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Sakina the Fallen Angel

This chemistry revision is killing me.


1/2/2010 #31

Wow chem? That sucks. Luckily I am all done with school whoohoo! soon though the military will own all of my freedom NOOOO. JK I'm looking forward to it. hehe

1/2/2010 #32
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Lucky! What kind of area are you going to go into in the military?

College is teh suxx0r...

1/2/2010 #33

Either the US NAVY or The US ARMY. can't decide. Ha, college was fun but I am a slacker / art kid... _' no serious classes for me really. I'm working on Chapter two of Lucy while I'm waiting for the Edit on ORMOULU from Missus ann Oh here's a question. Do you use the Grammar check feature on Microsoft word? I'm learning how to use it to edit my own work. What do you think about it? just curious. :3.

1/2/2010 #34
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Oh, college has made me realise how much of an arts kid I am too...and slacker, hah...

Uhm, I use the grammar check as a default, but ignore it when I deliberately choose to be uh...flexible with my grammar.

1/2/2010 #35

I used it for my story Lucy. Between the Spell checker and the Grammar checker and my beta-reader hopefully my stuff is not terrible. XD; How was your new years?

1/2/2010 #36
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Not that great, hehe...slacked off too much this holiday so now I'm paying for it... -_-:;

At least it snowed on Christmas Day and New Year :)

How was yours?

And regarding the grammar checker stuffs, as reviewers, we'll do our best to help you too!

1/2/2010 #37

omigawd it was crazy in the best way possible. We got all dressed up like pretty princesses and hung out. it was FAB. aw we didn't get snow though, we NEVER Get snow XD;. Oh yeah the only bad thing bout slacking is you pay for it in the end LOL. Never learned my lesson.;

1/2/2010 #38
Sakina the Fallen Angel


And we don't normally get snow either, which made this winter pretty special, hehe.

Yeha, I never seem to learn my lesson from procrastinating either. Kinda wish I was gutsy enough to leap into the real world but I'd be too scared of where I'd land... xD

1/2/2010 #39

wooo photo shoot for me tonight and tomorrow!!! I cant wait. :D. *is a model* new years pictars.

1/2/2010 #40
Sakina the Fallen Angel


I got forced to do a fashion show last month, and ended up losing my dress... -_-:;

1/2/2010 #41
1/2/2010 #42
The Tragedian


1/2/2010 #43
The Tragedian

I seriously think my house is haunted....

1/2/2010 #44

Haunted? The important question is, "by what?"

1/2/2010 #45
The Tragedian

by something that could touch me....I have 2 marks on my left wrist and my left arm is throbbing with pain and numbness as if the blood's not circulating there. Which is odd because i sleep on my right side so i couldnt have stopped the circulation while sleeping. and now i think about it, i also have 2 more, similar marks on my chest right under the Adam's apple area....

1/2/2010 #46

"Haunted by something that causes pain" is a Very Bad Thing. Any chance you can get someone in realspace with you to spend the night or examine your marks?

1/2/2010 #47
The Tragedian

i dunno, i extremely dont like people staying over in my room - i cant sleep with another person in the room. and i dont trust any one enough to stay over. and my parents dont believe in supernatural (still in high school here)

1/2/2010 #48
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Looks like a job for the Paladins to investigate!!!!

*shameless self-promotion of story*

And Blazn, if you're still there, *huggle*

1/3/2010 #49

Hey, no fair! Why didn't I think of that (flogging my own story here) first? ;)

As for not having people around, so sleeping over someone else's place is not an option then. How about sleeping in the living room for a bit?

And tell me more about these Paladins, please. I'm interested... :)

1/3/2010 #50
Sakina the Fallen Angel



My website says more than my frazzled brain can at the moment...

...Head kills from making an RP site... _

Fop! A very farfetched idea for if you have nothing to do all day: get a camcorder and take a video of yourself sleeping and then watch it to see if there is anything weird happening...

1/3/2010 #51
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Yay, I gots PAGE!


1/3/2010 #52

*Covers ears.*

Was that really necessary?

1/3/2010 #53
The Tragedian


1/3/2010 #54

Morning! Any new marks or symptoms?

1/3/2010 #55
The Tragedian

Nope! And my arm's not sore anymore. Though i doubt it left. Psychics always say that when a ghost is in a room, the temperature will drop. For the past month-ish, my room has been freezing, especially the bed. The sheets fee ike they have been in the freezer and its so cold to the point i sleep with 4 thick covers over me. I cant sleep when its cold at all.

1/3/2010 #56
The Tragedian

Then again, i went to bed at 3

1/3/2010 #57

And you're surprised it's cold? Sheesh!

Oh, if you like anime, check out Ghost Hunt: Great show about stuff like temperature dropping and such.

1/3/2010 #58
The Tragedian

The funny thing is it was only my room that was cold. My entire family went to bed at that time (movie) and every other room was warm as it should be......

1/3/2010 #59
The Tragedian

I checked the vents and windows and everything. There's no reason why it should be that cold.

1/3/2010 #60
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