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This is a new thread for people who want to do a little outside advertising.

That being said, all new affiliates need to be approved, because no one wants shameless plugs on here.

Generally acceptable affiliates are:

- Forums created by regular patrons

- New writers' websites

- Possible blogs of interest

- Etc.

Stories, poetry, and other writing does not qualify for affiliation.

Mods and regular patrons reserve the right to axe any affiliates they don't like from the list.

In a post below, please give a brief but detailed description of the site (let's say, roughly five sentences?) with a clickable linked title within the description (highlight the title, and click that little chain next to "Styles/Highlight" in the formatting bar. Copy and paste the html into the appropriate box).

And I think that's all, folks. We look forward to seeing what you all have to offer.

5/26/2010 . Edited 5/26/2010 #1

Undicast from Undiscovered (

Undicast found here:

Basically, these guys, popular on the award sites, got together and made a podcast. It's really weird to hear actual people talking about Fictionpress, XD. But they talk about different stuff pertaining to the site, and how to succeed, plus they interview a bunch of author's on FP who are lucky enough to land a spot. If anyone remembers Limited from the RH (now 1.21 Jigawatts) he's in one of the episodes being interviewed as a male writer on Fictionpress. Cool to check out. Will make you feel like you want to talk frantically in the conversation and interject your own opinions, XD, luckily there are comment boxes...

6/24/2010 . Edited 6/24/2010 #2
Creeping Collarbones

Basically, it's forum to share and use prompts. It's a nice way to get inspiration, the creative juices flowing, and break writer's block. It's new, so there isn't much there. Go check it; introduce yourself or add or use prompts!

6/25/2010 #3

Any of the other award/affiliates sites:


You can nominate yourself, and also nominate other authors' stories, to be featured on their homepage and in their "undiscovered" library of fictionpress works. (shutdown)

Fictionpress Supernatural Stories Awards:

Just what it says it is--they're gearing up for their next season in July, I think, and currently accepting judges applications. (on hiatus)

La Campanella:

Award site that describes themselves as "hippies of FP" by accepting usually any genre of writing for their competetion cycles. They recently completed one, and also have monthly writing challenges always seeking submissions. (on hiatus)

Some Kind of Wonderful Awards:

Famous for its romance award cycles, it most accepts only the genre of romance, and is home to the big names of FP, most of which can be found in the romance section. It also has monthly writing challenges. (still going strong!)

6/29/2010 . Edited 12/21/2010 #4

Hey, everyone. :)

I've made a new forum that deals with writing prompts. If you're in need of one, please head over there. :P (I'll try to update it weekly, at the latest. :P)


Thanks, Avid. :)

6/30/2010 #5

I'm just gonna throw this one out there because I rather like the group of writers that frequent it, and I think it's a damn good forum, so yeah. I'm not the mod, so I apologize if I'm going too far in suggesting it.

The Globe - For writers who aren't in High School, and who would like to interact with people their own age. Open to the mature and the young at heart.

7/2/2010 #6
Ninja Chick

Hello, I want to share with everyone a new writing website that I came across in the last couple days. I believe that this site has a LOT of potential. Please check the site out and let me know what you guys think about it.

7/2/2010 #7

Here are a couple highly recommended blogs to check out.

The first is Nathan Bransford's. He's an agent, and has a lot of good tips for writers, which include how to get published and writing advice. His article on speech tags is one I recommend all amateur writers read. (

The second is my dear friend and author-to-my-editing, SamanthaNicole's blog, entitled A Trip Down Publishing Way. There's weekly tips about manuscripts and inquiries. Very worthwhile to check out. (

The third is actually my own blog. I have a couple articles about writing on there, as well as just fun stuff. (

7/14/2010 . Edited 7/14/2010 #8
Mr. Metamorphosis


7/15/2010 . Edited 7/15/2010 #9

This is actually my blog. It's mostly a writing/review site with other random stuff. Only 1 post so far, since I made it today.

off topic

Is it just me or it the traffic stat thing not working on Fictionpress? It has been going on for 3 days now.

/off topic

7/16/2010 #10
Sakina the Fallen Angel

This is the Crossroads, a forum made by a group of us from the Roadhouse, back when things here were still pretty chaotic. Even though Shay's put things in order, we at the Crossroads have decided to keep the forum going, so please drop by to say hi! :)

We offer an active chat thread, various forum games that range from getting to know you, to pure silliness, and of course, the classic review exchange threads.

(Shay, made an affiliation thread so you can link back too)

8/26/2010 . Edited 8/26/2010 #11

Stumbled across this one through the guys over at Undicast.

Flash Me Suddenly

Monthly flash fiction challenges. 1 000 words max. Some of the previous month guidelines have been rather interesting, I must say.

8/30/2010 #12
Eiya Weathes

This is not my site but I wanted to share this one to all of those hopeless romantics out there:

A Drop of Romeo owned by Juliet (Julietish).

I'll just copy paste her description: "If you like cliches, you've come to the right place. And if you're sick of 'em, then check out the Miscellaneous category. And if you want to enter the biannual writing contest, click on A Latte Thinkin'.

A Drop of Romeo is the solution to your problems! Cue in cheesy, ridiculously cheerful music."

12/11/2010 . Edited 3/26/2011 #13

Well, I guess this is sort of an odd plug, but the Suisun Valley Review literary magazine is looking for submissions in poetry, prose, short fiction, and fine art. The magazine is put out by a college class, so there is only one issue per year. The deadline for submitting for this year's issue is April 1, 2011, though the magazine does get published every year, so I guess if you're interested and miss the deadline there's always next year?

Info here: (case sensitive)

Blog here:

Open to submissions from all over the world, any genre.

I hope this is the right place for this!

3/16/2011 #14

I'd say this is relevant. You ought to post it in the off-topic thread too; that way more people will see it.

3/16/2011 #15

Hi, guys. It's been a while...

My forum: On a mission to save FictionPress.

My goal is to offer support to new or ignored authors who aren't getting sufficient reviews; I'm trying to assemble a band of reviewers or betas to seek them out. This idea is still in its infancy, but I hope that something will come of it. Any help is greatly appreciated!

3/26/2011 #16

I wanted to tell everyone about a website that I started called Tinderboox . It is a website/forum/publishing company that exists to help new/independent authors get their stories published on Amazon KDP, Smashwords, etc.

We are a publishing "co-op" and need writers, proofreaders, content editors and cover-design artists. Basically, everyone works together and then shares the money that we get from sales.

I got my start at and I KNOW that the people on that site (and this one) have a TON of talent to contribute. We would love for you to stop by our site and look around!

9/5/2012 #17
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