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Dahlia Wolffe

Ok, here goes....

I know this is an old thread, but as someone who needs reviews I searched thru the review Just being honest.

I would really appreciate reviews for either The Grey Witches or The House of Blood. Anything that catches your eye is good too, just let me know u reviewd me thru a review forum and I will get back to you soon. The internet is pretty much my lifeline, so it shouldn't take more than a week or so. All (or as many as possible) reviews for these two will be returned. I appreciate it! :) The first one is a supernatural horror, whose title says it all. The second is the same way, a vampire story with a new plotline. Tell me what you think, good or bad...

6/27/2010 #2,911



An Escapable Confinement

That is all for today. I have my biology practical, so gotta run!

I know I owe some reviews - they will be paid back at the earliest!

Please PM me if I owe you any reviews!

Till then, reviews for Coffee, Embrace and Another Story will be loved and returned! :D

6/28/2010 #2,912


I Never Said I Was Brave by Lookingwest,

The Unwanted by AndHeavenfell,

The Sidekick from MeAsIAm,

5~8 Rise From the Ashes by B. Cross.

Please PM me if I still owe you reviews!

By the way, I have updated chapters up to 12. on FP style (but since every chapter from chapt 10~12 have all got two chapters in them it's kind of... chapter 15 instead - I've done that because in my rewrite the way I broke up the chapters have been different am I'm trying to cram the chapters since FP doesn't allow me to inject new chapters between existing chapters.) Anyways, enough being said. Reviews are appreciated. :D

6/28/2010 #2,913
Kobra Kid

Goodmorning Roadhouse!

No, I haven't reviewed anything yet. I'm going over to my friend's house, so I won't be back until later tonight!

Until then, though, reviews for Rise From The Ashes would be great! If that doesn't float your boat though, then please review Reborn! All reviews are returned! :D

6/28/2010 #2,914
this wild abyss

So yesterday I didn't review anything, because I was tired and my brain wouldn't focus on the screen. Today will be a different day, I think. Nothing yet, but I thought I'd do a little 'who owes who' post, just so that I can keep track.


TymCon - 1 review

lookingwest - 1 review

a twist in my story - 2 reviews

weary writer - 1 review

Lianoid - 1 review

Darksmiter - 1 review

(I've gotten PMs from the last two, and you guys are just up here for my own convenience.)


All review are repayable to Silver Glass, and if you haven't read the two latest chapters of To Be Still, I'd love reviews on that as well. to the reviewing. Mine, not yours. (:

6/28/2010 #2,915

I'm fairly certain that I repaid all of the reviews I owed. If I missed you, don't be afraid to PM me!

I'd love some reviews on the two latest chapters of Things that go Bump in the Night, though any reviews at all are greatly appreciated and will be returned as soon as possible! :)


6/28/2010 #2,916

Liana's tired. That is all.


The Unwanted by andHeavenfell Chapters 8 – 12

(You don't need to give me three reviews in return for being your 300th reviewer. Congratulations btw!!)

I owe

Sercus Kaynine - 13 - (I really need to get on paying you back).

TymCom - 7

Creeping Collarbones - 1

MeAsIAm - 1 (I went back and counted. I'll wait for your next Coffee, Embrace... upload and do it on that, if that's okay).


I'll only be returning reviews on Shadows right now. The only exceptions are writers who only upload poetry and short prose. (It's only fair, right?).

6/28/2010 #2,917

Okay. Here's what I've reviewed for today... Might be back later, but not really sure. Lol.

"Wish Star: Kioku," chpt 1 by Vernelley.

"Set Me Free," chpts 1-4 by Vernelley.

"Wish Star," chpts 5-6 by Vernelley.

"Seeing What's In Front Of Me," by FlamingInk57

"Story of A Girl," by YasuRan. (really great poem. dark. I love it. :P)

"Stray," chpts 1-4 by weary writer. (amazing story. :D)

"They Love Me," by Blade100.

(These are all still me repaying reviews and I'm still not done... sigh. :P)

I still owe:

dragonflydreamer (1: On Alert, though. :P)

weary writer (3)

Eva Rieycoit (4)

Vroooommmmmm (5)

Vernelley (5)

Esurio08 (1 On Alert.)

MeAsIAm (3 + 5 extras. :P Am beta-ing her story, so do I still have to return reviews? :P What would you prefer, MeAsIAm? :) )

in theory (1: For June's WCC. :D)

People who still owe me:

sophiesix (1)

A. Barone (6)

waitingforwhatever(1? PM me if this is wrong... :P)

Broken Bird (2 But, I'm pretty sure he's not active anymore? :'( )


Reviews for "An Escapable Confinement," or "Hypnos and Morpheus: A Requested Poem" are greatly appreciated. :D

Thanks so much. :D I'm going to take a break from reviewin' and go take a nap and then after I wake up, write some new chapters. :D

*cracks knuckles*

See you all later! :P

~Avid. :)

6/28/2010 #2,918

Hey, people. I have sports day tomorrow. You know, that one day in school where you're forced to endure horrible ordeals of races, races, and more races.

I like it. :) I get rather competitive in races (I like to WIN!!), but I get way tired way too easily... I can't even do 100 metres without nearly dying at the end ¬__¬

Anyway, I reviewed:

Journeyman Shaman by Aspiemor (Still owe you two more ;D)

I Never Said I Was Brave by lookingwest (2 chapters - this story is good. Read it.)

Chains of Hell by Rayne the writer

Creatures by ElectronicHearth

Cyn: Black Goddess by Experiment101

The Grey Witches by Dahlia Wolffe (2 chapters)

I'm pretty sure I still owe:

Mr Ragna Badguy


Lianoid (Hey, I know you told me not to review you back, but I still wanna. Free reviews for you, yay!)

I'll try to return those tomorrow. If I missed you out, just PM me and I'll add you to the list~

Anyway, reviews for The Unwanted will be returned and loved. (I'll most likely repay anyone's reviews tomorrow, cos I'm just that cool).

6/28/2010 #2,919

Okay sorry for spamming, but ive completly frogotten who i owe reviews to. So, aqnybody who i owe reviews to pm me. Or to publicly shame post in the forumXD

6/28/2010 #2,920

All reviews have been repaid:

The Unwanted by andHeavenfell

All stories I have reviewed (that owe me):

Chains Of Hell by Rayne the writer


Reviews are appreciated for Creatures, though I need to edit it a bit more. =)

6/28/2010 #2,921
Old xRayneWolfx account


Emotionless by Downspiral 17 (Read it! .)

Catharsis by Hotkitty (Really good to read =D)

Chapter 9 (though fictionpress says "chapter 10) to Rise of the ashes by B.cross

Chapter one to Forget me by AndHeavenfell (Love this story, read it even though it's on Hitaus)

Creatures by Electronic Heart (pretty interesting fic, read it)

I still own Andheavenfell and Experiment101 a review but other than that I'm done for the night =) Reviews for Chains of Hell will be lovely! I will return all reviews tomorrow =D I may even post up a new fiction in my next update period, till then see you all tomorrow! ^-^

6/28/2010 #2,922

A review each for the following stories and authors

Silver Glass by Adonnen Estenniel

Addiction by BlaznFangurl

Minor Talent by Dreamers Requiem

The Unwanted by andHeavenfell

Great Stories all! Ugh I had uc ha tough day at work, frankly my bosses are the understanding type (I hope). Frankly I am feel a bit depressed about it.

6/28/2010 #2,923


27 Club by Expirement101 (Ch. 2)

Wish Star: Nag... by Vernelley (Ch. 8)

The Unwanted by andHeavenfell (Ch. 8 and 9)

To Be Still by Adonnen Estenniel (Ch. 2)


The Unwanted by andHeavenfell (Ch. 10)

Heart to Heart by Agent.Frap (Ch. 1)

Chains of Hell by Rayne the writer (Prologue)


Seeking reviews for any chapters of I Never Said I Was Brave! Do not let your eyeballs leave this sentence without following up by reading the new summary! :D

Summary: Reviews Returned. What does a famous shapeshifting author, a famous rock goddess from the punk band Wealhþēow, and a famous dashing prince witch turned bloodthirsty crazy vampire have in common? Take a peek, and don't forget to feel the magic when you blink. FSSA Nominee and La Campanella Creativity runner-up.

My average reviewing style: here

6/28/2010 #2,924

I still owe a few people reviews *huggles lookingwest,* but I just want to let everyone know that they will be returned this Thursday :)

As for now, reviews for any of my stories (Nowhere, Heart to Heart, Remain Sane!), will be greatly appreciated and returned.. with love and tenderness in my heart :D


P.S-- I wrote a section about review buddies on my page, but I'll just post it here for the heck of it since I am looking for more :D


Review Buddies (by my definition) are fictionpress authors who are committed and dedicated to give long/helpful reviews in exchange for the same high-quality critiques/ reviews for their work. What makes these folks special is that their reviews range in paragraphs (containing the positive/negative aspects of a persons story/poem, comments on ways of how to improve, gives their own opinon, asks questions about character/ plot development, offers edits on the individual chapters, and provides PROOF that they have read your story). If your review buddy gives you an in-depth review, you MUST return the favor, for you are their review buddy as well!! You are to follow the same standards and offer no less than what they have given you. Equality and superior reviews are the keys for happy authors and great stories!

My review buddies are lookingwest, and Lianoid. (If you get a chance, please check out their stories!)

Status: I am available as a Review Buddy. If you are interested (and committed) to exchanging wonderful long and in-depth reviews, please do not hesitate to contact me!

6/29/2010 #2,925
this wild abyss

So there was a thunderstorm last night, so I couldn't post what I reviewed. I'm fixing that


Chapters 1 and 2 of The Grey Witches by Dahlia Wolffe

An Escapable Confinement by AvidWriter-92

Chapter 1 of Journeyman Shaman by Aspiemor

Chapter 1 of Cyn: Black Goddess by Experiment101


All reviews are repayable to any of my stories. Today, I am asking that you take a peek at chapter six of To Be Still, but that's only if you feel like it. Have a nice day, everyone!

6/29/2010 #2,926

Wow, okay, well I've finally restarted/ rewrote my other story so I'm back on track (:.

I'll be on FP all day reviewing stories because I'm looking for some reviews of Untangling the Web and also because I think I need to get familiar with the new writers around here, because I've been absent for a while.

Well I'll start review, ciao for now :3


6/29/2010 . Edited 6/29/2010 #2,927
Robt Emmett

Quid Pro Quo.

6/29/2010 #2,928

Off topic...

I found this AWESOME site... I think all of you should join it. :) Basically, you write a novel in the month of November. In 30 days, you write 50,000 words. (that's the minimum requirement. :P) The whole point is to try to just get a novel written, without doing any editing. Just write. :))) You have to start a new idea, and you can't write any chapters before Nov. 1st, but you can do research and write outlines... I'm joining! Are you? :P

Here's the link:

Check it out!

End off topic. :P


Okay. Here's what I've reviewed for today... This is all I'm gonna do for today. I really, really need to work on my stories. :D


"The Road Less Travelled," Chpts 1-2. by Eva Rieycoit.

"The Angel's Mistake," Chpts 1-2. by Eva Rieycoit. (Both of these stories are really, really good. :D)

"Wish Star," Chpts 7-12. by Vernelley. (This is an awesome story! I recommend it to everybody on this forum! Go check it out! :D)

"Smooth Jazz," by Sercus Kaynine.

"Unravelling," by Sercus Kaynine. (This is really cute. ^^)

"Nochnayia Lubov," Chpt 3. by sophiesix. (This is an amazing story. It's one of my favorites on here. :D)

"To Be Still," Chpt 6 by Adonnen Estenniel. (I love poetry, and this is really good. :D)


I still owe:

weary writer (3)

Vrooommmmmm (5)

MeAsIAm (5 for guessing right on one of my A/N's. :P)

in theory (1 For June's WCC. :D)

Idareutoguess (1)


So, I've definitely cut down on my tallies. Lol. Thanks for all of you being so patient with me. :P

If anybody's looking for a beta, I'd be happy to help... Currently beta-ing for MeAsIAm and skyflower17. ^^

If anybody is looking for a review buddy, I'd love to be one. :) I know how much people like receiving reviews... I will return the review quality that you give me. Just as a warning. So, if the review is really in depth and detailed, I'll kindly return the favor. :)

Currently in a review agreement with Lianoid and (pending for) Agent.Frappuccino. :)


Reviews for "A Short Story Discovered," or "Persephone's Flight," are greatly appreciated. :D

(: ~Avid. :)

6/29/2010 . Edited 6/29/2010 #2,929

Hey guys! So I still have a fair list of things to work through at the moment; it's been a really busy week with stuff going on at home, but I should have more time over the next couple of days to pay back any reviews I currently have outstanding. I've just updated Back to Hell which is the sequel to Into the Night, and reviews on either of those two would be great! Thanks very much.

6/29/2010 #2,930

Yeah Nanowrimo! I'm surprised you haven't heard of it. It definitely sounds like a great project, the only issue is, if you're already working on something actively, then it's not really that much of a help! Good luck if you join, though!

6/29/2010 #2,931


I tend to hear about things waaayyyy after everybody else. :P Have you done it before? If you have, can you tell me how it went? :P

I'm pretty excited about it, actually. Hopefully it'll work out so I finish a few of my stories that I'm working on now before Nov. 1st, and then I can focus all my attention on my new idea. :P

Thanks for the luck. Lol. It's going to be a CRAZY month. :D

~Avid. :)

6/29/2010 #2,932

My legs kill. That is all.

I reviewed:

Who's The Devil? by Snakefang

Children of Winata by Narq

I Never Said I Was Brave by lookingwest

Fairy Tale by Dreamers Requiem

Journeyman Shaman by Aspiemor

Untangling the Web by Idareutoguess

I still owe:



(And I'm pretty sure that's it... If I missed you, please tell me)

That's all I'm doing today. I have geography homework. Yay.

Anyway, reviews for The Unwanted would be loved, loved, loved! I'll return your reviews the next day cos I'm cool like that ;)

6/29/2010 #2,933

I did sign up for it last year, but then realized it was rude of me to do so because I was already over halfway done with my draft of Hero's Genesis. So, I just didn't go to any meetings. I would suggest only doing it if you feel comfortable with starting with a brand new story and giving it the time to go at it. Otherwise, you won't be able to write as well as you could.

6/29/2010 #2,934
Charel Lebl

Reviewed The Unwanted by andHeavenfell.

Could someone please review either Touched or one of my poems that have not been reviewed yet?



6/29/2010 #2,935


I'm still going to try it out. :) Even if I don't complete the challenge (write it in 30 days,) I'll still have part of a novel written, and that's better than none, right? :P I plan to have most of my other works finished by then, anyways, so my new idea can have all my attention. :D


I'm planning to upload a new chapter of "Persephone's Flight" by Friday... I'm in the works of just writing it all out, and then Thursday will be devoted to editing (because it's pretty bad right now. :P)

Reviews on it are wonderful, if you haven't checked it out yet! :D (Reviews are returned. :D)

Oh, and I have a poll on my profile, so if you want to check that out too, that would be awesome!

Okay, I'll stop spamming. XD


~Avid. :D

6/29/2010 #2,936

Wow, it's been a long time... I finally got back from that unexpected vacation.

I'll be returning reviews promptly, please PM me if I miss anyone.

6/29/2010 #2,937
this wild abyss

I'm done reviewing for today, I think.


Chapter 1 of Untangling the Web by Idaretoguess

Chapter 1 of Spectrum by YasuRan

Molded by Charel Lebl

Pinprick by Charel Lebl

I Slapped Her by Robt Emmett

Chapters 1 and 2 of Remain Sane! by Agent. Frappuccino

Chapters 7 and 8 of I Never Said I Was Brave by lookingwest

Chapters 1 and 2 of Chains of Hell by Rayne the writer


Authors looking to repay me may choose whatever story they find the most interesting. I am easily pleased.

6/29/2010 #2,938


Remain Sane! by Agent.Frap (Ch. 2)

Heart to Heart by Agent.Frap (Ch. 2)

To Be Still by Adonnen Estenniel (Ch. 6 and 3)

Untangling the Web by Idareutoguess (Ch. 1)


Seeking reviews for any chapters of I Never Said I Was Brave! Do not let your eyeballs leave this sentence without following up by reading the new summary! :D

Summary: Reviews Returned. What does a famous shapeshifting author, a famous rock goddess from the punk band Wealhþēow, and a famous dashing prince witch turned bloodthirsty crazy vampire have in common? Take a peek, and don't forget to feel the magic when you blink. FSSA Nominee and La Campanella Creativity runner-up.

My average reviewing style: here

6/29/2010 #2,939

Hiya!! Just finished repaying all of the awesome reviews I got ^-^ Thanks a bunch. Anyways, I'm not going to need any more reviews on "Could My Life Get Any Worse?" until the third chapter comes out XP Thanks a bunch =)

6/29/2010 #2,940
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