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Hello! I jumped in and no one flayed me yet.

As for word processors, OpenOffice can save to HTML as well.

As for web sites... I don't want to spend time worrying about the plumbing (how to link this, how to set up that, what to look out for, etc.) so I'm happy with stuff like wordpress and LJ.

Besides, I don' have that much to say on my blogs...

1/3/2010 #91


1/3/2010 #92
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Yeah, website plumbing is what takes up my hours... _

1/3/2010 #93

Well you have that neat website with all that JavaScript. Hey, I posted something in 'contact' thingy.

1/3/2010 #94
The Tragedian

Kitty, you have LJ?


I use too.

1/3/2010 #95
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Haha, just saw all of your posts on the chat boxes :3

And psst, I stole'd that Javascript...

1/3/2010 #96
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Kitty has LJ?

Fop, I know what you're thinking cuz I is thinking tha same, LJ friend-w*** times ahead... ;)

1/3/2010 #97
The Tragedian

Speaking of which, do you have sarahhh's LJ url handy? I never got it....

1/3/2010 #98
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Approaching 3am, so I'mma get some shut-eye. ZOMFG my garden has more snow!!!!!!

1/3/2010 #99
The Tragedian


1/3/2010 #100

Sakina : You guys can call me "e" for short. instead of typing Experiment out every time. _ Yeah definately the hat and flower and I'll see if i can get a gadget or two;_ the Steam punk dance night is coming up and I want to go! :3. Im in california where there is no snow, JEALOUS. D:.

1/3/2010 #101
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Get some goggles, E!!!!! xD

And nickname in RL is "E" hehe, so sometimes I introduce myself as "E for ecstasy" just to get reactions.

Fop, sarah's LJ has the word "sings" in brain is too frazzled to remember it but it'll be on my profile...

1/3/2010 #102
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Goggles, hat and a cane!!! xD

And a black rose, ehehehehe...

1/3/2010 #103
The Tragedian


1/3/2010 #104
Sakina the Fallen Angel




1/3/2010 #105

hahaha E for Ecstasy was my thought as well. it makes me lulz. OMG I can't do goggles, they've become a bad goth thing around here. unfortunately. D:. A cane would be cool.

1/3/2010 #106
The Tragedian

I think i'm blind. Sakina, didnt see anyone in your friend list with the word 'sing'

1/3/2010 #107
The Tragedian

or 'sings'


1/3/2010 #108
Sakina the Fallen Angel

She's: andwhenyousing

And E, how about a black velvet mask that just covers your eyes? :D

1/3/2010 #109

I've got a phantom of the opera type mask I could wear. idk maybe I will do an ORMOULU cosplay. LAWLZ. Covering my eyes would make it hard to dance. or do .anything. really... LOL. Though this is giving me ideas for character outfits for ORMOULU which i'm going to try really hard to NOT talk about because theres going to be a new character and its going to be the CUTEST thing ever. omg.

1/3/2010 #110
The Tragedian


1/3/2010 #111

I went to figure out the manga ending of Inuyasha and it sucked...a**...random yeas I know

1/3/2010 #112

Isnt it dissapointing?

1/3/2010 #113
The Tragedian

Hiya, folks

1/3/2010 #114

Hi Fop, and how are you this fine evening?

1/3/2010 #115
The Tragedian

I am just fine, and how are you?

1/3/2010 #116

@E:Yea it was such a let down, but then again it was from a deterioating old asian lady. I think it was good but she is like 50 and I dont think she knows what the young like these days. Kickass ending where people die and the hero ends up with the last person you would expect

In my case...i***

Fop darling!

1/3/2010 #117

hahaha oh well I dont watch much anime any more, no time. or read it I used to hoard manga by the dozens. O_o;

Fop: Quiet tonight isnt it *looks at quiet roadhouse*

1/3/2010 #118
The Tragedian


Yes, it is, E

1/3/2010 #119

I'm getting a yorkie :3

1/3/2010 #120
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