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Sakina the Fallen Angel

Hmm, regarding religion...I try to steer clear, unless it is integral to my story. As an atheist, I respect the fact that other people can choose to believe what they want, but before I could incorporate 'real' religion into my story, I would have to do a lot of research to make sure that I don't offend anyone or to make sure that I keep facts accurate.

Fantasy religions are a whole new game...if I was writing one of those, then I'd build it completely from scratch with mainly pagan/Egyptian/Greek/Ancient influences as I don't care too much for modern religions. I guess I just get put off of them from the negative impact that they've had on the world. Don't get me wrong, modern religions have positive aspects otherwise they would not have survived for so long, but I wouldn't write about them in my novels as they wouldn't serve as a form of escapism.

1/5/2010 #181
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Oh man...I take too long with my replies, hehe.


And thanks for the heads up, kitty.

I guess I was a huge Alex Rider fan back in the day xD

1/5/2010 #182
Sakina the Fallen Angel

*chirp chirp*


1/5/2010 #183

The GMT curse strikes again!

1/5/2010 #184
Mizzuz Spock

Lulz. I got distracted watching my niece. xD

@ Saki: I love from-scratch religions. They are hella fun. And you get to make your own rules! :D

1/5/2010 #185
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Yuss, exactement...although most fantasy religions I've come across in writings just tend to be variations of paganism... -_-:;

1/5/2010 #186

Sakina - if you want an interesting religion / past history, check out Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel Trilogy. It's amazing in every way - the history, the religion, the culture, the names and places. It takes place in Europe, but with recognizable alternate names for the cultures and political entities. And the pantheon... it's inspired by Judeo-Christian, but so far removed that it qualifies as unique.


1/5/2010 #187



Is anyone here????

1/5/2010 #188

No one but us kitties...

1/5/2010 #189

You're new?

1/5/2010 #190

Yep. I'm currently a green-shirt (apprentice), so I've been on the site longer than a week and less than a month. I've been workshopping fiction for seven or eight years, gradually increasing my seriousness. Fear not - I'm just a kitty, so I can't ever be fully serious.


1/5/2010 #191
Sakina the Fallen Angel


Oooh kitty, thanks for the heads up re: the other books you've recommended. We should definitely try to get a book club going...I've never been a part of one before and it's something I've always wanted to do! 3

1/5/2010 #192

There was a book club, started by M, on the site.

I think it's called Swayze's Book Club. It's for site-specific works though.

Kinda a neat premise.


Kitty, we're going to have to give you a nickname.

EDIT: PS, 8 years is serious. You're allowed to give yourself that. Some writers on the site have only been writing for 2, and think they're the s***. XD

1/5/2010 . Edited 1/5/2010 #193
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Yeah I remember M's club, but it'd be great to have one for non-site specific works too. Although, with everyone's different tastes, I can imagine it would be hard to find something that all would agree on... :/

1/5/2010 #194

We could categorize them!

We could start a new one, where people can join in. And we can rotate genres, so people can drop out for a session, but join again.

So it could start with Fantasy, then go to Youth/Young Adult, then go to Drama, etc. And we can send those who are interested in being part of a book club a PM every cycle to say which genre is next, with the date that the cycle is starting, with the book title, etc.

1/5/2010 #195
Sakina the Fallen Angel

OK, and then we could make the discussions last for a certain period of time, so that everyone can have a chance to battle both book and real life.

I found that I couldn't join in with M's book club because it moved too fast and it also seemed to only happen whilst the sane people of my time zone were sleeping!

1/5/2010 #196
Sakina the Fallen Angel

Gonna try and get my sleeping patterns back into a state of normality, ciao tumbleweed!


1/5/2010 #197

Oh for the love of God. @_@ I step away for a few hours and all this conversation!!! *Chains herself to computer*? no that wont do... I'm not getting into politics, I finally rescheduled my ASVAB for next friday. whoooo.

1/5/2010 #198

Nonono! No kinky stuff! Keep it to T, E! You want to write about chaining people to inanimate objects, write it and label it M.

(That's what I do, after all..)

1/5/2010 #199
The Tragedian

*sneaks into the room*

1/5/2010 #200



For the new Avatar movie, and for the Alice in Wonderland movie that's coming out soon (and by soon, I mean two months)

1/5/2010 . Edited 1/5/2010 #201

whoa, um, I guess I should do this then. *Writes M label on her for head*? Hi fop!

1/5/2010 . Edited 1/5/2010 #202
The Tragedian


1/5/2010 #203

So guess what "sensative" thing happened to me today ;D

1/5/2010 #204
The Tragedian

Ooooh tell me!

1/5/2010 #205

NOOOTHING it was AWESOME. LOL. :# sorry that was anti-climatic. It makes me excited when nothing happens.

1/5/2010 #206
The Tragedian

I can tell!

1/5/2010 #207
Sakina the Fallen Angel


1/6/2010 #208

hi? anybody about?

i'm snowed in! :S - :D

1/6/2010 #209
Caleb Kruspe

Little-Rain; You're snowed in!?! Send some of it my way, would ya? I could use a break from work...gah!

1/6/2010 #210
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