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Hola, Roadhouse!

I'm going to the movies on sunday and I get to break out of my shell of anti socialness and flirt with a bunch of pretty girls. Today, I've paid back all the reviews I owe people.

People I've Reviewed.

- The Unwanted (ch. 6) by andHeavenfell

- Villain (ch. 1) by weary writer

Having nothing to do except work on my story, I can repay any reviews given to me in a two day notice. My reviews are a minimum of 100 words and depending on how much you review I'll pay you back the said amount of reviewing, if it is not up to your standard I will personally re-review the story to meet the standards.

I would appreciate and repay reviews to my story The Mindless Ones. A summary is given below.

The Mindless Ones: Lillian Pureheart, a simple maid, faces trails and tribulations from divine paladins, mysterious vampire hunters, and even feral vampires hunting her as she searches for a cure for her affliction before she turns into a full vampire or worse a Mindless one.

6/18/2010 #2,701

Yet another day full of nothing goes by. Sigh...

What I have reviewed today:

The Unwanted (CH 1 and 2)

Tenshi No Revolver (CH 1)

Shadows-(CH 1)

The Dreamer (CH 1-7)

What I would like others to review:

Anything that looks interesting to you--especially if those things reportedly have 0 (zero) reviews.

6/18/2010 #2,702


Villain by weary_writer Chapters 21, 22

Minor Talent by Dreamers-Requiem Chapter 12

Ubiquitous by SecretAgent99

Herring by SecretAgent99

Now, back to bed for Liana. Still not feeling 100%. More reviews tomorrow. Good night all.

6/18/2010 #2,703
cheveux roux

I would love to get Behind Bars reviewed (and any of my other stories, if someone is interested), and I will most certainly review back

6/18/2010 #2,704

Hey, haven't managed to get any reviews done today (yet) but that should change in the next hour or so. :) In the meantime, I'm looking for reviews on any of my work. Especially older one shots/short stories and/or Minor Talent, but if you like the look of something else, I do return reviews on everything. So yeah, cheers.

6/19/2010 #2,705
Just Silly Me

Hi, I'm Just Silly Me! (Jelsa.)

I'd love reviews on Secret Stalker, it's complete and it's a fun little romance... ;) leave me a review, let me know you're from The Roadhouse, and I'd love, love, love to return it. 3.

I am a Grammar Nazi, and I will not read works with poor grammar. So I suggest you keep that in mind, because if you give me a story with bad grammar I'll throw it out the window and ask you (beg you) to get a beta.

Otherwise, my reviews, I've been told, are fantastically helpful, so you know you want one of them. Leave me a pretty comment that's not a one-liner, I'll love you forever, and I will most certainly return the favor.

Thanks! 3

6/19/2010 #2,706

I'm back!!!

The fighting (against the exams) had been ghastly but I managed to push them back after all my valiant efforts. At the dire cost of my sanity and wit slowly grinding away. Well, that aftermath is only temporary and I'm back to repay the reviews since last time (yep, I wasn't just an ungrateful b*** who has buggered off without a word). I just want to post and make sure that I haven't missed anyone out. So far on my list, there is:

2 for Tymcon

1 for weary writer

1 for Vroom (apologies for lack of 'o's and 'm's)

1 for broken bird

They should all be repaid over the course of this week, but I'll try to get as many repaid as I can today. Oh and I'd like to alert you to my new reviewing policy. I realised that my old style, where I went berserk and write out an essay for every single review I do, is really too much of a demanding task from me. I usually spend far too much time (sometimes about an hour per review...), so much that I could only return 2-3 reviews a day. That's not ideal for me or the person I owe reviews to (since it would take me so long to get around to review them). So I have a new system. I'll have three different styles of review that will correspond to how you have reviewed me. Here's the list:

For one liners, please do not be offended if I might reply something with similar brevity. It is only fair if you get what you have given.

For average length reviews, I will be much more grateful and will go into more detail, pointing out both pros and cons of the chapter. I will always aim for the reviews to be longer than 2,000 characters, to cover all that I want to say and to show my gratitude.

For LONG reviews (like properly long and detailed ones), brace yourself for my full unbridled display of gratitude. I will point out EVERYTHING that strikes me in the chapter and I will try to do so in great detail. I won't only point out the pros and cons but I will try to incorporate suggestions as to how you can reinforce your strength or eliminate the weakness. It's just basically a return of me to my usual reviewing style. Expect something over 5,000 characters as I let my fingers run free over my computer's keyboard.

Well, there you go. Just to explain why you might get short reviews or long reviews, you know. Forgive me for bringing this system about. It will seem very selfish and inconsiderate of me to set my review standards like this but please understand that I don't have all the time in the world to give out long reviews to everybody, no matter how much I'd like to do so. But I will always try to review a story with one of my longer reviews if I have some spare time. I can only promise that much.

Right, not once all that's out of the way, I'd also like to ask for a review for Light in the Darkness. Please give it some love and I will definitely review back in the system I've earlier outlined. I will try to get it repaid as soon as I can. There might a delay but it WILL be returned. I promise. Thanks guys. It's good to be back here and see so many new faces :D

6/19/2010 #2,707

reviewed many stuff in the last 2-3 days..forgot to post them here...but today i have reviewed

The Secret Stalker by justsilly


no probs...


can any1 pls review Bhargava or Hashims PArt-i the will be appreciated and returned

6/19/2010 #2,708

Word, Roadhouse.


Persephone's Flight by AvidWriter-92 Chapters 2 & 3

To Be Still by Adonnen Estenniel Chapters 1 – 5

Premoniscence by in theory

One plus one by gonnadielafing Chapter 2

Tenshi No Revolver by Experiment101 Chapter 2

Illeyna by TymCon Chapter 1

Dawn of Sorrow by daggerhart Chapter 3



Story: Shadows

Genre: Fantasy – Adventure, Drama, Family, Romance, Suspense.

Summary: Moira controls the souls of women long past, but Sullivan controls her. The Fulrick family is teetering on the edge of madness, while the Prince of the North plots against his own. The closer each move towards the light, the greater their shadows become.

Plotlines: Roughly nine(9). Summaries can be found here.

My Style of Reviewing: Can be found here.

Still trying to meet that pesky goal of mine. Eighteen(18) days left to get twenty-six(26) reviews. Reviews are returned with copious amounts of love and care. If you don't like your grammatical mistakes being pointed out, tell me in a PM (not in the review for the love of whatever deity you believe in) beforehand, because I will point them out. Sorry, I'm fussy like that; but that's what makes me a good reviewer. (The woman is arrogant today. Just look the other way).

Or if poetry's more your thing:

Poem: Come With Me To The Desert Place

Excerpt: "Come with me to the desert place and feel the wind caress your cheek, climb up the golden mounds of life and rest on the highest peak."

Hoping for: Five(5) reviews on this one, to reach that other pesky goal of ten reviews per piece of poetry.


@Darksmiter: You sound like my type of man. My goodness, it sounds like you write reviews to rival my own. I will definitely be putting you on my list of people to hit up with some reviews. Expect one in a couple of days.

6/19/2010 . Edited 6/19/2010 #2,709
Devil's Playground


I Hate November by waitingforwhatever

Write My Heart Out by waitingforwhatever

Tick by waitingforwhatever

Behind Bars by cheveux roux

The Heritage Series: Book 1 by flight06

6/19/2010 . Edited 6/19/2010 #2,710
Creeping Collarbones


Come with me to the desert place by Lianoid.


I fail at reviewing today.

6/19/2010 #2,711

Erm... I recently made a facebook, so I've been getting preoccupied with that (I'm getting horribly addicted)... I managed to write some reviews though, so here it goes:

The Mindless Ones by Kackex

The Dreamer by Angel's Requiem

Crashing Star Wish revised by waitingforwhatever

Math Hate Poem by waitingforwhatever

Behind Bars by cheveux roux

Hostage by Creeping Collarbones.

Come With Me To The Desert Place by Lianoid

That's all I'm doing... Oh dear, my addiction for facebook is getting out of control now. Damn it.

Darksmiter: Hey Darksmiter~ Glad to have you back here ^^ I was beginning to think you forgot about this place :D

Anyway, can I ask for reviews on The Unwanted? I promise to review back the next day (unless the internet connection on my laptop happens to die or something).

Summary: Everyone knows that Gwendolyn is a heartless queen but somehow, Caleb manages to change her ways. Meanwhile, all Lucrecia does is pity herself. Throw her into a mad journey of curses, betrayal and tragedy, and she might just change...

Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Adventure

The way I review is simple. Send me a short review, expect a short one back. Long review, I'll write you a lengthy one back. It's only fair. I usually focus on reviewing about what I think of the chapter, not grammar, so if you want honest thoughts, then I'm your girl. :)

I'll get back to facebook now ;)

6/19/2010 #2,712

Right, here I am slowly whittling down the reviews I have to do. With much fun and joy, of course! I've reviewed:

Illeyna (ch. 1-2) by TymCon (a fantasy that is certainly developing a clear sense of its world of spies and intrigue)

The Hashims Part 1 : The Summoning by Vroom (a high fantasy with writing style very reminiscent of Tolkein's)

Yes, the progress is still slow... But I must admit that it's taken much less time than before. I have yet to unleashed my full review so far and that is actually speeding my reviewing process. It seems that my system is a good idea in the end.

Well, as always, reviews for Light in the Darkness will stuff me up with fluffy bundles of joy! Or fix springs on the soles of my feet to send me bouncing everywhere! Or teleport me up to some high mountain above the clouds that would give me the feeling of being on top of the world! Well, you get the message (and I'm running out of metaphors). Any reviews will make me very happy and any long reviews will make me VERY happy. Hopefully, you will also be happy in return from the lengthy reviews I plan to give you in return ;)

@ Lianoid: The competition is on, my friend! Your review indeed rivals my ones. The world's big enough for only one detailed reviewer... I shall be looking forward to the Review Duel we shall be having between our fics. I've got my reviewing guns loaded and ready. Meet you in front of the saloon... (after I'm done repaying all of my reviews). Oh and by the way, I actually don't mind about the pointing out of grammatical errors in my story. I kind of consider that to be the author's job to do in his editing and shouldn't be something that spoils the joys of reading for the readers. So I wouldn't mind if you stress on the storyline, characters and flow as opposed to the corrections. Well, just pointing out. Consider it an arrogant duelist's remark that pointed out his own flaw so that the other duelist can get a head start at scoring magnificent review points. Oh and do feel free to hit me if I'm relying too much on my duelist metaphor...

@ andHeavenfell: How can I forget such an amazing place where my reviews rocketed by 10-20 from joining for just about a week? Also, how can I forget a place that awards you with so many reviews each day? :D

6/19/2010 #2,713

Afternoon, Roadhouse! :D

I've certainly spread some Review love today. :DDD

I've reviewed...

"Comfort Betrays," by William G. Thorne (I love this. 3)

"Cliffside Cemetery," by Lianoid.

"Schizophrenia," by Lianoid.

"Creatures of Darkness," (Chpts 1-5) by sophiesix.

"A Strange Encounter," (Chpts 2-4) by Lilchany.

"My Eternity," by waitingforwhatever.

"All I Have To Do," by waitingforwhatever.

"The 103rd Place That Poison Ivy Shouldn't Be," by Arastel. (Hilarious. XD)

"The Officers," by cheveux roux. (This review got cut off, so if you're reading this cheveux roux, I'm sorry! :'( Does anybody know why this happens? Grr...)

"Midnight Blues," by cheveux roux.

"Disposable Heroes," by Dreamer's Requiem. (OMG. This is so epic. Check it out and give it some more reviews!)

"Secret Stalker," (Chpts 1-3) by Just Silly Me. (I love this idea... :D)

"The Dreamer," (Chpts 12-14) by Angel's Requiem. (another amazing story!) (Chpt 13's review got cut off, too. Grr... :( Sorry about that!)

"hostage," by Creeping Collarbones.

"Searing Vision," by Charel Lebl.

"Touched," (Chpt 1) by Charel Lebl.

"Mintiee's Scrapbook," (Chpt 2) by Mintiee.

That's all that I've gotten so far... :P I told ya I was on a roll today. XD

Just to let everybody know: I will be leaving Sunday, and won't be back until Friday... I have summer camp to go to. Yay! :P So, if I owe you a review, still (yikes!) please message me to let me know, and I'll try my best to return it when I get back. *phew...*

In the meantime...

Reviews for "Our Remembrance," "Two Similiar Worlds," and "Persephone's Flight" are all greatly appreciated, and will be returned once I get back. :D

Thanks so much guys (and girls. :P)

~Avid. :D

6/19/2010 #2,714

AvidWriter-92: Usually, my reviews get cut off when I use too many capital letters LIKE THIS. I DON'T KNOW WHY IT DOES IT BUT IT ALWAYS DOES IT TO ME TOO. So yeah... That might not be the case for you though... And geez, that's a long list of reviews. *whistles*

Darksmiter: Slow and steady wins the race... It usually takes me about three hours to review five stories (I get easily distracted), but hey, it's worth it. You get to read nice stuff and get paid back for it. It's a win-win situation. ;D

6/19/2010 #2,715


Well, I don't think I used any capital letters... It just seemed like it happened randomly... :P Oh well. Maybe I should just type my reviews in Word from now on, and then Copy and Paste them into the FP review thing. I don't trust it any longer... *shifty eyes.* Oh, yes. Teehee. :P I had nothing important to do today, if you couldn't tell... :P I tried to repay all the reviews that I owed, (well, most) and then some. :D Thank you, thank you... *bows.*


Welcome back. :D I think that what you say about returning reviews is very valid. :P Although one-liners are nice (sometimes) they don't really help you in the long run... So, may I steal this review technique from you? :D I think it's a great idea! :P *steals* Also... Be prepared for a crazy long review for "Light In the Darkness" when I get back... *cracks fingers* :D

...Time to go eat some vanilla wafers and 2% milk!


~Avid. :D

6/19/2010 #2,716
Just Silly Me

Hi! Newbie here ;).

So far, I have reviewed "Shouting Out Cowardice" and "There is a Witch Among You" by waitingforwhatever, "The Hashims" by Vroooommmmmm, and "Persephone's Flight" and "Two Similar Worlds" by AvidWriter-92

I owe...

1 to Vroooommmmmm (done!)

6 to waitingforwhatever (done!)


3 to AvidWriter-92 (done!)


Thanks for making me feel welcome, and apologies for my typos! *blushes furiously* I usually catch those...

Status: DONE with all of these.

6/19/2010 . Edited 6/20/2010 #2,717
Word Player

Ok Everyone. Here is who I owe chapters to and how many I have reviewed in return to the best of my knowledge.

And heaven fell (2 chapters) 1 DONE

Rowania (4 chapters) 1 DONE

Experiment101 (2 chapters) 1 DONE

tymcon (1 Chapter) 1 Done

Adonnen Estenniel. I think you reviewed one of mine as well, but I wasn't sure if you would like something reviewed. Let me know :)

I will keep working on the others.

I also reviewed 2 Chapters of The Dreamer by Angels Requiem and I'm pretty impressed so far.

If anyone else is interested I'd appreciate any reviews on Seven Point Oh, particularly chapter 2 onward. As aways they will be repaid in kind. I can be very thorough. :D

6/19/2010 #2,718
this wild abyss

Oh, uhhh. A review for "My House" would not be unappreciated. But whatever you feel like is fine, too. (:

6/19/2010 #2,719
Devil's Playground

AvidWriter92: Reviews also get cut off if you use the arrows... the greater than / less than symbols, or whatever they are.


Reviewed Seven Point Oh by Word Player

The Heritage Series: Book 1 (ch. 2)by flight06

Working on more right now. ^^

As a side note, in most of my reviews I do spelling/grammar corrections. I know some people appreciate that and others find it annoying, so if you'd like me to stop, please tell me! I won't be offended.

6/19/2010 . Edited 6/19/2010 #2,720

This week I have been hot, tired, and sick (which has resulted in a rather pissy Liana). So I'm apologizing for any reviews or review replies in which I may have come off as being a b***. I'm going to try to tone down my pissy grammar blathering, as well as the brutality in my brutally honest reviews. Fear me not friends, I mean well! (I'm wondering if I should just exclude any grammatical corrections from my reviews? I'm going to post a poll on my profile about this; it would be great if you all could vote on it.) I know some people appreciate the corrections, but it's been quite the mixed bag this week, so I think it's time to rethink my review style. Once again, I'm terribly sorry!!!

@Creeping Collarbones As long as you've reviewed something of mine it's considered a win. Never a fail when you review my work. ;)

@Darksmiter Now in regards to our Review Duel, I'm leaving no survivors. This one is to the death my friend, and I will use anything and everything to my advantage. I'm refining my technique and building up my resources. Your end is neigh, so pray to the gods for a swift passing. My choice of weapon of course, is a Dell Inspiron 1545. I will ignore any grammatical errors in your piece, and purely stick to content, but my review shall make your review tremble in awe. And thus, the battle for the title of Lord of the Detailed Review (Lotdr for short) begins... (after I'm finished being sick). =P

@AvidWriter-92 Talk about review champion of the day! Holy smoked bananas Avid, that's a lot of reviewin'. Have fun at camp! Watch out for bears. (Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!) In regards to your reviews being cut off: I type mine up in Word beforehand, because I was getting tired of accidentally closing the window before I submitted the review. Oops. D=

@Just Silly Me Welcome newbie! –waves– I recognize you from WRR. We should strike up an exchange (once I'm finished paying back the fifteen reviews I still owe. Ha-ha) and brush off the dust from our Whiteboards. ;)

6/19/2010 #2,721
Just Silly Me

@Lianoid lol xD.

Did I review something of yours? I only reviewed two people... but sure, I will strike up exchanges after I finish others xD.

6/19/2010 #2,722

@Just Silly Me Not yet. I haven't gotten around to hitting up everyone from WRR with reviews yet, so this gives me a good excuse to do so. ;)

6/19/2010 #2,723

@ Lianoid:

Teehee. :P *bows...* Why, thank you, thank you. :D I had a boring day today, full of nothing but review love. :D Plus, it's like retribution for the week that I've been slackin' :) Hmm... I personally like it when you correct my grammatical errors because I'm a stickler about them, too. That's just my two cents... :P I will watch out for bears... They are pretty vicious where I live... *looks out window suspiciously* :P Ooh... Ouch. That would make me so mad at myself if I closed out of the window... :'( I'll take your advice and type my reviews in Word. :)

@Angel's Requiem:

Hmm. I may have used the arrow keys... *oops* I guess I will not do this any longer! :D I knew about the greater than, less than symbols though... It's frustrating when you're trying to do a "heart" and it comes out as just a 3. :( Thanks for the advice! :D

Okay, okay... I'll stop spamming up the bar now... :P

~Avid. :)

6/19/2010 #2,724

@Angel's. I did wonder why my reviews always got cut off. Thanks for the tip!

@Everyone. Hey! It's been a long time! I got a puppy last week so I've been busy! And I'm watching him right now and he's just being such a stinker! T.T So, anyway, if I owe ANYONE reviews from the last time I updated, PM me. I promise I won't bite. If anything I'll be begging for forgiveness. The reason I returned to the bar is because I finally updated Phoenix! ^.^ If I can get some constructive reviews that would be amazing! Here's the link :

I love you guys and I appreciate it!


6/19/2010 #2,725

Hello everyone! :D

I've been fairly busy the past few days so I haven't done much reviewing.

These are the people I've repaid-

The Tale of Yinimavia (1-3)- waitingforwhatever

Damnation- Angel's Requiem

PhoenixDragon- Deli .x.Aly

I /think/ that's everyone. If not, feel free to tell me if I owe you a review :D

At the moment I would really like some reviews on any chapter beside the prologue of Scientifically it was Asclepias. I'll most likely repay reviews on tuesday considering I'm leaving on vacation and won't have internet until then.

Summary- Two sisters stray off the path while hiking in the woods. Lost, with limited supplies, they must try and survive in this hostile environment. But they might find something surprising in the forest...(that sounded like a REALLY terribly written hallmark card...)

Thanks! :)

6/19/2010 #2,726

Since I have horrible writers block, I decided to give out a few long reviews lol. Here are a list of people that I have reviewed so far:

Coffee, Embrace, and Another Love Story [Chapter Three] - MeAsIAm

Damnation [Chapter One] - Angels Requiem

Shadows [Chapter One] - Lianoid

Lost in Radio Static [Chapter One] - Creeping Collarbones


Reviews for any of my stories are appreciated and swiftly returned. (Note that the quality of reviews I receive will reflect the ones I return). Here is title of my story as well as the summaries.

Nowhere- From the perspective of the outside world, the buildings' cocooned structures and monstrous heights may seem suffocating, but their statuesque frames gave security and promise to the locals who inhabited the city of machines. .::.Chapter One- Stand.::.

Heart to Heart - Jaime thinks her new boss is a drug addict but she cant seem to convince her coworkers that hes popping pills. Everyone adores the stupid b*** but her. However, things are not what they seem. With his life on the line, how long can she keep his secret?

Remain Sane! - Deven, a student who has maintained a clean reputation and a 4.0 GPA, was caught m*** in the school's computer room... by the two biggest bullies in campus! Now they are threatening to blackmail him! Oh crap! This will not look good in his record!

Hope to hear from you guys soon!


6/19/2010 #2,727

Hola, Roadhouse!

Insomnia is kickin' my butt so I decided to get some reviewing done before I go to the movies.

People I've Reviewed.

- The Unwanted (ch. 7) by andHeavenfell

- Villain (ch. 1) by weary writer - Scientifically it was Asclepias. (ch. 1) by Rowania

- Light in the Darkness (ch.1) by Darksmiter

- Nowhere (Ch.10) by Agent.Frappuccino

- The Wildest of Tales (ch.6) by Sercus Kaynine

Having nothing to do except work on my story, I can repay any reviews given to me in a two day notice. My reviews are a minimum of 100 words and depending on how much you review I'll pay you back the said amount of reviewing, if it is not up to your standard I will personally re-review the story to meet the standards.

I would appreciate and repay reviews to my story The Mindless Ones. A summary is given below.

The Mindless Ones: Lillian Pureheart, a simple maid, faces trails and tribulations from divine paladins, mysterious vampire hunters, and even feral vampires hunting her as she searches for a cure for her affliction before she turns into a full vampire or worse a Mindless one.

6/20/2010 #2,728

Hey everyone!!!

Everyone who reviewed, expect a review(s) back tonight. And those who did not, expect one anyway. :D

I did quite well in my maths test (I think, and it is the bane of my existence) so there will be reviews for everybody tonight!

Thanks to all who reviewed!

Off now. Watching a movie!

6/20/2010 #2,729

Yo, people. It's Sunday... Ugh.

Anyway, I'll get round to reviewing everyone later tonight. I'm trying to do my homework right now, but as soon as I'm finished, I'm going in one of my reviewing sprees. Wahey. So, drop me a review.

The story that I want to be reviewed is The Unwanted (I don't actually care much for my other stories...). Basically, it's a fantasy story about seven characters, each of them having their own mini plot. I'm actually aiming for 300 reviews at the moment, but that might take a while. Nevertheless, all reviews put a great big grin on my face.

I'll get back to my homework now... I always seem to get distracted.

6/20/2010 #2,730
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