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Caleb Kruspe

? Two? This is new.

Hmm made a rhyme.

5/11/2010 #841
The Tragedian

Those masks make them attractive...besides, it'ss the inside that counts.

5/11/2010 #842

Thanks ^^ It took me a while to find one I like and didnt want to swotch the next day :D

Oakay who is who i am lost, have names been changed?

5/11/2010 #843
The Tragedian

I is Foppy dolly

5/11/2010 #844

Oh^^ *GLOMP*

How i slife ppl? Highschool and college have killed my energy level! I am glad my last final is tommorow :P

5/11/2010 #845
The Tragedian

done with finals - i get to sleep in my bed tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!

5/11/2010 #846
The Tragedian

good night - i plan to get more than 3 hours of sleep tonight

5/11/2010 #847
Caleb Kruspe

Poke poke poke. Nudges the forum.

5/13/2010 #848
The Tragedian


5/13/2010 #849
Caleb Kruspe

*bears teeth and growls, realized who it is, wags tail happily*

Yup it's me, the silly puppy :D So many story ideas so little time to get them down.

5/14/2010 #850

Hello to one and all, all and one! Let's see how many names I can remember!!!

Blazn, hello, looong time no see! Ditto to that Shay, Phantom Rottweiler, Huntress (Apologies to my lack of posting on STP ^^)

How is everyone? Does anybody want some tea? (TEA!)

EDIT: Page! Dedicated to.....somebody out there!

5/14/2010 . Edited 5/14/2010 #851
Caleb Kruspe

'Ello. If you've got some tea then I bring some cookies...or crumpets depending on which side of the pond we're on. XD

5/14/2010 #852

Crumpets sound WONDERFUL! Gotta love 'em. Am I right in thinking I am talking to another Britisher? My memories have all gone and I'm having a hard time remembering who is writing which stories, let alone where they're from. XD

5/14/2010 #853

Apologies for the double-post, but I must go and don't wish to without saying bye.

So...fairfarren, until I get back on in 2-4 hours, I hope!

5/14/2010 #854
Caleb Kruspe

Am I right in thinking I am talking to another Britisher?If we were on the phone I could probably fool you with a fake accent, but, sadly, no I'm not a Britisher. Sometimes I really want to be though. 'Cause the accent and lingo are so flipping cool!!!!!!

My memories have all gone and I'm having a hard time remembering who is writing which stories, let alone where they're from. XDJoin the club XD XD XD

Oh, saw the double post, see ya later :)

5/14/2010 #855
The Tragedian


and bye!

And yes, she's English!!!! I so wanna be too! Love the accent!

5/14/2010 #856

Here for a fleeting moment...

And hello Huntress m'deario! Yes, the accent is pretty awesome. XD

5/14/2010 #857
The Tragedian

can you kidnap me,. Star so i can try to be English?

5/14/2010 #858
Caleb Kruspe

can you kidnap mePlease please please take me with you! XD One, for a break from real life. The other, because I wish to be a proper English gentleman...

5/14/2010 #859

Well, I would kidnap you both...except it's already crowded enoug hin my house what with Erik, the Mad Hatter, Nadir and most other fictional characters I've read about. ^^

5/17/2010 #860

I want to go to the UK so bad. I'm thinking about doing a international exchange for a year. Gives me a great opportunity to pop over to Ireland and other Euro countries. Mmmm delightful.

5/17/2010 #861

HOLY CRAP! SHAY! How ya doin'?

5/17/2010 #862
The Tragedian


5/17/2010 #863

HUNTRESS! *glompz* Hewwo!

5/17/2010 #864

Hey ya hun, I'm doing good.



Heto!! *hugs as well*

*realizes all the hugging going on just needs to resolve in a group hug*

5/17/2010 #865

*group glompz!*

Ah, my americaaan friends!

5/17/2010 #866
The Tragedian

*GLOMPS* Star's so lonely on the other side of the world. Shay, let's go and keep her company!!!

5/17/2010 #867

Ah! I am NOT American!

I am Japanese Canadian, thank you very much!

5/17/2010 #868
The Tragedian


5/17/2010 #869
The Tragedian


5/17/2010 #870
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