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Lol ragna i preety much told you the overabundance of reviews i gave you were free...or you paid back. Meh its one or the other. I cant talk for the others but you dont owe me anything. Lol we started a witchhunt:P

11/27/2009 #61

Nope your update with my reviews just some who Ive beenr eviewing and havent done anything.

Reviews on mmy Danse On Wood. Returned :) people.

11/27/2009 #62

Oh Timmay. I love you, you know that? XD!!!

11/27/2009 #63

Lol love ya too....why do you love me?:P

11/27/2009 #64

Reviewed Remain Sane! chapter 2, and Children of Winata chapter 4. Agent, you owe me two reviews. And Narq, I still think I owe you one or two.

I'm still on NaNoWriMo break -- it's almost over! -- but I appreciate reviews on Harry McGilligan. I'd also like reviews on Garma -- that story of mine doesn't really get any feedback, and I like it! It's the first story I posted, and I didn't realize you needed to use asterisks to indicate page breaks -- so if you read that, that's why there's a slightly awkward scene change.

11/27/2009 #65
Devil's Playground

Hey everyone! I'm so sorry I haven't been on recently. Things have been crazy with Nanowrimo and whatnot. I should be back sometime next week. Since it's been a while, I've lost track of who I owe reviews. If I owe you, please please please PM me or post here telling me how many and what you'd like for them to be on. I plan on going review-crazy and catching up on all of the stories I love as soon as possible, too.

11/27/2009 #66

Okay. Reviewed:

Worst Best Case Scenario


When We Wither - two chapters

Helix - chapter... five?


Remain Sane - chapter one

On that note, wow Agent you have a million reviews! Go you!

I have a couple old one-shots up, so any reviews on them would be appreciated. Oh and Mr. Ragna, I don't think you owe me anything, so don't sweat it ;)

11/27/2009 . Edited 11/27/2009 #67

OMG ANGEL'S REQUIEM I missed you sooo much! How are you and how was your Thanksgiving?! I'm glad you found the new board and I'm glad you're back! Good luck with your Nanowrimo thing! :)

To Timay-- I love ya cuz you keep giving "free reviews," you're so kind! lol!

Rent-- Thanks for letting me know! I'll get to it sometime tonight (hopefully!)

Xenolith-- I'll pay you back sometime tonight too lol. And it's not a million reviews :P It's just a few lol.

I love ya guys. Hoped you all had a great Thanksgiving, whether you celebrate it or not lol ^^

11/27/2009 #68
ephemeral dance

-throws a celebration for Angel's Requiem-

Ahem. Business.

I know that I owe Ragna a review for the one he left on Regan Saves the Drama Club!, and I know that owe RentBoheme some reviews from the endeavors in the old bar. (If I could be reminded how many, that would be purely awesome.)

If there's anyone else that thinks I owe them (I know that I took a pretty long break, so idk idk), please tell me and I will get to that. ~ k.

Meanwhile, if I could have reviews on anything of mine, that'd be cool. Preferably The Last Boys of Greenlee Academy or Regan Saves the Drama Club! but yeah, anything is fine as long as it strikes your fancy.

11/27/2009 #69

I do believe I owe some people reviews. I'm not sure which ones I've returned or not soo...feel free to note me.

I suppose I'm still up for people reviewing Worst Best Case Scenario. I'll get to reviewing back when I have more free time. College life - even on Thanksgiving break I have to do crap. X_x

11/27/2009 . Edited 11/27/2009 #70

Hey, I'd love a review for the prologue of Only If It's Cartier or The Four Provinces. They are romance and fantasy stories, respectively.

Any reviews will be returned, though it might take me a little while to get back to you. But I won't forget!

Thanks in advance!

11/27/2009 #71

Hi there, I would really love some reviews for my short poem Forever Alone. I'll return any reviews immediately. Thanks!

11/27/2009 #72

Reviewed MysticGypsyGirl's poem Forever Alone :D

11/27/2009 #73
ephemeral dance


11/27/2009 #74

Same here... :P

11/27/2009 #75

Wow, lively aren't we all? XD.

Wild, you want a review? 0.0 if so which story XD

11/27/2009 #76

Hi Everybody!!

new guy on the scene here.... I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could review my story (link on the bottom), i will also review anyone who reviews me ASAP!!

11/28/2009 #77

The link you gave brought me nowhere. xP Why not give the title, and then we can go through your profile?

Also looking for more reviews for Telltales of Fryn Morton. Added a new chapter to it. Reviews are appreciated and returned. :)

11/28/2009 #78
ephemeral dance

Okay, I did some reviewing last night but two of my friends came and kidnapped me as I was typing up a message detailing the particular stories. Anyone who go a review, I'm sure, knows who they are.

Anway, in about an hour, I am going to have to leave for a family endeavor in Kentucky and will not be able to do anymore reviewing until tomorrow evening unless they magically have wireless now, which I hope they do. So. I'll talk to you all later and I would love to come home to some reviews. On anything. Bye, guys. ~

11/28/2009 . Edited 11/28/2009 #79

ok sorry about that but the story that i would like reviewed is Smile Cloud Shepherd thx.

11/28/2009 #80
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu

Eh I think there might be a certain period of time where I won't be able to review due to my own random stuff altho I can't actually pinpoint that very period. You see guys, I'm right now going into overdrive mode in d/l the soundtrack for Shining Force 3 'cuz I can't be sure how long that site which I'm getting the MP3s will last since the whole site is running short of funds to continue existing atm. A bigger factor to my possible MIA period will be the fact that I'm right now d/l the Fate Stay Night anime for the entire 24 episodes. So yeah, once I got everything ready, I might stick my eyes onto the anime screen for N days. And ofc here's hoping the version I d/l is the original Japanese track and not the crappy English dub. :S

11/28/2009 #81

I have returned!!!! With one hell of a hang over, a good story for "Real Life", and broken promises. I'll hop right on the reviews here in a moment, but I think I'll have to wait for the Advil to kick in! Anyway, the story i eluded to like...4 days ago? WILL be up tonight, and if it isn't somebody pleases shoot me! As always, reviews are appreciated and returned!

Ragna: Fate Stay wasn't to bad, but wasn't one of my favorites either. Living here in Japan though I certainly get the good stuff before anyone else knows it’s out! Bwahahahahaha! (I swear I'll go right back to being mature as soon as I finish...okay maybe not)


11/28/2009 #82

Well I finally found this. I have updated Journeyman Shaman to those who are interested and I have reviewed Helix and Rangers Tale. Good to be back!

11/28/2009 #83

I've almost paid everyone back for my reviews! I’ll be done in a little while! So I’ve just about finished:

Agent.Frappuccino’s - Heart to Heart (really funny!)

WildmanWalker’s – Rangers of Eternity (Very well written)

sarah loves charts's. - The Last Boys of Greenlee Academy (I didn’t expect to like it, but it’s really good!)

Oh yeah, and I also reviewed:

Xenolith’s - An Epic Battle (Really cute)

Have a nice day!

11/28/2009 #84

I have reviewed Smile Cloud Shepherd,

Journeyman Shaman. And Forever Alone

Reviews on my Danse On Wood. Will be returned.


11/29/2009 . Edited 11/29/2009 #85
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu

Well, at least Fate Stay Night is much better than Tsukihime anime wise. I really died on the spot when I watched Tsukihime and I gave up after the second or third episode. You can't actually trust JC Staff to do anything decent if there's any truth from my friend's words. At least Fate Stay Night is a much better watch in terms of pacing, plot adaptation and characterizing. And yeah, looking forward to the Unlimited Blade Works movie for Fate Stay Night. Shirou's gonna pwn stuff with UBW. ;) And Tegh, did you actually played the original games for Fate Stay Night and Fate Hollow Ataraxia? From my best of knowledge, the games were the best. And no, I'm not referring to the eroge aspect.

And I don't think I'm in an actual mode to review right now. Sorry guys, but my mood has plummeted N metres down the cliff after going w** at the uber slow speed my Fate Stay Night anime torrent is downloading. On an average basis, crappy speed wasn't even nearing 20 kb and I've still got more than 50 percent to go. :(

11/29/2009 #86
Classy Broad

Whew! Made it to the deadline! Reviewed some pretty awesome stories now Im gonna take a nap....

People I recently reviewed:

Mr Ragna Badguy- The Eternal Grail and A Ranger's Tale

Agent.Frappuccino- Heart To Heart and Remain Sane

ADSpencer- Playing Cupid

i88- What I Did For Love and Blanch Finickymint VS. The Dirty Jail Cell

Timayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy- Eden

Eponine254- Cheating At Checkers

Kelabelle- Danse on Wood

RentBoheme- Purr of the Beast, The Last Thing He Heard and Garma

Hope that clears my slate, now I'm gonna focus on my story again yay!

11/29/2009 #87

Just reviewed chapter 3 and 2 of Danse on Wood, for some strange reason when i clicked on chapter 1 it took me to chapter 3, so I started reading it from there,

**Crossing my fingers hoping that Ace gets hit by a bus ** :-)

really want to read chapter 1 though, will check back tomorrow see if it was just my comp or something.

I posted a new story up if anyone's interested in checking out and reviewing, Aim 4 The Head, bit of gore in it though, also a bit of profanity but nothing our virgin ears cant handle ;-)

11/29/2009 #88

Yeah sorry I kind of was editing my grammar mistakes and put my chapter 3 there that isnt even finsihed yet my chapter one document is on my other computer so ill put that on tomorrow. x

11/29/2009 #89
Classy Broad

That's it, Just reviewed Aim 4 The Head, I'm seriously gonna take a nap, hyperness has finally drained off....

G'Night--- Dammit! I meant G'Morning, *Bangs head on the laptop**snores*

11/29/2009 #90
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