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The Tragedian

same here!

1/4/2010 #151
No Longer An Account

Trying to format on Wordpress is like trying to teach pigs to tap-dance . . .

1/4/2010 #152
The Tragedian

Oh hi, Nate!

1/4/2010 #153

Anyone know the dif between Daiyoukai and Taiyoukai? Goggle is being a f***

1/4/2010 #154
The Tragedian

Not me!

1/4/2010 #155

You ever write something and wonder whats wrong with you? o_o;

1/4/2010 #156
The Tragedian

E, if that was for me, yes, yes, and triple yes!

1/4/2010 #157

I just wtfed at my self O_o; my brain worries me sometimes. ha. I posted my poem? thing? i just wrote.

1/4/2010 #158
The Tragedian

sometimes, i cant even handle what my imagination comes up with.

1/4/2010 #159

I know how you feel. lol.

1/4/2010 #160
Mizzuz Spock

You ever write something and wonder whats wrong with you? o_o;

All. The. Time.

1/4/2010 #161

well; at least I'm not a lone on that. haha by the way, I LOVE your new story Mizzuz! I hope theres more of it soon!

1/4/2010 #162
Mizzuz Spock

lol, it's actually a one-shot...but I could be persuaded into taking it farther. xD

1/4/2010 #163

oh sad! a one shot? well it was still great *Wishes it to be more of a story* Im kinda brain dead today; so _''

1/4/2010 #164
Mizzuz Spock

I may add on to it later. *shrugs* It depends. There's an idea I've been kicking around that might go well with that, actually...

1/4/2010 #165

I won't suggest taking it further with this kid. Leave it open-ended. Perhaps show the Guardian Angel solo'ing again, and Death on a solo run, then have them meet up again. This has a great tone. I'd love to watch the Guardian Angel grow into the role, and see how her interactions with Death change as she matures.

Perhaps she'll become one of the best GAs on the beat, cheating him again and again. Their repartee could be so rich, with him trying to undercut her confidence and saying that her first few victories were gimmes because he was feeling sorry for her, etc.

I want to see more of these characters, but as a series of one-shots.

Oh, and I R/R'ed your Fired, btw. In case you couldn't tell. =^.^=

1/4/2010 #166

I think a series of one shots would be cool. But slightly reminds me of the comic book "Death". But not at the same time. I'm getting tired. can you tell?XD

1/4/2010 #167
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Waaaah, darn you guys and your time zones!! -_-:;

STAR, it's time to bring back TACASAC!!!

1/5/2010 #168

what did we do now?

1/5/2010 #169
Sakina the Fallen Angel

It's a long running grrr at how none of us on GMT time are ever online when the Lounge really gets busy xD

1/5/2010 #170

Come move to the Colonies, then! We finally might get socialized medicine!!!

1/5/2010 #171
Mizzuz Spock

We finally might get socialized medicine!!!

Go! Go! Obamanator! xD

1/5/2010 #172

Before we digress into politics (bad kitty! no catnip!) let's steer this back to something craft-related.

What sort of politics do you write? I mean, you don't have to, of course. But, at some scope, some power level, some quantum of character influence, politics creep in, lest there be an obvious void.

When do you feel it's necessary? How do you address it?

1/5/2010 #173
Sakina the Fallen Angel

The only politics that I have felt compelled to write are usually dystopias ~ the corrupt government / oppressive setting types / cyberpunk type young adult novels. I'm aware that this is extremely cliche and I do have an appreciation for more 'socially recognised' works like Brave New World, Animal Farm and A Clockwork Orange (such an amazing read). I also realise that I have only described a very narrow area of the political genre, but right now, I'm at the stage of my life where I'm trying to find my place in the world, hence my attraction to coming-of-age type stories and stories that feature fantasy settings.

1/5/2010 #174
Mizzuz Spock

A Clockwork Orange = love. I think I'm the only person in the world who cried while reading that. FOR the main character. :/

As far as politics go, I'm not sure I consciously put them in my works. I do always have a "higher power" at work, though. This could be the government, the protagonist, or whatever religion I'm playing with at the moment.

Generally, I guess my fantasy lands are reigned over by kings and queens. Benevolent monarchs, 'cuz I'm old-fashioned like that. Uprisings are way too much work, if you ask me. Works that take place in the real world are all laconic, so I focus more on characters and less on...everything else. (It's a problem, I know, and I strive to fix it!)

1/5/2010 #175

I need to get cracking on A Clockwork Orange, then. I've been forcefed too much lit, and I think ACO was among them. Nothing turns a kid off a work than being ordered to read it.

So, now that we've broached the second of the trio of Big Nos, (the third being sex) what sorts of religions to people write into their stories? Prevalence and influence? Derived from Judeo-Christian or your own pantheon / belief structure?

Me, I tend to write cozy and small-scoped story, so the most politics or religion I'll add in is the lowly representative: a priest, a local politician. They tend to be their own character, not indicative of the religion as a whole. (They also tend to be antagonists, which does not reflect my own opinions. They just turned out that way while writing the story.)

1/5/2010 #176
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Ah, antiheroes make my world...hehe. I wanna go re-read ACO but...must...revise...(and lurk at the Lounge heh)

Of course there are the political thrillers in novel and TV form ~ they all tend to be too convoluted for my liking, although I really enjoyed reading and watching Jason Bourne, hehe. I find that a lot of modern thrillers / spy novels are empty or just driven by plot. Although engaging to read, I find them easily forgettable in that they don't invoke my imagination the same way a dystopia or fantasy does.

1/5/2010 #177
Mizzuz Spock I said: With religion, it's whatever I find interesting at the moment.

It's usually a combination of stuff from Hindu or Christianity or Lord of the Rings. Yeeeeeah.

(They also tend to be antagonists, which does not reflect my own opinions. They just turned out that way while writing the story.)

My godly characters are generally indifferent, because that's how I feel God is. Not really on one side, and not on another.

Oh, and by the way, kitty, I might just take you up on that series of one-shots thing about the guardian angel. That's something my short-attention span can handle to write. xD

1/5/2010 #178

If you've a penchant for spy thrillers, might I recommend the following:

- Redford and Pitt's Spy Game. Audacious setup that the writers pull off. This is a story that is plot-driven, yes, but in doing so, they give enough characterization that I was seriously invested in what happened to ... well, but that'd be telling.

- Clooney and Kidman's The Peacemaker. Scariest spy thriller because it's so plausible.

In both, I have to give the writers a tip of the hat for actually writing a plot, rare as it sounds. The plot wasn't simply a vehicle on which to deliver explosions and gunplay. Rare, well done (no, we're not talking steak here) and stunning.

1/5/2010 #179
Mizzuz Spock

they all tend to be too convoluted for my liking, although I really enjoyed reading and watching Jason Bourne, hehe.

Jason Bourne is amazing. Bordering ridiculous, but still totally cool. Who else could turn a newspaper into a deadly weapon?

1/5/2010 #180
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