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That is bizarre. There could be a minor crack in the window caulking.......

Or someone turned your heat off.

1/3/2010 #61
The Tragedian

That doesnt explain the marks....


1/3/2010 #62



I'm GOOOOD! How are you, my dear little Heto? *Huggles*

1/3/2010 #63
The Tragedian

*huggles tightly* I'm been sick since break started 2 weeks ago....And I still have a week and 2 days of break left.....

1/3/2010 #64

Oh noes!

What do you have? Flu? Fever?

It's probably your body recovering from all the things you do to it during school. Rebuilding its immune system or something.

1/3/2010 #65
The Tragedian

Just a cold: runny nose, etc. Nothing too bad.

I think they're physical symptoms for my school-sickness. Similar to homesickness....?

1/3/2010 #66

You MISS school?????



Anyway lady, as much as I would love to stay and chat, I really have to get going; I work pretty soon, and have errands to run before then. You have a lovely day, and I'll talk to you soon!

1/3/2010 #67
The Tragedian

*old lady voice* You come back, you hear? *shakes walking stick in air*

1/3/2010 #68

Wow Ok So I am back! I kinda dressed "Steam punk" best to my abilities with what I had, my out fit if VERY Inspired by my own story.. sad isnt it? For those of you who want to see ^_^Please PM me for images Id be happy to share!

1/3/2010 . Edited 1/3/2010 #69
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Wow, all you need now is a black hat and your outfit is complete ^^

1/3/2010 #70
The Tragedian

Or a cape with a hood.

1/3/2010 #71

Fu did you see the linked images I posted? I left my black hat at emilys house D:! off to shower for a while. All that running around, ugh I needs it.

1/3/2010 . Edited 1/3/2010 #72


I forgot you guys has the weirdest of conversations...hmm I always wanted to know how to make a website

1/3/2010 #73
Sakina the Fallen Angel

You can make one in Microsoft Word and save it as a webpage file!! xD

1/3/2010 #74
The Tragedian

Yeah. what she said! I gt a couple too.

1/3/2010 #75
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Doesn't seem worth all the effort when you realise that you'll probably be the only person who visits your own website...haha xD

All those wasted hours...

1/3/2010 #76

@ Sakina, can you really do that? Make a website in Microsoft Word I mean. Can you do it in Microsoft 2003? Lordie I'm low tech.

1/3/2010 #77
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Hallo Story Mistress!!

Yesh you can! You should be able to view the document in "web layout" which should show you what your page would look like as a webpage...


1/3/2010 #78

Cool. I've been toying with the idea of creating a website for my stories but right now its kinda pointless since I only have one story.

1/3/2010 #79

*Rolls around in here*

I miss making web pages! I used to use ANGEL FIRE back in the day to make my jrock websites. Actually I think it's still attached to this account. GAWD That makes me feel old.... LOL.

1/3/2010 #80
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Angelfire was so banned at my school, haha. I used I'm on ""...

@ Story Mistress: you shouldn't not make a site only because you have one story - the website can be about the whole story with character profiles, extended author's notes, photos of buildings and settings, and general trivia!

1/3/2010 #81

oh man, Geocities.... God what was that one I hated that was like Geocities only REALLY cheap? I dont even remember now once in awhile I stumble on a website that is broken and made from that specific one. Angel Fire was super cool, I liked learning all the HTML. Geocities was kinda hard coz it was easy. I'm weird like that though. I need to work on lucy... but so lazy *_*....

1/3/2010 #82


1/3/2010 #83

my comps microsoft word expired before I bought the comp -_- and I cant fint it in any stores

1/3/2010 #84

Hello! *Waves*

1/3/2010 #85
Sakina the Fallen Angel

I think you're thinking about Tripod?

And I always used HTML in geocities, cuz I didnt understand the easy editor back then...¬_¬

@Blazn, in that case, sign up with or any other free website provider and use their inbuilt web designer :)

@Shay, aloha!

1/3/2010 #86

Yeah I am talking about Tripod, I hope that server finally died because it was AWEFUL. wowie I finally got half my images uploaded from todays photo shoot! Sakina- would you say that outfit I had was "steam punk"? I know I was missing my hat / hair piece flower which was a bummer. D:.

1/3/2010 #87

hmm I see *Nods*




1/3/2010 #88

I suppose I'm being rude. I guess I should say hello before I jump randomly into someone's conversation. Hello everyone.

1/3/2010 #89
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Hello, Mistress! :P

And @Experiment, I think you need a few more trinkets, like a gold watch, the hat and flowers, definitely! At the moment, I can see where you are going, but these days, wearing black alone immediately pulls you into about 10 fashion styles...

1/3/2010 #90
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