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Punk, I really like your Heaven can wait story too. It's really angst and drama wise, and I love drama wise stories.

Have reviewed chapter one of that and am going to read more...

12/23/2009 #601

caution: im srry my stories have alot of angst lol. im an angsty teen with no life besides music & writing hahaha.

thanks so much 4 the reviews i'll be sure to do my part!!

12/23/2009 #602


punk's Deny Me - cliffhanger!! nice start, though, and Vitriolic - angsty!! but good one..reminded me of Mcnaught's A Long Road Home..

K.M.'s My Mommas a MILF - funny, gotta keep an eye on that, and Fairy Tale of New York - really amazing plot with lots of potential lol

BTW i mostly review short stuff..haha..or it depends, beats me XD

thanks to those who reviewed me!

12/23/2009 #603

ainedamdz: thanks 4 the comments lol!! i'll try & keep posting if u like them i guess

12/23/2009 #604
Haruka Kuchiki

Hey guys I'm looking for more reviews on Midnight's Dream before I can update it tonight. I'll be going to a christmas family thing and I'll need something to do while I'm there!! Help me out! I know I haven't returned reviews that much, but I'll get to that I promis!

12/23/2009 #605
Eiya Weathes

More reviews for An Inner Goddess would be appreciated. :) Just two more would be fine. That's all I need. Really.

12/23/2009 #606
Haruka Kuchiki

Did I review yours Amethyst. Love that stone. Is my birthstone hehe

12/23/2009 #607
Eiya Weathes

No you haven't...

Me too but mine is garnet. I love Amethyst. xD

12/23/2009 #608
Haruka Kuchiki

I reviewed! And if you haven't read Midnight's Dream or My Mind is a Stranger to Me! Then I would like reviews! lulz

12/23/2009 #609

I feel like doing a review quiz or something.

Sooo... whever guess my question can have 2 pretty reviews. Unless you only have one story with one chapter then it would be one.

Okay the question is whos my favourite boy celebrity? The clue is he looks a tiny bit like Zac efron.

12/23/2009 #610
Eiya Weathes

@ KM Simpson Justin Bieber? Just a guess haha.

12/23/2009 #611

Nope. Hes not very big over the uk yet. But my friend loves him.

Another clue: Go to google, theres a pic with him and zac.

12/23/2009 #612

reviewd: Dream-fudgyvmp

12/23/2009 #613

Wow, haruka, it took me a while to search for your story. LOTS of titles that are the same with yours :D

R/R'd Midnight's Dreams - Haruka Kuchiki and Inner Goddess. (you'll know my reviews when you read em, :D~long ones~:D)

12/23/2009 #614
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Definitely Chace Crawford.

12/23/2009 #615
Haruka Kuchiki

What she said! lulz

12/23/2009 #616

Yay Sakina got it.

I love him. Ill go read your stories now :)

12/23/2009 #617
Sakina the Fallen Angel

You just reminded me of how much I miss Gossip Girl... *cries*

12/23/2009 #618

Omg you watch gossip girl too. I love it. I love Blair and Chuck and I hate Vanessa for some weird reason.

12/23/2009 #619
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Haha, Blair and Chuck are the best couple ever...they define the definition of a love-hate r'ship... ;)

I'm not too keen on Vanessa myself ~ it seems that the majority of GG fans hate her, haha...

A pairing that I've rooted for from the start is Serena/Nate...hehe.

12/23/2009 #620
ephemeral dance

Hrgh, okay, so... instead of going to sleep like I originally planned to do about six hours ago, I ended up doing some early-morning shopping with my mom and I am absolutely exhausted. So. I'm going to take a little nap and then I will be back to review later.

Reviews for Regan Saves the Drama Club! are appreciated and will be returned when I wake up. :3

12/23/2009 #621

I really liked Serena and Nate at the beginning but then she got all whiney and picked Tripp over him so I was like :O oh no you didnt shows she didnt like him as much as I thought she would. But aprrently there having a love triangle with Jenny as shes went to the bad side, I really liking Jennys bitchyness but I do want her to go back to her old ways. But dont you think Erics a b*** for a boy too lol.

Btw, I reviewed your two oneshots I love your oneshots you should make more.

12/23/2009 #622

Haruka i reviewed your Mixed Poems and it was awesome! it's kind of girly but i really like it. its one of the sweetest pieces of poetry ive ever read

12/23/2009 #623
Haruka Kuchiki

You do realize you don't have to search for my stories...all you had to do was click on my profile......????

12/23/2009 #624
Sakina the Fallen Angel


Aspiemor's Journeyman Shaman Chapters 17, 18 and 19 [More to come]

Ragna's Circles of Arven Chapters 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24 [Repaid]

JokiLoki's Chronicles of Injelin Chapter 1 [Repaid]

Crymson Black's Rise From The Ashes Chapters 1, 2 and 3 [Repaid and then some]

Mizzuz Spock's Dusk Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4 [Repaid and then some]

sarahhh's The Last Boys of Greenlee Academy Chapter 4; Wikipedia and WebMD; Copy of a Copy of a Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4 [hun, you don't owe me squat :P]


That's right...bartender Sakina is back.

Reviews for my high school romance Dear Diary and for my supernatural Soul Catcher are muchly appreciated.


12/23/2009 . Edited 12/23/2009 #625
Sakina the Fallen Angel

@ KM Simpson:

Haha, I always thought Eric was soo cute, shame he dun swing that way ;)

I was so hoping Serena would pick Nate, and it made me soo mad when she picked Tripp, grr... In terms of Nate, I've never liked any of his pairings...he just doesn't seem to have any chemistry with any of the girls... The most interesting one was with the Duchess, IMO, haha. But out of them all, I really hope he and S get it on...

Oh, and wanna take this discussion to the Lounge? I realise we are probably angering a lot of people here... :P

12/23/2009 #626
Haruka Kuchiki

Thanks punk. I suck at writting poetry unless I'm typing it. I'M WEIRD! but ya. It was freewrite and only took me like 5 min lulz. Thanks for the reviews so far guys if i haven't thanked you

12/23/2009 #627

Ahahaha XD

Yeah, i figured that out after i reviewed your story.

Well, no biggie. :D

12/23/2009 #628

lol well it was awesome. & yourr very welcome


12/23/2009 #629
Kobra Kid

Hey guys, I hope everyone is having a great day cuz I am! :D (chilling in school with nothing to do haha)

I would love reviews for my story, Rise From The Ashes, after that review spree I went on last night @_@ (not as much as Mizzuz Spock though xD)

I'll try to update my story either today or tomorrow! Thanks everyone!

12/23/2009 #630
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