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For lack of a better title....

Welcome to the Roadhouse Writing Month!

This is very similar to the NaNoWriMo, but instead of taking place in November, it is to take place in January.

Dedicated to the creative works of our patrons, and to FictionPress at large, our goal is to write a piece of fiction of 50,000 words. The novels have to be completely original, with original characters and plot, and preferably not started before the month. If you have started a piece that you want to work on, you must give the start word count of your work before beginning. This will begin on January 1st, and end January 31st at 11:59 pm PST.

Writers that will participate must begin by posting a preliminary story title and summary with a link to the first chapter posted on Fictionpress. As they post/write new chapters, they must update their word count for the full story, and for that new chapter posted/written.

I encourage all participants to read the other novels. You are welcome to ask for reviews for your entry at The Bar. At the end of January the writing marathon will close, and a poll will open on my profile with each of the stories that were written. The story with the most votes as the best story will get a full edit done on that story by me. The runner up will have two chapters completely edited by me, and the second runner up will receive a full edit on one chapter. In the off-chance that I win, then no edit will be done.

Good luck writers! If you have any questions, please PM them to me via my profile.



11/9/2010 #1

Those people who would like to start posting their summaries are more than welcome to now. You can update the post with a link at a later date.

You are more than welcome to begin the planning process now, as someone asked before.

When you update your chapters online and have increased your word count, please state them in the story and in the update post. Well, you don't have to update it in the story, because fictionpress does provide a word count, but definitely in your updating posts.

You do not have to start a brand new story from scratch. Our Wri.Mo can be a continuation of this year's NaNoWriMo, or another shorter story. The goal is to write 50,000 words, not write only a 50,000 word story. My only request is that a story not be too much over 3,000 words already, as if you win I am not going to be that happy to edit an extra 10,000 words that were previously written.

If you have any writing tips or other fun things on a blog for writers, please let me know! I'd love to share them with others for the month.

12/19/2010 #2
Serendipitist Swan

Story: First Person Shooter

Summary: When four geeky teens decide to play a video game, they find their gameplay has interesting results for their own life. But when the game starts to gain more and more power over them, they have to ask: Who is the A.I and just how interactive can the game get?

Pre RHWriMo word count: 0

Word count: 3,332


I was wondering if it would be a good idea for someone to make a community for all the stories created as a result of RHWriMo?

12/20/2010 . Edited 1/1/2011 #3
xRayne wolfx

Story: Escapist of the Dawn

Summary: I awoke in the dark, I fight with my bare paws, I run away like a coward. Who am I you ask? I am known as the Escapist.

Pre RHWriMo word count: 0

Edit: I agree with Serendipistist, some one should create a community filled with these stories :) that way it would be easier to read and review..

12/20/2010 #4

Story: Tranquil Dawn (title may change)

Summary: Earth is a toxic, barren land, and now the final remnants of the human race have escaped their home planet for good, sailing through the stars aboard the Tranquil Dawn. Internal politics and strife are set to rock the space voyager, but there is a greater terror brewing on the horizon. A powerful and alien magnetic pulse brings the ship down, forcing the surviving band of humans to face the unknown, to face the darkness, and to face themselves...

Pre RHWriMo word count: 0

P.S So just to clarify, every time we update, we post here with an updated word count? I cannot wait for January 1st, this is going to be a month of pure writing abandon!

12/21/2010 #5
Kailan Hawke

Title: The Sundering

Summary: It's been ten thousand years since the gods fled their world, and now the same darkness that drove them away is rising once again. Will a young champion and his newfound friends be able to hold it at bay?

Pre RH.Wri.Mo Count: 0

12/21/2010 . Edited 12/22/2010 #6

Day one is almost over, and so is the first day of the New Year!!!

For those who have started to post, please send me a PM with a link to your story. I am going to take a patron's advice and start the community for these stories!!!


A reminder to people to not count their author's notes in their word count! In fact, if you can do away with all author's notes in your stories, the better!

1/1/2011 . Edited 1/2/2011 #7

Story: Untitled

Summary: With her coming of age, Lore thinks she only has to worry about the arranged marriage that her parents have made. But her life is not so simply laid out, when she learns that she is the child of the deceased queen of elves and the saviour to the fairy world.

Word Count: 392

Word Count (Jan.2): 833

Word Count (Jan.4): 1947

Word Count (Jan.5): 2919

Word Count (Jan.7): 3127..... Ugh, so disappointing. I was at the university yesterday from 8:30 til 5:30, didn't get home til close to 7, was asleep by 9. Even still...two hundred words?!

1/2/2011 . Edited 1/7/2011 #8

Story: Tranquil Dawn

Word Count: 570

A/N: I have a feeling I'm not going to reach the 50K mark, but I'm going to give it a good stab! Glad to see you've started too Mi.Ishi. ~ Luke

1/2/2011 #9
Serendipitist Swan

Story: First Person Shooter

Word Count: 4,328

Word count (January 4th): 9,180

1/2/2011 . Edited 1/4/2011 #10
xRayne wolfx

Story: Escapist_of_the_Dawn

Word count: 1,517

4,524 *(Jan, 5th)

524 words (Jan, 7th)

45 (Jan, 8th) *Had to deal with personal issues . but will review everyone's stories for the heck of it tomorrow night lol ^-^*

1/2/2011 . Edited 1/8/2011 #11

Oh my god, will you look at Swan's word count! O.O


Ahem. Anyway, I was going to let people know that voting for best story will begin February 1st, and I'll give until the 28th to finish reading and voting.

How is everyone doing with their stories? Anyone hit any blocks yet?

For me, everything I'm writing if pure crap, but I'm hoping somewhere along the way something worthwhile will come out of it. Like a diamond in the rough. Hahahaha.

1/4/2011 #12

Well, I've been away for a bit, but i guess i could throw my hat into the ring. It may be 5 days in, but i finished NaNo in 14 total, so i think i can make it. I'll come up with a storyline, but I saw the post in the review section and figured I'd partake lol. I'll get a title and summary up sometime soon ;)

1/4/2011 #13

I'll try and carry on but I definitely won't hit 50K... work gave me a ton more shifts and I haven't even managed to do 1000 words so far :( Gutted to say the least....

1/5/2011 #14

I doubt I'll hit it either, Fray!!! But I've never gotten this far with a Wri.Mo so I'm proud of myself already!

But when school starts I know I'll have much less time to do it. So it'll slow down for sure.

1/5/2011 #15

And Tegh, you're more than welcome to join late!

14 days is very impressive. Oh my god, did you not sleep at all during that time?!

1/5/2011 #16
Serendipitist Swan

To be honest, I didn't plan on making it to 50,000. All my stories die at around 20,000 (well, except The Darkest Part of Twilight, which I will continue once January's over).

I just hope I don't get distracted...

1/5/2011 #17

See, I'm using this to prove to myself that I can write linearly, and post regularly. I have never finished any of my stories, though I have bits and pieces of each written all the way to the end of the story.

So if I can do it here, then I'm hoping that I can transfer these new found skills to stories I already have!

1/5/2011 #18


Well I'm going to work on this, since my buddy keeps b*** about it, it's already started, but since you said that's fine I'll get on it :) Actually, the story I've been asking for reviews for, was my NaNo piece this year. I'm working on editing the thing, ended at 75K in the month, so it's taking a while lol.

To Mi.Ishi: Thanks! It was my first time actually trying to do NaNo, so I kinda wanted to get a jump thing i knew i was done. I got plenty of sleep actually, did most of it when I was at work...I think i managed to write 14K in one day at one point and that only takes around 10 hours of solid writing lol.

1/5/2011 #19

Tegh, just let me know what your pre RH word count was, so that you can figure out your overall word count for this round.


1/5/2011 #20
xRayne wolfx

Last word count was: 1,517

Today's word count is now: 4,524..

I just posted the second chapter to my story, I may not make it to the 50,000 word count because of school, but I'll try it anyway :) I really hope this will help me focus on the story. I can't wait to read everyone's works this weekend ^-^

1/5/2011 #21
Fake Crowley

Currently somewhere around ten thousand words for the two stories I've posted. However, I haven't actually posted the second chapters to either of them, so I suppose it's closer to seven thousand words.

1/5/2011 #22

Crowley, the RH.Wri.Mo is keeping tabs on word counts for stories you're writing for the novel writing month....not just any random story you've posted thus far.


1/5/2011 #23

I'm alive!


(that's a good thing right?)

Anyway, I kind of forgot that I even suggested this, but since I did I'm going to try. I'll be continuing the tiny one-shot I wrote "Dream." it's 568 words before January and now its 84 so I've written 280...(p.s. be careful with word counts, I just realized my computer reads *** as a word when its just a break which I think explains why I was actually 50 words off at two minutes to midnight near the end of Na.No.)

anyway hope I can make it, but working 15 hours a day kind of puts a thorn in my side and bamboo under my nails when trying to write, just glad a plot idea came out of nowhere yesterday. Good luck to everyone else.

~Fudgy out

1/6/2011 #24

My story three blind mice is just over 5 thousand words. I am casually trying for the one month novel, but I get the feeling it will not happen. I am hopeful that it will be done some day, just not sure when.

1/6/2011 #25

Story: Tranquil Dawn

Word Count: 1884

A/N: Well... hitting 50K is a long shot, and more than likely an impossible goal for me at present. However, I'm going to carry on and challenge myself to add a little each day and get as far as I can. Obviously university work and the money sort of work get in the way quite a lot haha. If anything, RHWriMo has sort of kicked me into starting a new story, so it can only be a good thing. So far I'm enjoying writing this and I have plenty of ideas to tide me over. Hope everyone else is enjoying writing their stories! ~ Luke

1/9/2011 #26

Tegh, can you please let us know what your pre RHWriMo word count was? You have eight chapters done already, which is a lot more than I expected for an already begun story. We'll need to know so we can know what your actual word count is during our Writing Month.


1/10/2011 #27

Story: Tranquil Dawn

Word Count: 3734

A/N: Really getting into this story and enjoying it now. Watching series 2 of Bleach today inspired me somewhat. I've taken the idea of unrest within the soul society and transplanted it to my space voyager. It should have some interesting results... ~ Luke

1/11/2011 #28

A/N: I gave up on the old version of Tranquil Dawn (because I was preoccupied with RL my writing wasn't at its usual quality. When I read back through it I realised how bad it was), I know that's not in the spirit of things but hey. M.Ishi persuaded me to stay in this thing, and though I won't reach 50K I do still want to be a part of it. So here's the new version of the story and the word count (I've excluded the information chapter and authors notes from the word count, so this word count is correct)

Story: Tranquil Dawn

Word Count: 2437

1/14/2011 #29
xRayne wolfx

Story: Escapist_of_the_Dawn

Without the Author's note: 6,508 words

With the author's note: 7,098 words

A/N: I have midterms/finals for the next week and a half, so updates will be slow.. sorry =] I hope everyone is having fun so far in writing their stories..

1/15/2011 #30
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