read it in school. In fact, it's what gave me the courage to start writing characters with obvious, major flaws, as I had been obsessed with making completely likable characters before that point. Good stuff, one of my favorites.

11/25/2009 #43

Yer I completely agree! Fitzgerald is kind of brave enough to give every character a flaw, even Nick the no-personality narrator. We got half way through and I wasn't overly impressed but the climax was unexpected, and the ending really, really poignant. I really enjoyed it in the end. Anyway, thanks for your advice, it's really helped!

11/25/2009 #44

Hey folks!

Just reminding you that Jack's London has been updated with a new chapter The Affliction of Emily

Please read as I have included a flashback and would love reviews on my attempt at the comparison of personalities.

Reviews will be returned!


11/25/2009 #45
ephemeral dance

Ahaha, I loved Nick, though. X3 And you're welcome!

Anyway. Reviews. Yeah.

Katerzzz, as soon as I finish this episode of one of my fall anime endeavors, I will review Jack's London.

11/25/2009 #46

I've posted a new chapter of my story entitled Remain Sane! Reviews are appreciated and quickily returned :)

11/25/2009 #47

Reviewed "Remain Sane!". A very good read; recommended. Am looking for reviews for my two stories, especially my newest one the Telltales of Fryn Morton. All reviews are returned. :)

11/26/2009 . Edited 11/26/2009 #48

One point needs to be cleared to some people on here. Don't say you will return reviews if your not going to return them. Im sure Ive reviewed someones work loads and they dont give one peice of thankyou or anything back, its kind of rude if you ask me. Just thought I would point that out to those of you who are doing this.

Anyway to those of you who aren't keep on being happy reviewing and reading.

Reviews on my Danse On Wood, will be returned.

11/26/2009 #49
ephemeral dance

Ok ok.


Heart to Heart

Remain Sane!

Jack's London

Anyway, what's with the hostility? Everyone gets back to things on their own time.

11/26/2009 #50

not everyone. and i just hate people breaking the rules.

11/26/2009 #51

I have to agree with Kallebelle on this one. I reviewed three chapters of this story(It was on last one but since they asked for reviews and said they'd returned them and are also on this one) and they never review replied or anything. I might sound like a winny teenager but i also wanted to give the person a small hint since they may have forgotten and i dont want to name names soooooo..........

11/26/2009 #52
ephemeral dance

Understandable. It's just that we already had this discussion in the old thread and I think it's been made obvious that there are always going to be people who lag on returning reviews.

(If you're referring to me with your post, then I will apologize that college and assorted personal issues prevent me from properly returning reviews in a timely fashion. I'm only saying this because I know that I am behind on returning reviews and there is no reason for me to pretend like I'm not. If you're not referring to me, then sorry; internet paranoia.)

Anyway, whatever. That's just my two cents. It's still the same two cents as the last time this issue was brought up.

11/26/2009 #53

Oh no its not you:O Im preety sure you'v paid me back. This is the last im gonna talk about this except to say i was in the last discussion too so...High five!:P

11/26/2009 #54

You all bring up very good points. I agree (although I've never had to deal with that myself), but there's always going to be floaters around the site who're just in for a review. If you really want them back, pester them about it. When we get a mod again, if they don't comply, then ask the mod to block them from posting here or something.

11/26/2009 #55
ephemeral dance

-high five-

Ha, the last discussion was probably the most civil discussion I had ever seen on the internet before in my life. It's why I love the Roadhouse.

11/26/2009 #56
ephemeral dance


Just reviewed:



When We Wither (2 chapters)

All of which were absolutely fantastic reads. Check' em out!

If someone would be so kind as to review Regan Saves the Drama Club! or The Last Boys of Greenlee Academy, I would be stoked ferrealz. Anyway, I'll be back later. A nap is in store. Ah, the free time one has when their family decides not to celebrate Thanksgiving until Saturday...

11/26/2009 #57

Okay I spent an hour giving back reviews. Here are the following people I paid back (that's a Roadhouse Member):

Regan Saves The Drama Club

The Last Boys of Greenlee Academy

Revolution (Chapter 1 and Chapter 2)

Feel -- Mi.Ishi

Hunting a Witch



If I owe you, let me know!

Reviews for either Heart to Heart or Remain Sane! are appreciated and returned :)

11/26/2009 #58

I think I've caught up with all my owed reviews, if I missed anyone don't hesitate to let me know! And thanks again guys for the feedback :)

Have to check out some of these other stories as well!

11/26/2009 #59
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu

To xenolith, timay and Kela: I truly hope I'm not one of the d*** who don't return reviews in terms of equal quota. And yeah to xenolith and Kela, I'll try to review both of you again after I've got a new chapter of The Eternal Grail up. Before I did that tho, I want to know if I've done an equal review quota. Please let me know since it's been a bit of time since I've reviewed Kela and a uber long time for xenolith. As for timay, I truly hope you're not saying I'm one of the d*** not returning reviews. tbh I'd hate to be a leech, so if you think I'm owing you any reviews big time, please tell me. :)

11/27/2009 #60
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