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Palm Tree

-pumps fist- I'm simply PSYCHED for it, Sarah. 8DDDD

12/15/2009 #241
Devil's Playground

Reviewed the new chapter of Regan Saves the Drama Club!, which is as epic and charming and absolutely hilarious as always.

12/15/2009 #242
ephemeral dance

So yeah, no one's awake, but whatever. It's 6:41 am, I've not slept at all, and Regan Saves the Drama Club! has been updated not once, but twice. So, yes, if anyone wants to review that, that would be... amazing.

Until everyone wakes up and starts making requests and whatnot, I'm going to rest and eat food and watch South Park and whine about being sick. See you guys later. 8D

12/16/2009 #243
Eiya Weathes

Swinging by to tell you that CHAPTER 1 of An Inner Goddess is here and available for reviewing. I hope to receive more reviews so I can improve on my chapter. Giving me pointers will be loved while guesses on what happens next are appreciated whole-heartedly. Haha.

12/16/2009 #244

Okie dokie, I reviewed a few chapters of Regan Saved the Drama Club, and let me tell you, it's as good as everyone says it is. Bravo to Sarah for updating twice! I also reviewed both chapters of Amethyst Penn's An Inner Goddess and they're worth a gander! I haven't gotten any reviews for my new chapter of High Revere and would like very much for someone to take pity on me and review. -Simpers- I'm so congested I can barely see the screen through my delirium, make me happy someone. I do repay.

12/16/2009 #245
Devil's Playground

Today I reviewed:

Regan Saves the Drama Club!, superyay :3

Deviants, chapters one and two

An Inner Goddess

High Revere

Reviews on Bite would be super awesome, and all will be returned.

12/16/2009 . Edited 12/16/2009 #246
Synaptic Imagination

Today I reviewed

Regan Saves The Drama Club, It's a really good read, I highly reccomend it

Bite, it was really fun to read and defintely is just going to keep getting better

I plan on reviewing more now that I'm done with this semester, YAY!

As for me if anyone feels like reviewing Deviants or Merceny Academy I greatly appreicate it

12/16/2009 #247
ephemeral dance

So, Regan Saves the Drama Club! has hit 100 reviews, and I just wanted to thank everyone who has left me a review--- especially those who I still owe reviews to, who so kindly put up with how slow and lazy I am. So, yeah, thanks so much, guys. Ferrealz. X3

12/16/2009 #248
Palm Tree

Just reviewed chapter nine of Regan Saves the Drama Club! and, psh, you know it was made of sparkling BRILLIANCE.

Super-special-awesome congratulations to Sarah for hitting 100 reviews!!! You so, so, so deserved it! 8'DDD

12/16/2009 #249

Wow! Long time no see peoples~!!

I would like it if anyone could review my story BITE, please :D

12/17/2009 #250
Kobra Kid

Lately, I've been getting criticism about how my vocabulary is way too extensive. Well, blame my LA teacher. Lol. I get all of these vocab words from our weekly vocabluary test soo then I use them in my story. I'm going to try to stop that, I think I have in Chapter Four, so hopefully I won't just zone out and start writing down the vocab from the test I just took 0_0

Again, thanks for all of your reviews! I'm going to try to review today but it's hard cuz of the upcoming exams and my Dad set up restrictions on my computer so I can only be online for 1 hour per day . So retarded, I know. I'll try to read as fast as I can! Thanks!

12/17/2009 #251
Kobra Kid

Also, I have added a poll to my profile page about which of my characters is your favorite. That would seriously help out with my story so I know who to involve more in my story.

I already know that you guys love Alocer and think he's a sexy, evil man xD lol (I can't blame you!)

Thanks! :D

12/17/2009 #252
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu

Well, extensive vocab is good you know, Crymson Black. That is unless one needs a dictionary. ;) I always suffer from a dearth of vocab in my works fyi. :( And yeah, will try to review you asap. Brain has gone a bit ka-bzt after going on a FB spree. x.x

P.S to sarah: I know you're a big Haruhi fangirl from your av. So just a question: Does the Haruhi anime actually have some weird random time loop stuff ala DB and BlazBlue?

12/17/2009 #253

Hun, there's no need to restrict your vocabulary unless using those words is out of place. Maybe if readers are having such a hard time (and only if more than one person has commented should it matter) try putting the definition in your author's note. The best of both worlds as they say. I can't review your story right now (dentist appointment in 30 min and it takes 45 to get there!) but I definitely want to read more. I like evil, sexy men. : D

12/17/2009 #254
Kobra Kid

Yeah I guess it's okay but it probably annoys the hell out of people. And it's been more than one person. Idk, I'm in an Advanced LA so maybe that's why @_@

I think I'll just stick without going with the extensive vocabulary since I don't wanna risk getting bad reviews again. (Most of the reviews are about how Alocer is sexy and then the vocab) So...yeah no more extensive vocab for me. But I'm hoping to post the next chapter soon! :D

And If I owe you a review and haven't yet, please just PM me! I"m sorry If I did forget to review your story, A LOT has been going on in my life soooooooo now I forget easily. :[ Thanks again!

12/17/2009 #255
Kobra Kid

Haha I know what you mean by that FB spree, it gets really addictinggg @_@ And yups I'm reading chaptr 2 now ^_^ awesome so far!

12/17/2009 #256
ephemeral dance

Ragna: Yep, the second season of Haruhi consists of 8 episodes of the SAME EXACT THING only with different animation sequences/outfits for the characters/etc. It was pretty mind-numbing. X_X

12/17/2009 #257

I have just reviewed the first chapters of Angel's Requiem's Bite and Crymson Black's Rise From The Ashes, both very good stories that you have to check out.

12/17/2009 #258
Mizzuz Spock

Whew! Window of opportunity! I managed to get some reviews paid back and I will certainly be doing a lot more... Hope everyone's enjoying the holiday season! ;]

Rise From the Ashes [chapters 3, 4] by Crymson Black

Bite by Angel's Requiem

The Eternal Grail [chapters 1, 2] by Mr Ragna Badguy

BITE [prologue and chapter 1] by Darknessfall-1120

I Saw Bella Kissing Santa Claus [chapters 2, 3] by K.M.Simpson

Regan Saves the Drama Club! [chapters 3, 4, 5] by sarah loves charts.

Eden by timayyyyyyyyyyyyy (is that the correct amount of y's? xD)

Reviews of my one-shot The Engine Styx or my work in progress, Dusk, would be much appreciated.

And, of course, reviews will be paid back in full ASAP. :]

EDIT: Hmmm...I'm pretty sure I've paid everybody so far for all the awesome-sauce reviews I've recieved. Though, I'm willing to admit that math is not my best subject, and if I've short-changed you, send me a PM!

12/17/2009 . Edited 12/17/2009 #259

I'M BACK!!!!!!!! AGGGHHHH!!!!! FINALS ARE OVER!!!! AGGHHHH!!!!!! *faints*

12/17/2009 #260
ephemeral dance


12/17/2009 #261

*tackles Sarah back* WOO HOO!

Maybe in a few days. I am extremely exhausted after finals haha.

12/17/2009 #262

New chapter of I Saw Bella Kissing Santa Claus Up!

Reviews will be returned.

12/18/2009 #263
ephemeral dance

So, chapter 10 of Regan Saves the Drama Club! has been posted for anyone that's interested. U kno. ~

Maybe I should stop posting things in the wee hours of the morning.

12/18/2009 #264
ephemeral dance

Also- I decided to start a pillow book because I'm obviously the epitome of originality. If you want to check that out, I would be pretty much honored to know that someone was interested in the banal thoughts that go through my mind.

Oh and- reviews for the pillow book will be returned, just like reviews for anything else on my page. X3 Even if you're just casually commenting on something. I just think this could be fun, idk.

12/18/2009 . Edited 12/18/2009 #265
The Saturday Storytellers

Although I don't think they're mentioned on this thread, I've given 5 reviews for 4 stories today. Request review for my Shamanics, and am fully-prepared to offer whoever reviews and says they did so because of this message a reciprocal review in return.

12/18/2009 #266
Eiya Weathes

Thank you for the 16 reviews on An Inner Goddess. I appreciate it especially Moody Chaser. More reviews on An Inner Goddess will be really really loved. :)

I have an account also in fanfiction. Amethyst Penn. Take a look. xD

12/18/2009 #267

I've read and reviewed sarah loves charts's Copy of a Copy of a, you all should check it out!

Also I have read and reviewed the Prologue and the first chapter of Amethyst Penn's An Inner Goddess, a great read!

Reviews for my updated story BITEwould be greatly appreciated!

12/18/2009 . Edited 12/18/2009 #268
Mizzuz Spock

I just published a new story aimed at children: Mr. Cottontail's Chicken Run. Though I don't know if it's exactly kid friendly... xD

Feedback would be great and I will pay back reviews as soon as I can. :]

12/18/2009 #269

I have just reviewed the first and second chapter of Crymson Black's Rise From The Ashes, I am really starting to like this story alot.

12/18/2009 . Edited 12/18/2009 #270
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