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Just read & reviewed Aim 4 The Head, a nice zombie-horror one-shot. (LOL. . . "nice zombie-horror")

Someone please check out my story Broadened Horizons. It's a realist fantasy, if you like that sort of thing. The start out on the second chapter if you only want to read one.

Just click on my name and scroll down, honey.

11/29/2009 #91

This is just a tally of reviews I owe to people. If I've missed you (which I don't think I have) please let me know. I am busy with the final week of school, but I'll get to you all hopefully on Thursday night, or Friday at some point.

Agent.Frappuccino: I think I owe you one review, plus a read of Remain Sane. Let me know if that's correct or not.

Sarah Loves Charts: 1 review. Let me know which story you'd like.

I think that's it. Let me know if I missed you.

And I would still love reviews, for any one of my stories. Pick anything that tickles your fancy; I have a lot of genres and stories to pick from.



11/29/2009 #92
ephemeral dance

Mi.Ishi: Just review whatever is the most interesting to you. X3

11/29/2009 #93
ephemeral dance

Also, two reviews for Broadened Horizons.

Reviews for anything of mine would be super awesome.

11/29/2009 #94

~ Reviewed

The Mercenary Academy - chapter 1

Broadened Horizons - chapter 1,2,3

What's A God To Do? - chapter 1 ~

There comes a time in your life when you see something so incredible that you feel you have to share it with the world, well guys that just happened about 20 minutes ago.... on Youtube...

you guys have got to check this video out, it made me laugh so hard that I cried!!

11/30/2009 #95
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu

Eh, I don't think I'll be able to review for the next few days 'cuz I'm planning to go on an anime watching marathon for Fate Stay Night. After seeing what had happened the FSN videos being taken down from MegaVideo, I'm having this paranoid fear that other video uploading sites will go the same for the series. :( And watching the English dubs is gonna be the last resort I'll ever do. So yeah, sorry guys. :(

11/30/2009 #96
Corbett Jayce Robley

Hey! I'm new to fictionpress and haven't had any luck getting anyone to read my stuff, but maybe you guys could help? Any reviews you could give would be stellar--beggars can't be choosers, huh?!


11/30/2009 #97
ephemeral dance

Ragna- AnimeKuro still has Fate Stay Night up and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere soon. I wouldn't worry too much about it disappearing off the face of the internet. But yes; marathon, marathon away. There's nothing better than an anime marathon.

Anyway. As soon as I fully wake up, I think I'm going to review some.

11/30/2009 #98

Hello you guys. I'm really sorry to say this but I will have a week or two weeks off departure from fictionpress due to the fact that MIDTERMS/FINALS are coming up. I know I owe people reviews, but I will review a few when I have time. I just wanted to let you guys know that I will be dead for a while... so yeah.

I'm really sorry if I don't give back reviews as fast. But I promise I will get to them. See you guys in a few weeks :(


11/30/2009 #99
Fay Diablo

I think I got everybody back that I owed...And I hope Kela wasn't talking about me- my p*** virus has kind of kept me from logging on to anything, so I'm sorry for the delayed reviews...

12/1/2009 #100
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu

tbh I know nothing abt anime specific vid sites apart from Crunchyroll, sarah. But I doubt you can call the site that 'cuz there's other vids there. But yeah, it's pretty hard to find subbed versions of FSN of late. Youtube only got the s*** dubbed ones and that sucks. But anyway, thanks for your suggestion. However, I'll have to admit that I've hit the jackpot in finding the subbed version in Animewoot and I've just finished watching the entire 24 episodes. The ending scene between Saber and Bedivere was super emotional in an extent that I've yet to shake off the effects it has on my brain. So yeah, depending on how long it will take me to do so, I think I might go MIA in reviewing again for some time. It seems that I'm on a FSN high after watching the anime. Now if only I can find and d/l the OST for the anime via Pirate Bay. It's ridiculous to see how long that site has survived up till now despite all the lawsuits against everything torrent. Also, for some weird reason I'm having a certain impulse to start a new chapter of A Ranger's Tale despite me myself already working on the latest The Eternal Grail chapter. :S

12/1/2009 #101
Winter Raine

Erm... hello! You'll have to forgive me, as I'm sort of new at this whole thing, but I was wondering if I could get some reviews for my stories, preferably The War of the Kingdoms. It's been up for quite some time, but I never really got constructive reviews on it. I would gladly return the favor. It's a long read, (12 chapters) but it's easy reading... at least I think it is.

Thank you!

12/1/2009 #102
ephemeral dance

Welcome! Totally got you covered on The War of the Kingdoms; I'm reading the prologue right now. I definitely hope you enjoy your stay at the Roadhouse! X3

12/1/2009 #103
Winter Raine

Thanks so much!

I've started reading your story as well, Regan Saves the Drama Club! If you'd like me to review any others, let me know!

12/1/2009 #104
ephemeral dance

You're welcome! And just read anything that tickles your fancy. It's all cool with me. :D

12/1/2009 #105

If anyone could review Worst Best Case Scenario I'll try to review back - although I have finals next week. Bleh.

12/1/2009 #106
ephemeral dance

I hope we see an update for that sometime soon, Luuk. :]

But yes, ick. Finals are such a downer. Can't wait until this semester is over.

12/1/2009 #107

Well, it was only really just a one-shot. But I could make a collection of one-shots with Emmerich. And same here. I can't wait to take a longer break from college. X_x Although I do enjoy the dorm part for some reason.

12/1/2009 #108
ephemeral dance

D: JUST A ONE-SHOT? BUT EMMERICH. T_T Yes, moar Emmerich.

And ferrealz. I have a trip to New York City waiting for me come Christmas break. This whole college thing is just not cutting it for me. At all.

12/1/2009 #109

LOL Glad to know someone likes Emmerich. I have written quite a few things with him so far, but I'd have to edit it to keep it in his point of view since it's in a role play style. And I'd have to ask my buddies if I can do that. Hmm. His little "adventures" are quite fun to write about.

And I get to takea trip to go see my mom, dad and big brother. Also my nephew. It will be the first time I've met him in three years. I can't wait!

12/1/2009 #110
ephemeral dance

Emmerich is just enchanting.

And d'ohhh, family reunions. I'm still living at home (ahahah community college u kno u kno) so yeah, I could definitely use a change of pace. Maybe I will find some much-needed inspiration over Christmas break, because I'm starting to run dry. And when I run dry, I start to shy away from the Roadhouse. And then crazy things happen and lots of new faces appear and I'm like D: what

12/1/2009 #111

OH GOD don't let him hear you say that. He'll be all over you, the n***. *face palm*

And haha I know what you mean. I'm going to try to edit my story then of Emmerich I suppose.

12/1/2009 #112
ephemeral dance

Ahahaha, yes yes. Have fun with all that editing business. I'm going to try to finish this new chapter of Regan Saves the Drama Club! so I can stop freaking out about that.

O and also business business:

Three reviews for The War of the Kingdoms.

Goodnight, Roadhouse.

12/1/2009 #113

It's taken me bloody long enough, but FINALLY my new (kinda) story is up!!! American Bleach! If any of you are interested and not scared away by the awesome...please give 'er a read (though don't try and read all 8 may hurt yourself). Any reviews I get will be returned upon the marrow! Thank you and Good Night!!!

12/2/2009 #114
ephemeral dance

Okay, so. I'm bed-ridden with a ~stomach virus type thing~ (because I never have the real deal, just "type things." Flu type thing. Strep throat type thing.) That being said, some reviews for anything on my page would make me feel so much better. And they will, of course, be returned in a somewhat hasty manner, since I have nothing but time at the moment.

12/2/2009 #115

Aww! I hope you feel better! And good news! I put up 'chapter two' of Worst best Case Scenario. Reviews will be returned when I get more time. And to tell ya the truth Sarah I've read all of Regan Saves the Drama Club, or most anyway. I need to get reviewing to those other chapters. They are great. XD

12/2/2009 #116

Because one of my classes has a furlough day, I decided to return and give reviews back. I spent an hour reading through very interesting stories and poems. Not only that, but I read several chapters of the story, which is why it took so long haha. Anyway, here's what I reviewed so far:

American Bleach (Chapter 1 and 2) --- Tegh

Worst Best Case Scenario (Chapter 1 and 2) ---Luuk

What's A God To Do? (Chapter 1 - 3) --- Moody Chaser

Dream World and Crying In the Dark (poems) ---MysticGypsyGirl

Juniper (one-shot) --- xenolith

Bathed In Afterglow (Chapter 6) --- Plej

Telltales of Fryn Morton: Gift of the Free People (Chapter 1 and 2) --- NocturnalNerd


Phew! If I owe you any reviews please tell me! I feel like I paid everyone back but I'm not 100% sure... so please tell me if I missed you, kay?

Oh, and reviews for Remain Sane! or Heart to Heart are greatly appreciated and returned :)


12/3/2009 #117

New around here.

Reviews for My Mommas A Milf, would be wonderful.

summary; Harlie knew her Mom was a Milf, and she knew she had a different boyfriend every week. But what she just didn't expect was a hot guy to turn up on her doorstep telling her he's her Moms boyfriend.


12/3/2009 #118
Winter Raine


I just wanted to thank those who reviewed some chapters from my story, and I do promise to return the favor. I probably would have sooner if not for the fact that I'm currently obsessed with Regan Saves the Drama Club... Sarah loves Charts, you are freaking amazing... please send some of your talent via e-mail, asap! Afterwards I'm going to go on the Tegh, then Luuk... your summary for Best Worst Case Scenario is interesting. I think I'll enjoy that.

Erm, that is all. I just wanted to thank everybody. I don't know if you have to become a member or anything to continue reviewing, but I'd like to continue if that's alright.

12/3/2009 #119
ephemeral dance

Hey everyone. ~

I just reviewed:

My Mommas A Milf by K.M. Simpson

American Bleach by Tegh.

I know I still owe a few people some reviews, but don't worry~don't worry~ It'll all be settled soon. This semester is so close to being over that I can taste it. As soon as Christmas break rolls around, I will be issuing out a beastly amount of reviews.

If anyone would like to take a look at my page and review this or that, I would be stoked. Preferably Regan Saves the Drama Club! or The Last Boys of Greenlee Academy, but u kno. Or maybe The Fake Prince. I haven't gotten a review on that in a while and I am planning on submitting a new chapter soon, so yeah okay. X3

12/3/2009 #120
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