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New chapter of Harry McGilligan. Enjoy and review! It's been awhile, because of NaNoWriMo.

Now . . . on to review people's stories!

12/13/2009 #211
Mizzuz Spock

Read and reviewed:

The Dreamer [prologue, chapters one and two] by Angel's Requiem

The Spiral Staff and Hospital by writemystorywithoutink

An Inner Goddess [chapter one] by Amethyst Penn

If anybody has the time, I'd be the happiest girl in the world to get a review for Dusk. *wink wink* All reviews will be returned as soon as possible. :]

12/13/2009 #212

You guys deserve cookies for giving me so many good stories to read :). I think I must have submitted at least forty reviews in the past few weeks. Or at least, that's what it felt like. Anyways, I've (finally!) updated my story Spectrum so if anyone's interested, head to my profile. There are 9 chapters so far so I don't expect you to read them all but feedback at any time you like is appreciated.

12/13/2009 #213

Spectrum is awesome, I definately recommend it.

Anyways, Mr. Ragna I've reviewed the latest chapter of The Eternal Grail and I hope to hit up a couple more stories on here shortly. Once I find them...

12/14/2009 #214

Reviewed Dusk, chapter 3.

Spectrum. Chapter 9


Reviews on I Saw Bella Kissing Santa Claus. And if you have already reviewed that, then My Mammas a Milf would be apprechiated.Returned.

12/14/2009 #215
ephemeral dance

Hi! 8D Just got home from my exams, meaning that this is the official start of my Christmas break hnnnnng meaning that I can start reviewing again hnnng. So yes. Granted I don't fall asleep anytime soon (I didn't really sleep much last night), I should be dishing out a lot of reviews within the next little bit. If not, sometime this evening.

In the meantime, reviews on Regan Saves the Drama Club! or anything else for that matter would be amazing.

12/14/2009 #216

Hey you guys. Lovely new faces around here :) Welcome!

You guys have really been adding a lot in my inbox that I wanted to see what the whole commotion was about haha. I still owe reviews, but please be patient. Finals are next week and after that I'm all yours! I'll be reviewing lots of stories but it would totally be worth it haha.

Anyway... please pray for me during the finals. Please???? XD I love you & I'll be back soon!


12/14/2009 #217
ephemeral dance

So far I have reviewed:

Chapters 1-9 of Spectrum by YasuRan.

Hospital by writemystorywithoutink

Chapter 1 of An Inner Goddess by Amethyst Penn

I am going to take a disconap and then I'll be back to review more later. I am thoroughly exhausted from a night spent studying over 9,000 pages of history notes and I really, really would like to close my eyes for a few minutes. X3 See you guys later.

12/14/2009 #218

(prays for agent frapuciono) im atheist so it may make it worse:P

12/14/2009 #219

as an afternote im sorry i hav'nt really been playing the rodhouse game but i've had my hands full whit winter tests, So i wont be really able to do that much until next wednesday. il be back wednesday!(vanishes in puff of smoke)

12/14/2009 #220
Kobra Kid

Hey guys, just wanted to say that my story "Rises From The Ashes" is updated with Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 should be out by this Sunday. All reviews are returned also!!! :D

So far, I've reviewed...

Spectrum by YasuRan

Heavy Metal Kyouko by Lovaxxx

I saw Bella kissing Santa Clause by K.M. Simpson

The Spiral Staff by writemystorywithoutink

Eden by timayyyyy

The Dreamer by Noir

12/14/2009 #221
Devil's Playground

Thank you everyone who's reviewed The Dreamer! :) Also, today I've reviewed:

Rise From the Ashes chapters one, two, and three

Regan Saves the Drama Club! chapters four, five, six, and seven -- words cannot express how much I love this story.

Spectrum chapter one



And good luck on finals, Agent Frappuccino!!!

12/14/2009 . Edited 12/14/2009 #222
ephemeral dance

Just reviewed:

Chapter 6 of The Dreamer by Angel’s Requiem (good read, recommended)

Chapter 2 of Harry McGilligan by RentBoheme

Chapters 1-3 of Long Nights and Lonely Plights by MantraMagazine

Reviews on Regan Saves the Drama Club! would be awesome. :3 ~

12/14/2009 #223
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu

Reviewed Harry McGilligan, Regan Saves the Drama Club and Dusk. And again, reviews for The Eternal Grail will be much welcomed and returned. :)

12/15/2009 #224
Kobra Kid

Hey guys, once again all reviews for my story are returned!

Stories reviewed so far...

An Inner Goddess by Amethyst Penn

The Eternal Grail by Mr Ragna Badguy

Dusk by Mizzuz Spock

Eden by timayyyyyyyyyy

12/15/2009 #225
Kobra Kid

Hey just wanted to inform everyone that Chapter four or my story is up! All reviews is returned! Thanks so much!

12/15/2009 #226
ephemeral dance

Okay, okay, I’ve reviewed:

Chapters 7-9 of Eden by Palm Tree (If any of you all aren’t reading this yet, then SHAME ON YOU.)

Chapters 1-3 of Rise From The Ashes by Crymson Black

Chapters 5-6 of The Eternal Grail by Mr Ragna Badguy

Chapters 1-2 of I Saw Bella Kissing Santa Claus by K.M. Simpson

Chapters 2-3 of Dusk by Mizzuz Spock

Crymson Black, it looks like you published chapter one of Rise From the Ashes again instead of chapter four. T_T

Reviews for Regan Saves the Drama Club! are always appreciated and returned.

12/15/2009 . Edited 12/15/2009 #227
Kobra Kid

Ahh! I'm sorry everyone! My computer glitched and instead of adding Chapter 4 it added Chapter 1 again. But now that is fixed! :D sorry bout tht! please review! all reviews returned!

12/15/2009 #228
ephemeral dance

Reviewed chapter 10 of Eden and chapter 4 of Rise From the Ashes.

I'm still in the mood to review if anyone has any requests, yo.

12/15/2009 #229

The reviews have been very helpful so far. I posted a new chapter of High Revere and could use some advice. I'm pretty sure I've repaid everyone, if not PM me please. Thanks for being awesome everyone!

Oh, and the summary is as follows:

Things have finally settled down between the Supernatural Communities when the Panther Shifters go looking for their past. Hiring me will get the job done, but will a human be able to live among panthers? Especially when the Pack Leader gets territorial.

If you have suggestions for a better summary please let me know, cause I don't like this one too much. I usually wait for it to come to me, but nothing's been happening. : P Thanks, creativity.

12/15/2009 #230

Today I reviewed


Broken Mirror

One chapter each. Also a new chapter of Jourenyman Shaman is up. Glad I got back to reviewing.

12/15/2009 #231
Devil's Playground

Hey guys! So I'm not dropping The Dreamer, but I started writing a new story and I would love some feedback once it's up.

It's called Bite. Nope, not vampires -- even better. ;D It's a post-apocalyptic setting, and it's going to be very playful and humorous in a twisted, gorey, sick kind of way. So if you have that kind of humor and can stomach a lot of violence, you should check it out! Aha.

The first chapter should be up pretty soon tonight, I'm proofreading right now. I'll edit this post when it's uploaded, but yeah, just letting you guys know. Any reviews will be much appreciated, and returned either tonight or tomorrow.

12/15/2009 #232
ephemeral dance

HNNNG I can't wait to read that.

12/15/2009 #233
Devil's Playground

Yay! :3 First chapter is up, hope you enjoy it!

12/15/2009 #234
Mizzuz Spock

Rarrgh! I've got finals this week, and I'd like to apologize if I'm a little slow paying people back.

Thanks to everyone who has read my stuff so far, and I will be returning the reviews you deserve as soon as I get the chance. :]

12/15/2009 #235
Palm Tree

YAY! No homework meant a chance to get in some reviews!

Sarah Loves Charts: Reagan Saves the Drama Club!: Chapter Seven

RentBoheme: Harry McGilligan: Chapter One, Chapter Two

K.M.Simpson: I Saw Bella Kissing Santa Claus: Prologue, Chapter One

Xenolith: Get a Life: Chapter One

Crymson Black: Rise From The Ashes: Prologue, Chapter One

And they're all for sure worth your attention as well. ;D

Shouting out: OMG. Sarah Loves Charts, you're AMAZING and I can't thank you enough for all the fantastic reviews you've given me today. I have no idea how you managed to do it and I'm still just in complete AWE.

Roadhouse. World. This chick is the bee's knees and, on top of being just an overly cool person, she's a god of an author that has a number of stories that are all just pure and endless joys to read. So, yeah. Read them or you'll be missing out beyond your comprehension.

12/15/2009 . Edited 12/15/2009 #236
ephemeral dance

OMG PALM I LOVE YOU SO MUCH T_T HRRGH THANK YOU. And you're about to get a review of chapter 13, which is seriously killing me in the best way possible, you have no idea.

12/15/2009 #237
Palm Tree

SARAH. ILU TOO, GIRL, and don't thank me for only speaking the truest truth. 8'D I hope to gads that people will get curious, look you up, and become just as hooked as I am by your words of literary genius. Keep on shining! X3

12/15/2009 #238
ephemeral dance

adgjaksdh. 8'3 Just for you, I am going to stop being lazy and start finishing chapter 8 of Regan Saves the Drama Club!

Oh and business business.

Within the last little bit, I have reviewed:

Chapter 1 of Bite by Angel's Requiem

Chapters 11-13 of Eden by Palm Tree

Both of which are stonking good reads and should be checked out as soon as possible by everyone in the world.

12/15/2009 #239

In the last few days I've reviewed chapters 5 and 6 of Children of Winata. People I owe reviews to . . . just hang in there.

12/15/2009 #240
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