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I should have my chapter 2 posted within the day.

Unbelievable! My word count is 5000+! I'll give the total by the time I'm done the chapter, but it's been slow going. Despite chapter is massive!!!!

1/16/2011 #31

Story: Tranquil Dawn

New Word Count: 3803

A/N: Really got into the swing of things now (I know the word counts pathetic, but it's better than zero lol!) I'm enjoying my story and have started planning quite far ahead... plenty of exciting twists and turns to come! Hope everyone else is having fun.

1/16/2011 #32

I'm so glad that you didn't leave us and your story here!

Word count (Jan.16): 5219

Yay! I have never posted two chapters in a month, so I am so excited about my rpogress.

I already have my next five chapters or so laid out, so we'll see how the rest of this will go!

1/16/2011 #33

Well done M.Ishi, I think we've all made great leaps this month. And no problem. After a bit of restructuring and planning I became pretty enthused over the story again, so much to write and explain, I can't wait :)

1/17/2011 #34
Serendipitist Swan

At 12,000 words I know I'm not going to meet the goal. The biggest problem is how much I hate the story at the moment. It's okay if I take a break and work on something else right?

1/17/2011 #35

Story: Tranquil Dawn

New Word Count: 5722

A/N: I'm on a roll - if only I had written so quickly from the start! Oh well, my aim is no longer 50K words, it's much more than that. My aim is to get as far as I can, to delve into this story and become lost in it for the rest of this month. Regardless of whether I reach the finish line, I'll be happy. RHWriMo has given me a new story - which is one of the best presents I could have asked for!

1/17/2011 #36
xRayne wolfx

Story: Escapist_of_the_Dawn

Word count so far: 6666

A/N: I'm glad everyone is havng fun doing this :) I can't wait to finish this story since its one of the first stories I'm staying focused on

1/17/2011 #37

Story: Tranquil Dawn

New Word Count: 7402

A/N: Next chapter, this one based pre-story to illuminate a few things.

1/20/2011 #38

Story: Tranquil Dawn

New Word Count: 9164

A/N: Though I've felt the quality of my writing has yo-yo'd, I'm enjoying the thrill of grasping this new plot. Only a few more chapters before my first arc is done. It's the 2nd arc where the real story begins, and I cannot wait to describe a new world with new characters! I am also conscious of the fact I have many questions my readers will want answered - rest assured, the mysteries will be revealed!

1/24/2011 #39
xRayne wolfx

I been busy with finals/midterms so I haven't worked on my story.. sorry.

1/24/2011 #40

Don't apologise. This is a personal thing, and 1 word is better than 0. I don't think anyone will hit 50K so don't panic :)

1/25/2011 #41
xRayne wolfx

^-^ okay, besides my story is in tune for a major rewrite soon . Just finished the tests today so I'm free till monday. *finally .*

1/26/2011 #42

Story: Tranquil Dawn

New Word Count: 11,051

A/N: With only 2 days left, I've completely shocked myself. Never expected to hit the 10K mark. I know it's not a victory, but to me, it's a win. So this has made me pretty happy :)

1/29/2011 #43
Nate Wodening

A winner is you. :)

1/29/2011 #44

Hey everyone!

Tomorrow is the last day!!!

I'm going to be putting up the poll for voting on Feb 1st, so please read the other contestants' works so you can make a good choice!

And tell everyone at the BAR! ;)

1/30/2011 #45
xRayne wolfx

O.o damn already? I hate midterms . I haven't been focused on my story lately, but I do enjoy reading the other ones that signed up for this ^^

1/30/2011 #46

I've put up a notice in the Bar with links to our stories and voting guidelines. Hope this helps!


I've made the last update to Tranquil Dawn of January so this is my final RHWriMo word count...


It's been a great month, hoping to do it again next year ;) It's catapulted me right into a new story, so I'm hoping to continue with Tranquil Dawn for the foreseeable future.

1/31/2011 . Edited 1/31/2011 #47

Thanks bebe! That was a great help!!!

I'm only at about 7000 words...but you know what? I am so proud of myself for it anyway, cause I've had a crazy hectic month with school already. I'm thinking I might make this a bi-annual thing, maybe do another one during the summer hols....July?

GOOD JOB EVERYONE! I appreciate everyone who participated, and those who have read the stories. Congratulations abound!

1/31/2011 #48

July... it's on :) We should start advertising earlier next time, with plenty of messages in the Bar. I think we could get a few more contestants next time round.

1/31/2011 #49

Okay, the poll is up! Start reading, reviewing, and voting!!!

2/2/2011 #50

And the winner of our first RH WriMo was Rayne Wolf's Escapist of the Dawn.

Send me a PM and we'll figure out the editing part.

Second place went to Tranquil Dawn, so PM me as well!!!

Congratulations! Look out for the next RH WriMo!

3/5/2011 #51

Hey all!

New Wri.Mo?

I'm going to start it for August 1st! Start posting summaries, and juicing up your plot at the Idea Tree or Future Projects!

Prize will be a full edit of the work from me again!


7/11/2011 #52

Hey all! The new RH.Wri.Mo is officially kicked off!!!

Hope you all can participate!

Most voted work gets a full edit from me.

8/1/2011 #53

Can I still enter this? If so, here I go XD:

Story: A Nerdy Diary

Summery: Follow Carl/ Wizardhero45/ bookbrain (whatever you want to call him) as his diary is shown out to the world. Learn about him, school, and the hilarious things that happen in the eyes of a nerd. CHapter 2 is up!

Topic: Comedy


Is that it? I hope so... please ask if there is more that I should do!

10/16/2011 #54

Hey, would people still be interested in continuing with another RHWriMo?

I think we should start one for September, as training for the NaNoWriMo in November.

8/20/2012 #55

I've never done NaNo, but was hoping to this year. I think it'd be a great idea to have it for training.

8/21/2012 #56
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