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I swear to review the winner!

"I wouldn't mind getting into her bush."

9/8/2010 . Edited 9/8/2010 #61
Young Cali Punk

I feel like I got a silver medal, which is awesome. Everybody likes free stuff, especially when it's reviews. I'll get you one here shortly, I promise. And thanks to whoever voted me into a tie, you're awesome also. Out of curiosity, who's Edward Cullen?

9/8/2010 . Edited 9/8/2010 #62

who's Edward Cullen

I think I love you.

9/8/2010 #63

I concur with Jake's thoughts.

9/9/2010 #64
Young Cali Punk

So apparently I'm not missing much by not knowing who this person is, so that makes me happy. Ignorance is bliss. I promise I'm going to get Mintiee a review very soon, but I am currently battling a monster case of pink eye. I'm seriously sitting in a dark room with the blinds closed and sunglasses on and am in f*cking agony from trying to focus on this computer screen. I promise as soon as I can get my eyelids unglued from one another I'll pay them back my review and review the winner of this week's contest.

Caption: If I was a squirrel, I'd be all up on those nuts.

I am now going to go to CVS and beg them to sell me eyedrops cuz I have no health insurance and can't afford a doctor. Wish me luck. And Avid-Writer's caption is awesome, she gets my vote


9/10/2010 . Edited 9/10/2010 #65

This message brought to you by Jacob (Charactarantula,) GERMAN FEST, and that delicious, delicious FourLoco...

translation: drunk.

The Contest is Closed.

Poll will be up sometime tomorrow, I will let you know when.

9/10/2010 #66


Aww, thanks. :D I love how all of the captions have some sort of sexual innuendo in them, including mine. ;) I think it'll be a close vote. I'm excited to see who will win! :) Oh, and I hope that your eye gets better! That's such a drag. I hate having pink eye, so I feel ya. :P

~Avid. :)

9/11/2010 #67

this message brought to you by a horrific hangover.

The Poll is Up

9/11/2010 #68
Young Cali Punk

Yeah Jake, that FourLoco doesn't mess around. I do think it's awesome, however, that Watermelon and Lemonade are the only flavors of that stuff that are half-way decent. As if it couldn't be anymore ghetto...Anyways, just got around to paying back Mintiee. I had to get down with the sickness for a bit, but I'm alive and kickin' again.

9/12/2010 #69

Our winner this week...

won by unanimous vote.

and that winner is: AvidWriter-92

Congratulations! Your caption was definitely the best in my book (no offense to the other contestants.) In fact, it even topped mine. :)

9/13/2010 #70

I think it'll be a close vote.

prediction fail.

9/13/2010 #71

I won? Yay! :) Thanks for voting, everybody. :D I've never won anything on FP before, so woohoo!

"Prediction fail." Haha, I guess I'm not so good at making predictions, am I? xP

If you don't mind, I'd like "An Escapable Confinement" reviewed. But, if you don't like/want to do that, you can review whatever you want. :)

:) ~Avid. (:

9/13/2010 #72


Week of Tuesday the 14th

your caption for the week:

good luck! entries due in by the end of the day Friday.

9/14/2010 #73
Young Cali Punk

I hereby promise to review the winner of this contest.

Caption: A day in the life of Nanna Manson.

9/17/2010 #74

Well, our winner is Young Cali Punk by unanimous vote (imagine that!) His review and Avid's will be coming this week, as I got flooded by work this past week and didn't have a chance to get her review in.

Besides that, there won't be a contest this week, but expect another round next week, as well as my writing contest that I've been mulling for quite a bit!

so.... yeah.

9/20/2010 #75


We have a new round of The Caption Contest this week, so spread the word. The picture this week is my personal favorite so far. I laugh at it every time I open the link, so I hope you enjoy it too, and can come up with a great caption!

Good luck to all of you! (and spread the word, let's get like twelve submissions. I want to see a competition!)

Current Entrants:

Serendipitist Swan: "Britney Spears, how it all started."

berley: "Another reason why stupid people shouldn't reproduce."

Mr. Metamorphosis: "BYOB."

fudgyvmp: *said with pride* "Them's mah bois"

Wounded-Petals: "If you think this is bad, you shoulda seen when they had their dinner bottles."

9/26/2010 . Edited 9/29/2010 #76
Serendipitist Swan

I promise to review the winner.

Caption: Britney Spears, how it all started.

*face palms*

9/26/2010 #77

This looks like fun!

I promise to review the winner.

Caption: "Another reason why stupid people shouldn't reproduce."

9/27/2010 #78
Mr. Metamorphosis

I promise to review the winner.

Caption: "BYOB."

9/27/2010 #79

I promise to review the winner.

caption: *said with pride* "Them's mah bois"

9/28/2010 #80

I promise to review the winner.

caption: *said with pride* "Them's mah bois"

9/28/2010 #81

I promise to review the winner.

If you think this is bad, you shoulda seen when they had their dinner bottles.

9/29/2010 #82

The Poll is Open!

Vote for your favorite caption!

10/2/2010 #83

I also promise to review the winner.

10/3/2010 #84

We have a winner!

It was very close in the polls (very, very close.)

But one person came up on top. And that person is:

Serendipitist Swan!


10/4/2010 #85
Serendipitist Swan

Imagine that.

Anyway, I would prefer A Tail of Tidely Relations to be reviewed. And if it's not too much trouble, the latest chapter. It's the chapter that (finally) pins down the plot after all.

If it's not your cup of tea you could review anything else, except Our Lady of Darkness. That needs editing.

Thanks everyone!

10/4/2010 #86

you got mine, lots of fun reading it too

10/4/2010 #87

Didn't get to the last chapter, but reviewed Seredipitist Swan

10/4/2010 #88

Reviewed and all that good stuff.

10/8/2010 #89

The Caption Contest

Week of October 10th

Throwing you a curveball this week. What is, in my honest opinion, your most difficult picture to caption yet. Why? Well... it's not funny. Not really, anyway. :)

Good Luck!

Current Entrants:

Serendipitist Swan: "Well, this sucks."

fudgyvmp: "Hello God, I'm miserable are you happy yet?"

10/10/2010 . Edited 10/14/2010 #90
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