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Fake Crowley

I have no idea if this has been done anywhere else before. Well, whatever.

Essentially, this is where you talk about things you're planning to write, things you want to write, and things you're considering writing. Kindly post a description of any length of any future story or poem you plan on writing. This thread has two purposes: One, to organize your ideas so you don't forget them. Two, to get people's opinions on your stories, along with their suggestions, before you write them. This is NOT Beta readers in that regard due to the fact that all you're looking for is a, "Wow, that's a really great idea!" or possibly, "Meh, I wouldn't read it. It's not a very original plot," instead of, "You have a few grammatical errors. Also, you could use more description," or whatever. This is essentially for stories that you're feelings uncertainties about, stories that you're not quite comfortable with writing until you get some feedback on the plot itself. Keep in mind that you're only hearing the opinion of a few select people, and even if they all hate it, that doesn't mean you couldn't make it good despite itself, nor does it mean that the premise is actually bad. Do it with whatever format that seems most comfortable to you.

1/5/2011 #1
Fake Crowley

Title: Jack and Jyll

250 Character Blurb: Jekyll, "Jyll" Hyde and Jack Ripper. One a warrior, the other a sword. One created for evil, the other for good. Both rebel against their true nature. Between good and evil, they stand together, against God, Lucifer, and humanity itself.

Summary: Jekyll, "Jyll," Hyde is a warrior-witch who wants nothing but to protect the people of the planet Terra. She possesses a strange magic that amplifies the effect of all weapons she wields, turning even the weakest sword into something powerful enough to take on Excalibur itself, and seems to have an unnaturally long life. With a pure heart and clean intentions, she does all that she can to help other people, and swears to slay all who make innocents suffer.

Jack Ripper makes innocents suffer. He's a serial killer, a torturer, and a madman. He is, quite frankly, insane, and pure evil. He possesses a strange magic that lets his arms cut through steal with incredible ease, and neither bullets nor fire can harm him. He's an unstoppable killing machine. Armed with only the clothes on his back and his body itself, he's slain entire armies just because he felt like it. Remorseless, merciless, and ruthless, he's got a bounty on his head that makes it impossible for him to ever keep a name for longer than a year—and he's lived plenty of years.

Jack and Jyll are bitter enemies, who've been at war with one another for centuries. There fights have been bloody and extremely violent, and it seemed for some time that they'd continue fighting for eternity.

But one day, Jyll receives a desperate call from Jack, a plea for help. Suspecting it to be a trap, she goes in, prepared for a battle…only to find an injured Jack, begging for her aide. It seems that the forces of the Inferno and Paradisio have been sent after Jack…and Jyll is their next target.

God and Lucifer have been preparing for war for the past few centuries. It's common knowledge. And they've finally found Jack and Jyll.

Jack and Jyll are going to have to do the unthinkable—they're going to have to work together. Because if either army finds them, humanity itself will perish.

Their allies? A suspicious man who claims to be the head priest of the Church of Saint Judas. A metal Golem with a heart of iron and a soul of gold. A half demon, half angel teenager who's chosen to fight for humanity. In short, the outcasts and loners and dregs of society.

Their enemies?

Everyone else.

With all of humanity against them and the legions of Paradisio and Inferno on their heels, Jack and Jyll shall stand together, fighting not for good, not for evil, but for something greater than both.

Themes: Supernatural, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Tragedy

1/8/2011 #2

The three blind mice are running from the wicked witch of the west, and Jack and Jill are fighting god and the devil. What next? A complex, introverted narrative of humpty dumty contemplating suicide?


Actually, that sounds sort of interesting. I think I'm gonna write it. I will put more up here once I start.

Now on topic. It sounds pretty good. Sounds like it will take some effort to keep Jack and Jyll from becoming sues. I think you are a good writer, so you may be able to do it. Have fun with this one.

1/8/2011 . Edited 1/8/2011 #3
Fake Crowley

I've actually written a version of Little Red Riding Hood in the style of Catcher in the Rye. :/ I'd post it, but I'm not sure if it's a fanfiction or original fiction.

Also, the only actual relation to the J&J poem is that I decided to call Jack, um, Jack, and Jyll, "Jekyll." I looked at it, and then a wee little curly lightbulb appeared over my head. You know. The energy efficient but expensive kind that environmentalists and sane people are trying to get people to buy nowadays. There's no significance at the moment, but I might write a referrence in or introduce each chapter with some poetry in the same style.

1/8/2011 #4

I'd say either post it here, or at And the poems idea sounds great. I hope you write this, as it sounds cool. I hope you liked my story so far, as I have enjoyed yours. Once I have more time to write, I will make proper use of this thread.

1/8/2011 #5
Fake Crowley

I'll post it here, I suppose.

:D Thanks.

I definitely liked your story. Sadly, you won't be reading mine for a while, as it's going on hiatus. I desperately need to prewrite. If I had a dollar for every great idea I'd had after writing those two chapters, I'd have...ok, nine dollars. But still. I need to write the next few chapters ahead of time. I'll post the rest of it in a month, two months max.

ADDENDUM: There are a few things you should probably know. One, Jack and Jyll will be overpowered Sue's--however, they'll have personality flaws galore, and have to deal with even greater Sue's. In short, they're Sue's when they're not fighting Archangels, Anarchangels (Hell's top dogs. Temporary nickname that I might make canon if I like it enough), massive armies that can wear them down, each other, immortals, people with really big guns, really powerful magical beings, really advanced scientiffic beings, or all of the above.

To put it in metaphorical terms, if they're sharks, there are dolphins out there. And humans with shotguns. Nuclear shotguns.

Two, while they're the protagonists, they aren't the narrator. The half angel/half demon is. And he's going to get his a** handed to him.

Three, they have an excuse if they turn out to be Sues...I'll leave it at that.

1/8/2011 . Edited 1/8/2011 #6

Good to hear. I'll drop you a review! And I hate to sound impatient, nut have you posted my review yet. God I feel horrible for asking, and I know that its a lot to write. Just want to know if it will be up soon. Its good, at least, to hear that you like it. And I think that sounds interesting. Let's see how it turns out. I look forward to your work.

Also, I have an idea to put up here.

In a small town in Colorado, there was a string of murders committed 10 years ago. The bodies had been posed and preserved, and cryptic messages were left. Years later, the killings have spawned a sort of local legend. It is said it was ghosts. A young, teen aged girl begins to investigate out of curiosity with the help of her friends. When the killings begin again, she begins to fear that the killer may be not only human, but targeting her for their next victim. This is all I can really say without spoiling.

1/8/2011 #7
Fake Crowley

Don't worry, I've just been busy with homework. That's part of the reason for the hiatus. You're next on my list.


Great, now I feel like a serial killer. XD

I've already started your review, but I've had my priorities on the second and third chapters of I, Protagonist. Selfish, I know, but I wanted to get the ball rolling (The first two chapters are basically Cane talking to himself/us, and thus it can get quite monotonous to read at times) before I start actually working on returning people's reviews. I'm aware that this is not socially polite. However, I'm not good at writing reviews. That is to say, my mind screams, "No! No! Oh, God, no! Stop it! Stop! ARRRRGH!!! THE PAIN!!!" every time I try. Why I promised to give 1/2k reviews for people who reviewed it is a mystery to me. And now I'm rambling. Yaaaaaay.

Also, I just had an idea for a post apocalyptic scifi drama based on the three billy goats gruff. (In simple terms, the world has ended, food is scarce, some people are genetically alterred, "Trolls," who can eat anything, others are genetically alterred, "Goats," who eat grass. On the bridge of his ship (Haha, get it? Bridge?) a Troll requires food from the Goats on his ship if they want to be carried to the planet Cesped, which is covered in grass. Each flight, a goat promises him that his brother will give him a lot of food coupons.) My brain needs to seriously stop thinking before I stab it to death. Also, yay rambling.

And I like your idea, but it really could go either way. It could be epic or it could be boring and non-review-worthy. Judging from the three blind mice story, I'd say you'd write it pretty epicly, but then you've only posted one story if memory serves, so I can't really say. Do you know what I mean? The concept isn't too original; but then, that means nothing. Nothing at all. Maximum Ride was an interesting story--that is, until James Patterson wrote it. You wouldn't expect a story with a magical school, a cliched villain and a Chosen One protagonist to be good, but then Harry Potter came along. Definitely not the best written book ever, but people didn't hate it either, and that's amazing.

1/8/2011 #8

I'll post it up today, once I think of a title. The billygoats gruff story sounds weird but cool, and I think it will be good. Also, I the Harry Potter books, but Harry can give Cane a run for his money as most sueish protagonist. My second story will be up later today.

1/8/2011 #9
Fake Crowley

I like everything about HP but the characters and the plot. :D

Suprisingly, I still like it. I'm not sure why.

I'm not going to write the BGG story. Too much hassle, not enough interest (Me being interested in it, that is) and I have two other projects in front of it.

And while Cane would be a Sue in most stories, the difference is that he's in a metastory. While he's a Sue in action stories, I, Protagonist will only have a few scenes of action, and I wrote it for the character developement and interraction. While he has the typical, "I'm an anti-hero," personality, he pulls it off in a way that prevents people from thinking, "Wow, what a badass," and being more, "I actually feel sorry for this guy. I actually pity him. I just don't like him." I guess he's a deconstruction of a Sue.

To put it in Freudian terms, most protagonists are controlled by Id--they're impulsive, reckless, and don't think much about the consequences. Cane started out like that, but switched at some point to relying on his Super-Ego--in essence, he's controlled by guilt, rational thought, and restraint. In simpler terms, Id based protagonists act on emotion, while Superego-based Cane controls his emotions to the point of being unable to notice them at all. It's a strange transformation. Most humans and supporting characters act on their Ego--in essence, they try to satisfy both their Superego and their Id. They practice control, but also indulge in pleasure. The ego is stuck in a permanent tug-o-war between the Id and the superego. For Cane and, yes, Harry, their Id was winning at first. For Harry, this never changed, but Cane went all the way to the other end.

...Did I just talk about Freud's theory of Id, Ego, and Superego because somebody called my character who I freely admit to being a Sue a Sue?

I need help.

Sounds good.

1/8/2011 . Edited 1/8/2011 #10

Its ok, Crowly, don't worry. You're statement is true. I just put up my second story. Either way, I hope your current project goes well.

1/8/2011 #11
Fake Crowley


250 Character Summary: The Grey Knight: The feared, mindless weapon who's slain countless rebels in the name of The Tyrants. It also happens to be a shy and scared young girl. Desperate for company, she befriends a boy who tells her that she's a slave…who should she trust?


In the far future, both magic and science have been mastered. The world would be perfect…if it weren't for the control of The Tyrants over the entire planets. They're kind, benevolent rulers…that is, if you follow their rules. If you don't…they send the Knightwatch after you.

Typically, the Knightwatch is rather peaceful and willing to cooperate. They simply write you a fine, warn you to not do it again next time, and let you go with a slap on the wrist. However, if you break a major crime…expect to find the Grey Knight on your heels. Now, who is the Grey Knight?

The Grey Knight is not a who, but a what. The Grey Knight possesses no free will. The Grey Knight cannot be reasoned with. It cannot be bribed, and it does not show compassion. It is a machine, dedicated solely to eliminating all wrong doers it comes across. It is not human. A master of warfare, and armed with top of the line science and magic equipment, if it chooses you as its next target, you might as well give up. There is no fighting it. You can't breach it's armour, you can't block it's sword, and you can't dispel it's magic. It is literally the most powerful being alive.

It's also a young girl, shy and timid and scared and confused.

When Strangely Average isn't busy hunting down some poor soul to execute, she spends her time with her family—a golden retriever named Lucky, a cat named Grimalkin, and a human skull named Shakespeare. She goes to school, surfs the internet, and reads books in her spare time. She's also very, very, lonely. Having almost no human interaction—disregarding the human interaction that results in people's heads being cut off—due to having no real family, friends, or even psychologists to help her deal with her trauma, she is slowly but surely going insane—if she was ever sane to begin with. At school, she's either ignored or kindly told to go bother someone else. At home, she talks to her family as if they're real people, and—in her mind, at least—the skull named Shakespeare talks back. On the net, she merely lurks, occasionally making a suggestion that get's ignored by all parties—little does she know, The Tyrants are blocking her computer from actually sending out any information to the net. And at work, the people she tries talking to are seldom willing to talk back. And while she does get to interact with The Tyrants, it's mostly them sending her emails telling her to kill people.

She is lonely.

(Note: There will be two separate epilogues to this story, varying depending on her actions. I can also post the next part of the story—or, rather, the beginning of the story—but it will spoil part of what happens.)

((Note: I will probably post an idea for a story daily.))

1/9/2011 #12
Serendipitist Swan

It Runs in the Family


All magic witches use in this world originates from the Land of Smoke and Mirrors (AKA: The Invisible Realm) where all the dead and six dozen unfortunate witches also live. The Land of Smoke and Mirrors is responsible for all the change in both worlds, most notably evolution and delirium (the latter of which affects those who live in the Realm mostly).

Rowena, a young witch shunned by her coven for her being a technomancer (specialized in technology magic rather than Earth magic) is the witness to the emmergence of two witches from the Land of Smoke and Mirrors. Twins Night and Day, ordered by their increasingly insane father the king of the Realm, are determined to find evidence that the witches outside of the Realm are plotting war against their people, a belief they have been raised upon. In the other world, Night falls in love with Rowena at the encouragement of Day, who does not want to return to her home.

Meanwhile in the Realm, Moon, the sister of Night and Day, craves the power her older siblings had before they departed. Manipulating both her father and her brother, Sun, she executes a reighn of terror that even she's not entirely concious of.

1/9/2011 #13

Though I have only just started 1 story, I'm thinking of a new one at the same time (such is the annoying way my brain works!)

It is sort of following in the vein of shonen anime... I have an idea of an orphan who is raised as a hunter in a village, all his life learning about the samurai like guardians that reside in the nearby Cloud Temple. I have a few ideas, but we'll see....

1/25/2011 #14

For a few months now a project has been jumping aroudn in my head but I can't seem to get it all together. It's like a seed that is having trouble growing but it is alive and well.

Summary: A young woman (18-25 or so) is on a trip or some sort of drive to help people across the world and is in Japan when the story starts. She meets a young man and has a one night stand with him, afterwards she finds out she was pregnant (or she leaves with something important of his in which he has to tract her down) and she comes to find out that he is in the mob or the leader of a gang shipping drug cartel through the united states. She falls in love with him even though her values tell her that she should hate him. Everything else is still hazy anyways I know in the end I want her to die.

Like I said, as of now it is just an idea but I just can't pull it all together, I will not leave it as it is because I mean look at it, how cliche is it right now? Girl meets mobster falls in love only to die. Sheesh. -.- Anyways I was wondering if anyone could give me pointers on how they think they can improve the stories main idea.

Thank you! :)

3/30/2011 #15

Woo! Topic revival!

Title: The Construct

Summary/Idea: A group of programmers and coders create a massive artificial reality world, called The Construct, run by a lightning fast supercomputer/AI. However, as they continue to create their universe and invite others in, they become tense and angry, eventually dissolving into an all out war inside The Construct. Daniel Jacobson is an average guy who finds himself caught up in the world of The Conduit after his brother Mark falls into a mysterious coma. But the further he dives into it, the more a web of lies and deceit begins to unravel around him, putting the fate of both worlds in his hands.

Let me know what you think.

9/4/2011 #16
Richard S. O'Day

Okay I am writing a story with different views and perspectives. It takes place in a future, post nuclear war world. I have 5 characters at the moment from all over the place. If anyone has any ideas for story lines, places and people I would highly appreciate it. The story is called After the Apocalypse and can be found in my profile. You can read it and get a idea of what the world is like and if you have any ideas to help please let me know. Also if anyone pays attention to this I may bounce ideas off you people. Thanks

9/6/2011 #17
Kay Iscah

I guard my plots rather jealously, but I have pondered the idea of writing an entire novel in simplified English. It would be science fiction...or at least set in the future to explain the use. Not something I expect to hit the bestseller list, but it would be a fun experimental piece.

1/5/2013 #18
Story Name: Hell to Pay Concept: a teenager (Damian) and his girlfriend (Sydney) go to a movie, after they get mugged in an alley next to Damians car. Damian is shot defending Sydney, but kills the mugger with some broken glass from the car. He dies on the way to the hospital, but is revived 15 minutes later by hospital staff. While he was dead he enters Hell, and learns various things that explain modern culture, the nature of supernatural things, and why humanity is in deep s***. He was not actually revived by the hospital staff, but was able to become a demon and fight his way out of Hell to rescue various people he cares about. After roughly two weeks on the surface, he is forced to reveal his identity to Sydney and Cameron (best friend) to save them from a feral demon that attacks them at the hospital where Sydney is being treated. Timeskip 3 years. Damian and Cameron are room mates in college when they hear Sydney died in a car crash. Damian returns to Hell to help her escape. Things that Damian learns while in Hell that are important to the story: 1: Time in Hell is vastly slower than in the "real" world. One second on Earth is about ten-thousand years in Hell. 2: All humans, regardless of religion, sex, morality, race, or beliefs, goes to Hell after Death, because Angels have become Tyrants over the three realms, Heaven, Hell, and Earth. 3: Angels have deceived humanity by introducing religion: G.O.D. ( Governmemt of Divines) is almighty, Angels are good, Demons and Heretics (various supernatural human factions that oppose Angels) are bad. 4: Angels have been able to do this because they defeated the Demons long before humanity existed, and trapped all demons of significant power in Hell. 5. Humans are different among the three races, as their souls travel to a different realm upon bodily death, and have very malleable souls. This allows them to become demons after death. 6. All human souls either become demons (rare), or are eventually devoured by insane, animalistic demons. 7. The Church was formed by Angels to subjugate humanity. All upper members are actually powerful Angels in disguise. 8: All demons are more powerful in Hell, as it is their home realm. The same goes for Angels in Heaven. This makes Earth a common battleground, as it makes it so they do not have to face the other army at full strength. Sorry for length, and also if this offended anyone because of religious faith. I am looking for an author to give this to because I can create a good concept, but am unable to write said story in full length. I would also like to work with this author on the story, as there are various things I left out of the above description due to time constraints. Lastly, tell me if you think it could be a good story if written by a decent author. Thank you for reading
1/6/2013 #19

Story name: Trouble from Above

Summary: Danger comes in many forms. Above air, in human form and sometimes below sea? Simon Boyce faces this daunting reality. But is this creature a true monster? Or is there something far more dangerous in this world?

Category: Thriller

Subcategories: Suspense/Family

Rating: T, may become M in some chapters due to graphic describtions of shark attacks.

1/7/2013 #20
Kay Iscah

As pure story this doesn't offend me. As someone who has actually dealt with demons and angels... demons are not the good guys, and it's unwise to portray them as such.

Where you're going to offend most people is in your portrayal of the church, which a. takes this out of a supernatural realm and b. shows a severe lack of understanding about the nature of the church. The church is run by real people and accusing real people of participating in active deception is more than a little crude. It's one thing to say "you're wrong"; it's another to say "you're part of a deliberate plot to subjugate humanity".

Besides: If all humans go to hell anyway, why on earth do the angels need to go such effort to deceive them? What horrible tyrants they are to tell people to love their neighbor... Not to mention, God is a modern word. Did they also have convenient acronyms for Deus, Adonai, about Allah?

If they're worried about humans becoming demons and swelling the demon ranks, why not just give everyone a pass into heaven with a pleasant cottage and a garden, so they have no reason to grow demon-like and rebel? Why send them to hell, where demons are strongest? That's like directly supplying your enemy with troups.

I don't think it's possible to write a story that villianizes the church and calls God a lie without offending people. Certainly some writers have done so with success, but those writers also do so with purpose. Phillip Pullman is pretty open about his atheism and that he was trying to kill God in the minds of children with His Dark Materials trilogy. Dan Brown was deliberately trying to stir up conversation on topics of religion with The Da Vinci Code (historical accuracy was not a concern...).

If you mainly want to write an adventure, I'd consider using Hades or go with a more Japanese idea of demons (not the same as demons in the Judeo-Christian...though I've seen some stories /video games like Disgaea that fuse the imagery into a fantasy world variation) as these already present a conflicted afterlife. If you want to make a deliberate religious statement, then do so boldly but with purpose and just accept the reality that you will offend people.

1/7/2013 . Edited 1/7/2013 #21
Hey im not going for a religious statement with this, i just chose a christian backdrop because it fit decently. This is a FICTION website, I am not accusing the church of damning humanity. Yeesh.
1/7/2013 #22

Personally I don't think she meant it like that, she was just trying to make you think about the plot details and such. Which is always useful in my oppinion.

1/7/2013 #23
Ill admit that. But its not like Im the only one thats said stuff like that. Assassins Creed for instance said the pope was a man using pagan artifacts to control others, and the main villians were offshoots of the Catholic Church. Not that my idea is as good as AC but still :/
1/7/2013 #24

I'll also admit that it was fairly insensitive. I apologize in that regard, I probably should have worded it better. I personally have no problem with any religion, and I did not intend to upset anyone with a fake world I made up that used Christianity (or any other major monotheistic religion on the planet) as a backdrop conspiracy.

1/7/2013 . Edited 1/7/2013 #25
Kay Iscah

Drencaldin21, I get that, which is why I said I'm not personally offended. However, fiction can be a powerful vehicle for deeper truths. I'm just encouraging you to make it clear what your intent is. Make it clear this is a fantasy and not intended to reflect reality, or you will be making a statement....whether or not that's your intent.

This is stuff people take very seriously, not just Christians. So you either take steps to clarify that it's fantasy and not commentary, or prepare for the backlash. (You'll note there's no film sequel to the Golden Compass despite the stunning visuals and great cast.)

Sevenvoyager is right that I was also pointing out potential plot holes. (She knows I'm this nitpicky even with stories I like.)

There is something very compelling about discovering the afterlife isn't what you were told. Particularly as horror/thriller, finding out angels are bad guys and everybody goes to hell is pretty scary. But either this is a fatalist approach, where ultimately it doesn't matter what Damian does cause he and Sydney are doomed to return to hell anyway (I'm guessing Damian either does something suicidal or gains the power to will himself copycat risk...) because everyone dies eventually. Or there's some mighty supernatural battle where Damien rallies the dead souls to over throw the tyranny of the angels.

But either way...if hell is this awful, terrible, no good pit of fire type place....then I'd be nervous about unleashing and allying with creatures that draw their strength from it. And if it's only a bad place because the angels are being tyranical there...then it's really more like the Greek image of Hades. (In Christian mythos, demons are fallen angels, so that might be something to decide if you're keeping or breaking from tradition)

And still begs the question of, if the angels are in control, why send everyone to hell where it seems like they would be more likely to become demons and play for the other team.

I think there's a way to pull this off...but only if it's hammer out very well. (You did ask if we thought it could be a good story.)

1/7/2013 #26

Well, to discuss the story idea:

In my story angels are a narcissistic race that believes themselves superior to all races, and is afraid of humanities abilities to mold their souls into whatever they wish (with time and effort of course). They fear that their race would be "dulled" by humans who become angels.

Hell, while fire and brimstone, is also misunderstood, because Angels have filtered what humans believe about it. They don't tell you about demons that are intelligent, kind, or helpful, they tell you about the demons that devour you, or trick you into working for them. Our concept of what hell and heaven are is altered for their convinience. A Hades like hell is a way to look at it, because Angels are trying to make you look at it their way.

I also said it was rare for a human to become a demon. It is more common for a human to be eaten, because if you think about it, who is going to know they can do that? They think that they are trapped and being punished for leading poor lives., not being forced into a specific society instead of another.

P.S. Thanks for doing this, I appreciate it.

P.P.S. I think the Golden Compass movie series was discontinued due to EXTREMELY poor following of the book, leaving important things out that tied the books together, and putting events in the wrong order. If I recall correctly, the books didn't really get into the killing god aspect until late in the second book, and the movie barely touched at it.

1/7/2013 . Edited 1/7/2013 #27
Kay Iscah

Drencaldin21 here's a blog post by a Catholic on Assassin's Creed: And this is someone who enjoyed the game.

I pointed this stuff out because I got the impression you weren't trying to be deliberately offensive. I could easily follow the logic path in how taken purely as story you set up something pretty engaging. I just wanted to emphasize that this is far more than just story to a lot of people.

I enjoyed reading "Good Omens" by Terri Pratchett. It's bad theology, but good story. However I think Pratchett understood very well the message he was sending out...and he had a definite point even if the details were fictional.

1/7/2013 #28

I'll concede on that. I should be more sensitive to this kind of stuff. BTW did my explanations help at all?

1/7/2013 #29
Kay Iscah

Unlike Harry Potter that won most Christians over with the films, by the time Golden Compass came out, the church (in the greater sense of the word) was well aware how the series ended and spread the word very effectively. So there was deliberate though low key boycotting of the film. I think the studio got nervous, tried to appease everyone, and ended up disappointing supporters of the books without winning over critics.

Honestly I'm encouraging you to be aware more than to be sensitive (which may sound contradictory, but bear with me). It's nearly impossible to write a story with any power behind it that won't run the risk of offending someone somehow. I wouldn't be surprised if some Wiccans are offended by the portrayal of witches in my world. But it's a risk I'll take, because I am doing something very deliberate with it. Heck I've written a Christian song that may rub some Christians the wrong way, but I'm okay with that because again there's a message I think is worth getting out.

"angels are a narcissistic race"... I want to write an "angel" race for the Star Wars universe and this describes them perfectly...

I think I'm distracted by the "humans getting eaten" aspect, this keeps getting freakier...who's eating them?

1/7/2013 #30
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