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The Tragedian

sorry for slow responses - watching V for Vendetta

i'm a Singaporean of indian descent

5/10/2010 #811


The way I suddenly imagine you to look like, you must be one of the sexiest dark ladies I've ever imagined.


But this revelation has completely skewed what I thought you looked like before, haha.

5/10/2010 #812
The Tragedian

The way I suddenly imagine you to look like, you must be one of the sexiest dark ladies I've ever imagined.

*snickers* ROTFLMAO!!

yeah, knowing someone over the net does skew your vision when you finally hear what they look like

5/10/2010 #813

It really does. I always imagine people I talk to to be absolutely beautiful. Because personality wise, they usually are. :)

5/10/2010 #814
The Tragedian

that was so beautiful!

5/10/2010 #815


Thank you? o.O

Hehe. ^-^

I don't know if you're being sarcastic or not, because I was being totally serious.....

5/10/2010 #816
The Tragedian

no sarcasm! all serious! *hugs*

5/10/2010 #817

Oh, okay.

Good. Haha.


PS I LOVE the movie V for Vendetta, so if you're distracted I definitely understand.

5/10/2010 #818
The Tragedian

Gotta love a man in a mask ^^

5/10/2010 #819

And you are not biased AT ALL.


I'm going to go to bed though, lovey. You have a great evening, and if I don't talk to you soon, good luck over the next little while with school!!! *hugs*

5/10/2010 #820
The Tragedian

I LOVE V! There, i said it!



5/10/2010 . Edited 5/10/2010 #821
No Longer An Account

Show us your b***.

5/11/2010 #822
The Tragedian


5/11/2010 #823
Caleb Kruspe

W**!?! !?! !?! !?! !?! !?! !?! !?! *shakes head from disbelief*

Where's the mod when you need 'em!?!

5/11/2010 #824

LOL. Uke, hello!!!

Our boots?

Like, my boots are made for walking?

And Pup, what are you talking about, needing a mod? For Uke? HA!

5/11/2010 #825

Or is that one Davi?

5/11/2010 #826
Caleb Kruspe

Ok...I'm officially lost here...something tells me I just made a fool of myself - again.

5/11/2010 #827
The Tragedian


5/11/2010 #828

You may have. Just a little bit. XD

5/11/2010 #829
Caleb Kruspe

lemme guess, an old regular from before my time here...and that it's all just play. *slumps head*

5/11/2010 #830

You better believe it, hahahahahaha. XD

5/11/2010 #831

Yo ^^

5/11/2010 #832



5/11/2010 #833
The Tragedian

I'm in loooooooooooooove with a masked man. Hi Zebby, Shay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5/11/2010 #834

Hi Mishi!! *huggles*

Eh, who are you if I may ask?

5/11/2010 #835
Caleb Kruspe

I wonder who that masked man is *cough cough Opera Phantom cough cough*

5/11/2010 #836

I am great, now that you're here darling. How've you been? PS LOVING your avi, by the way.

HA! Heto, like we really need to even guess that!

5/11/2010 #837
The Tragedian

Okay, TWO masked men.

5/11/2010 #838
The Tragedian

Did Zeb just ask me who I am? Le gasp!!!!

5/11/2010 #839


It's too bad that guys in masks are usually not very attractive underneath.

Unless if you're from Marvel of course. XD

5/11/2010 #840
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