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Sakina the Fallen Angel

Wh00t, a new Lounge, and same rules apply!


Got distracted by MSN so missed the end of the Lounge #3!!


12/26/2009 #1
No Longer An Account

Damn, and I thought I'd finally killed these abominations . . .


12/26/2009 #2
No Longer An Account

Which reminds me . . .

*I* should be the one to post the new lounge.

12/26/2009 #3

At least I got on the last page XD

12/26/2009 #4
Sakina the Fallen Angel

@ Nate, eeeek, I'm sorry!! Looking for a delete post button...anyone help me out? xD

12/26/2009 #5
No Longer An Account

Ahh, it's alright. Don't worry about it.

12/26/2009 #6
Mizzuz Spock


Oh, wells. At least I can terrorize the new one. ^^

'Lo, all!

12/26/2009 #7
Sakina the Fallen Angel

*makes self comfy*

Anyone seen this yet?

Me and a friend were just talking about doing our own musical parody...

12/26/2009 #8
The Tragedian


Hiya! Is M still here?

12/26/2009 #9
Sakina the Fallen Angel

*looks around*

Don't see him... :(

12/26/2009 #10
The Tragedian

:( *sulks* I came too late.....

12/26/2009 #11
Mizzuz Spock

OMG. I lurve Twilight parodies! x]

My favorite one so far:

12/26/2009 #12
Sakina the Fallen Angel

After watching the the fanmade A Very Potter Musical, I've decided that I can't die until I have created my own fan parody musical. It's also rekindled my love of HP, which was lost after book four once it became fodder for tweens and rabid fangirls -_-:;

12/26/2009 #13
Mizzuz Spock

Eh. I was okay with Harry Potter up until the last book.

I felt the ending to the series was pretty weak and, well, very predictable. :/

12/26/2009 #14
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Well...there were only two ways it could end!

12/26/2009 #15
Mizzuz Spock

No. Three ways.

The way I wanted it to end:

Neville Longbottom was secretly the Chosen One all along.

12/26/2009 #16

Damn Nate you totaled the last forum by yourself XD

12/26/2009 #17
Sakina the Fallen Angel

He came in through the back door when no one was looking and pwned us all

12/26/2009 #18

Hello hello! :D

12/27/2009 #19
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Well hello thar.

12/27/2009 #20
The Tragedian

Hello. hello!

12/27/2009 #21
Sakina the Fallen Angel

This place is so neglected :'(

1/2/2010 #22
J. D. Bennett

Hellooo all!

1/2/2010 #23
The Tragedian


1/2/2010 #24
J. D. Bennett

HEY! Sup?

1/2/2010 #25
The Tragedian

I havent see you in a while! can i beg you to review A Nameless Confession? *bats eyelashes*

1/2/2010 #26
J. D. Bennett

Yeah, I kind of got busy with school and writers block but I've decided to break back into the FP world. I am currently deciding if I think the prologue I just wrote is a giant load of crap or not. Hah. It's supposed to be a romance but grittier, and it's starting to sound like a Nicholas Sparks novel.

And yes, I will review! :)

1/2/2010 #27
The Tragedian

why dont you post it as a story and ask people if they think it's good or not? You know, ask if it has potential or not?

1/2/2010 #28
J. D. Bennett

That's a good idea. I'll do that once I finish tweaking it a bit.

1/2/2010 #29

*Meanders into the lounge with a yawn* morning everyone. *Rubs eyes* Hope everyone had a fabulous new years :D.

1/2/2010 #30
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