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The Tragedian


1/3/2010 #121
Sakina the Fallen Angel


Did I just miss an almost-old-school-RH-party?!?!?

1/4/2010 #122

Yeah, I guess you did.

It was a little (a lot) delightful.

1/4/2010 #123
The Tragedian

Hi gals.


1/4/2010 #124

I just bought this 40 dollar diet thing and did it yesterday and my muscles are so f*** sore -_- It better be worth it

1/4/2010 #125
The Tragedian

Saw Paranormal Activity - was laughing the entire time!

1/4/2010 #126

Paranormal Activity was definitely a comedy

1/4/2010 #127

:o some sort of show? I love those kinds of shows _

1/4/2010 #128
The Tragedian

That main chick! She was reacting to everything! And the alternate ending sucked.

1/4/2010 #129

Man I am bored. *Gnaws on computer mouse* oh those arent for eating... @_@; Oh Hyde, how much I love you 333.

1/4/2010 #130
The Tragedian

How art thou, E?

1/4/2010 #131

I am ok, just bored, I know I can read, I updated lucy just feeling lazy- ^_^" Listening to some good ol' Hyde (vamps) how about your self fop?

1/4/2010 #132
The Tragedian

Just being lazy, surfing, facebook-ing and watching a movie

1/4/2010 #133

I was face booking awhile ago. :3. I'm doing the LJ thing now. :3.

1/4/2010 #134
The Tragedian

Oooh! Gimme your LJ username! I got one too!

1/4/2010 #135

Oh! Its : FinalHello

1/4/2010 #136
The Tragedian

I'm Fop Huntress on LJ. Fop Huntress is everywhere!

1/4/2010 #137

Hehe I will addz you! : d I Just write about wutevers in my live

1/4/2010 #138
The Tragedian

yeah me too, i have 4 blogs: one on LJ and the other three on Google Blogger

1/4/2010 #139

That... is some hard core blogging.

1/4/2010 #140
The Tragedian

It can be. I like to be organized. Each blog is for a different idea. My LJ is for personal life. The second one is kinda like Sakina's website, a place for my stories, but I keep it help me plan storyplots, character profiles and stuff to help me write. Another one is just for Phantom of the Opera stuff. I am obsessed with Phantom so I keep a blog for my Phantom reviews and things I do that are Phantom related. And another is my ghost blog. I have been keeping track of stuff happening in my house kinda like an activity log with pictures and video footage, I have mentioned before that I think my house is haunted. The latter three are set to private so only i can see them.

1/4/2010 #141

How interesting. I am also keeping track of paranormal activity in my own home. I just updated my LJ with a huge list from today, and the other day. How funny! I thought you were going to think I was crazy.xd

1/4/2010 #142
The Tragedian

I wouldnt say i'm a true believer. I have seen arguments from both sides of the issue so it's kinda hard to pick a side. I accept the fact that there are things science or religion cant explain and that everything we have been taught could be completely false. But recently, I'm leaning more to the believer side, but I'll still listen to the arguments from the nonbelievers. So no, I dont think you're crazy. I'm quite intrigued about the paranormal and the like.

1/4/2010 #143

I'm some what of an occultist. so I am a believer, A lot of people are stead fast in seeing is believing, well- I am a person who has seen, heard, felt , touched- its all very real to me. There is a dark and light side to everything; I kind of envy the people who take it with a grain of salt and pretend like it doesnt exist. sometimes I wish I could.

1/4/2010 #144
The Tragedian

Yeah, I'm way into the occult, but as much as I used to be in middle school.

I hate when people say they believe in something but cant back it up. They give lame excuses, like, "Uhhhh, cause my mom said ghosts aren't real," or "Uhhhh....cause it's dumb." Those kinda people think they know everything about everything about the universe and life. They fail to recognize that we didn't create the world we live in so we can't have answers to everything. So I dont really envy them. I rather feel sorry. They talk about finding the truth about existence, but aren't open to ideas.

1/4/2010 #145

I'm some what of a sensative. So I am open to many things, :3. That is true about those people I suppose. ignorance is bliss right? sorry I was looking at the Army website. lol.

1/4/2010 #146
The Tragedian

YOURE A SENSITIVE TOO!?? Finally, I met another sensitive! Yaaaay! lol

1/4/2010 #147

Hahaha imagine that. ^_^V!

1/4/2010 #148
The Tragedian

i think we're going to get along splendidly!

1/4/2010 #149

Amahzing. :3. Im loving Fpress more and more!

1/4/2010 #150
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