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I just thought I'd set up a place within the Roadhouse for collaborative work. Do you have ideas you want to share? A world we can all write in? Are you looking for a partner to co-write a story with you? Maybe we could all write parts of one epic tale? This is the place where ideas converge, and stories are created.

You don't have to literally write stories with others though. Have you got writers block? Have you got an idea and need some help developing it? Discuss it here!

For the moment, I don't have any definitive plans, but that's the point - this is a place to pool your ideas. So share, you might be surprised at the results!

- Luke

2/8/2011 . Edited 2/8/2011 #1
xRayne wolfx

I like the sound of this Luke.. Nice idea :)

I currently don't have a clue for a new idea, but I am working on "Dial-a-wish" with Saraneth (We're lacking communcation because of school at the moment though :/). I'll be happy to work with others on a story or whatever. Can't wait to see everyone coming up with new ideas :)

2/8/2011 #2
Serendipitist Swan

My school literary magazine is only accepting stories that have 'dreams' as a major theme. I haven't had any ideas up until now. Hm, does a story about nightmares as characters sound any good? I know it's cliche but I'll find away to put a spin on it I guess.

2/8/2011 #3

I like the idea... maybe the characters could represent the aspects of nightmares. Most obviously fear, but other things like darkness, vertigo, panic e.t.c That's quite random, but it seems to work in my head haha! Good luck, it sounds awesome you have a school literary magazine.

2/8/2011 #4

I have ideas for a fantasy story, but it's not something I want to write alone. It's too vague and expansive for me to write alone. I only have very basic ideas for it... Seven Kingdoms, each ruled by siblings (brothers and sisters). Long ago some ancient artefact shattered into seven pieces. Each sibling was given a shard by their legendary father. If these shards were all put together, the owner would gain immeasurable power. Cue politics, strife, and sibling rivalry taken to the extreme.

Each Kingdom would have a different 'feel'. For example, a Celtic sort of land. An ancient greek/roman sort of land. E.t.c, e.t.c.

As you can see, this outline is literally a skeleton. it's cheesy, and not the most thrilling plot in the world. The seven can become five, three, whatever. So where can I go from here? Any ideas on collaborative work? Does anyone want to join in and construct this Roadhouse story? Feel free to input your own ideas!



2/10/2011 #5
Serendipitist Swan

I'd be happy to help you flesh your idea out. I can't help write it though, I want to finish writing The Darkest Part of Twilight before the summer so I can rewrite another story.

I think seven is a good number of siblings. Three seems too small (but it's good if you want to keep up a 'sacred' theme. Ex: there were three fates, three parts of the holy trinity, the maiden, mother, and crone etc.) The siblings could each represent something, subtely of course. You don't want to be too obvious. So maybe think of something like the Seven Deadly Sins or the Seven Heavenly Virtues.

I could go on, but I would need to open a word document or something. :)


2/11/2011 #6
xRayne wolfx

I agree with Swan, You could go with the seven deadly sins and seven virtures, each sin could live in a different area of the world with their polar opposite (the virtures). The idea for a celtic scenary sounds original too :). They could each have a specific thing about them that makes them good for battle in a war or something..

o.O I don't have a clue if I should help you or not in a co-story since my stories are not even done or worked on . stupid me at times, but oh well :P my brain likes to create and make me crazy with 4+ stories to work on.


2/13/2011 #7

My University seminar today was really inspirational... we were studying Philip and his son Alexander. Alexander was groomed as heir to the throne, but then one of Phillip's other wives (Cleopatra - polygamy was commonplace in the royal dynastic families) had a child. Alexander and his mother Olympia were very jealous. And then, at the wedding of Phillip's daughter, he was mysteriously assassinated. And one theory is that Alexander and his mother had plotted this act, to ensure Alex would be the rightful heir.

As they say, 'the best stories have already happened in history'. The Classical Period is just one great yarn... I think this might go somewhere...

2/15/2011 #8

Um... I know it's been a while since anyone posted here... and I'm new... but I have a couple ideas and I'm not really sure whether or not anyone would like to read them.

Okay, here's the first one: It would be realistic-fiction, like it could happen, but didn't. It's about a girl named Parker who's parents gave her up because they couldn't afford her (or she was taken away by the state, I haven't decided yet), and she travels around the country, living in different foster homes and such. Eventually she meets a family and they connect. The parents adopt her. But all of a sudden her parents want her back.

#2: The National Gamer Kid Tournament (or The NGKT). In each state there's a contest where anyone between the ages of 12 and 16 go through a bunch of obstacle courses where people get eliminated, and in the end the winner goes to Nationals, where the winners from each state compete for the title. All the rounds are testing the kids' knowledge of video games, board games, and the strategy that's necessary in order to play them well. The story follows five kids from different states on their trip to LA, where Nationals is held.

What do you guys think?

7/18/2011 #9
Letter To Miss

I really like the second idea. There's so many directions and genres you could take that in; the possibilities are endless! It'd be especially interesting if the kids started forming teams and alliances.

I've had an idea burning in my mind, but I'm not quite sure where to take it. Here is the premise:

Jonathan Shale is currently working as the middle man for an assassination company, and on a warm spring day, he meets up with a client, Marie Andrews, who wants her mother in law murdered. Later that day, Marie's husband calls John and demands that the company murder his mother in law. I plan for it to be a black comedy, but I'm a bit stuck on a plot. I have a few scenes, I guess, but nothing really concrete.

8/3/2011 #10

I think that could be an interesting story, unless you totally fail at comedy. But I wouldn't know.

8/4/2011 #11
Living Noone

Concerning Unwritten's second idea, it sort of reminds me of Ender's Game, except of course in the present and not nearly as militiristic. There is also alot of potential to use the basic outline as a story of a group of kids growing up and maturing and all that other slice of life stuff if it's handled well enough.

8/14/2011 #12

Honestly, I've never heard of Ender's Games.

8/14/2011 #13
Living Noone

It's a book about how in the future smarter then average children are trained to be commanders and soldiers in a war against an alien species, while facing obstacles, both within and without.

8/14/2011 #14


8/15/2011 #15
Living Noone

Of course since the book was written over twenty years ago, it's been copied and beaten into the ground with cliche sticks, so you'd have to give a really interesting schtick or something.

Something that caught my attention in Frayling's Kingdoms idea was if the leaders each have the same father then how did they get themselves to positions of power if they most likely would have been outsiders and as such would have had to done rather impressive things to get there, and that's without even getting into if the places had monarchies or patriachies. Or it might have had something to do with how awesome their dad was, maybe he was a demigod. He could have also have had many lovers in each city. Something to do with Legacies perhaps.

8/15/2011 . Edited 8/15/2011 #16

I have a few ideas bouncing around my head, but I don't really want to start anything until I'm at least half way through my current story. However, I do know myself well enough that I'll probably start a new story pretty soon.

Idea 1: I'm thinking of writing a story about a former It Girl/freelance fashion writer looking to break into the hierarchy of Manhattan's social scene. Armed with a financial guru for a boyfriend and a gay best friend, she has to deal with jealous Queen Bees, the return of an ex-boyfriend, and the constant reminder of a dying industry. This will probably mirror Sex in the City with the girl being a writer like Carrie Bradshaw, but since she's already in a stable relationship which I imagine will take the next step, it'll focus more on cat-fights, drama, and broken stilettos. I suppose it'll be a coming of age story filled with humour and satire where the girl realizes that some people don't leave high school behind.

Idea 2: The tale of an orphaned girl whose taken under the wing of a prominent underground boss. I haven't decided whether it'll be the mafia, mob, or yakuza yet. Anyways, the girl is soon one of the best assassins in the world. When an employer tells her that the current head of bosses is dead to take out all the other potential candidates, she decides she wants the throne for herself. Then starts one of the biggest and bloodiest battles for the title. It's kind of like O'ren Ishii from Kill Bill. That's all I really have so far. I imagine the story to be told from the viewpoint of her closet confidant, kind of like The Great Gatsby.

What do you guys think?

8/16/2011 #17
Living Noone

I don't know any thing about the first idea, not really my cup of tea.

But the second idea, that I can do. The first thing your going to have to do is set up the setting in the mind of the reader, but not doing it overtly, little bits and pieces as we go along, until you have the whole picture. You could also use short flashbacks to show the realtionship between the leader and the girl. Using this or something similar will be important to turning your lead character into a real person with faults, errors, moments of happiness, sadness and everything in between. The relationship she has with the leader will also be important because it will help the reader understand how the protagonist's personality was formed and and turn the leader into more then just a background character.

Also, start studying up on how guns work, does and don'ts, becuase people will expect entertainig firefights, not all the time but it will be important.

8/16/2011 . Edited 8/16/2011 #18

Aha, yeah. The first idea is definitely made for the girls.

I haven't fully fleshed out the idea which I kind of need to do before I start writing. So far I only have a basic gist of the first chapter in which the main is in a fight that determines something. I haven't decided whether it's her life or the throne or something entirely different. I was definitely planning on showing the relationship between the main and her mentor because that whole mentorship affects her every action. I kind of imagine it being a blessing and a curse. On one hand, she's glad that she's acknowledged as his protege (he was pretty famous in the underground), but at the same time, hates living in his shadow. It'll be a constant struggle to distance herself from her mentor which I guess prompts her to want to take over the throne.

An ex-boyfriend of mine got me into the whole gun world, so I don't really have to worry about that.

8/16/2011 #19
Living Noone

Wow. Someone Finally responds to my ideas.

Either way, the fight in the first chapter is a good way to present the characters personality, either through her commentary before during and after, or because of the specific way with which she fights, for example she could try to be Honorable, or be the Combat Pragmatist not afraid to cheat to win. I hate to say but it feels to me that the relationship between mentor and student is a heavy subject were it could be an antagonistic relationship with the student hating the teacher, but respecting their abilities, or be a caring relationship between father figure and daughter, and everything in between and the decription your giving feels inadequate. It takes more then simply disliking living in someone's shadow to push someone to do something as difficult as taking the reins of a criminal organization.

But then again, what do I know I'm just a kid.

8/16/2011 #20

The whole idea right now is just that, an idea. I haven't worked out the details or characters or even the plot right now. Besides, you'd be surprised how far some people would go in order to prove that they're better than/they're nothing like whoever. I get what you're saying though.

8/18/2011 #21
Living Noone

True, true. I believe believe I might have gone a bit overboard, a might overzealous. Either way, that type of relationship typically implies less then genial relations.

On the topic of ideas, people tend to develop them differently then others. For example, my friend Francisco actually started to develop a story by drawing a map of the continent it would take place, and then asked me to help him come up with names for the different nations. Personally I prefer to create the characters first and mold the story around how their character would react. But then again the most I've written is some Vignettes and short stories so I've never had to plan ahead.

I just realized what an a** I must sound like talking about myself so much.

8/18/2011 #22
I have his idea going through my head about a man traveling through an apocalyptic wasteland. I want it to be a short story. Here's what I want pretty much: he's traveling through the waste and comes across this town. He's old and tired and decides to stay and rest, but he decides to help the town against raiders or something and ultimately dies in the, but saves the town. The problem is, I don't know how to go about this.
2/27/2012 #23
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