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Old xRayneWolfx account

Will do, & thank you :)

5/18/2011 #31

Mr Tarot begins to draw cards for Rayne Wolf, laying them out in the ancient Celtic Cross Spread once again. Once done, he explains them one by one. Before he does so, he seems to mumble something sounding like 'disclaimer' and 'entertainment'...

1 is your Present Card, and today this is the 'FOUR OF ARROWS'. This is a card of rest... life is pretty chilled at the moment generally, but I'd just say - don't get complacent. It's nice to be calm, but not to be unaware. By all means relax! Just don't let people undermine you in the process.

2 is the Obstacle in your path. I have drawn the 'NINE OF ARROWS', which tends to signify dedication of some kind... I think this is trying to say that you're dedicating too much time or effort to something or someone, and it's draining your time away from other things. Since this is an obstacle, be weary of how you allocate your time. There may be someone demanding too much of you at the moment.

3 is the Foundation card. From the deck emerged the 'KING OF BOWS'. The King shows the strength of your resolve, and that if you continue to show such strength, your goals will be realised. He also speaks of maturity and thus I believe this is linked to your writing dreams. If you work hard, and refuse to give in, I don't see why you can't be published!

4 is a Recent Event. The Tarot gave me 'KNIGHT OF VESSELS'. Recently you decided to act a little more mature with things - and it had a great effect, because I can see completed tasks. It's not telling you to be serious all the time, just when the situation calls for it.

5 is the Best Result card. I drew the 'THREE OF BOWS'. It speaks of fulfilment and completion. This ties with the things I said about your dreams. If you work hard, aim for the stars, you'll get there - this is a universal guarantee! The universe doesn't lie.

6 is the Immediate Future, this card should foretell an event within the next few days. For this, I drew the 'TWO OF BOWS'. This is a major decision - a crossroads in your life. Within the next few days you'll be presented with a choice. Neither path is right or wrong, but remember your maturity and your resolve. Don't take this decision lightly!

7 shows me Inner Feelings which lay behind the results of card 1. I have drawn the 'FIVE OF ARROWS'. Interesting... though you're calm on the outside, I sense a little frustration on the inside? Is it to do with the spending your time point - too many things to do, too many depending/relying on you?

8 shows External Influences - those that are beyond your control. The Tarot presented the 'SIX OF ARROWS'. It's change, my friend. You cannot control the natural transitions of life. Moving on is scary, but don't fight it. It can only be seen as a good opportunity.

9 gives us a glimpse of your hopes and fears. I drew the 'THE STAG'. There are liars around you - and sometimes you just wish everyone was a bit more honest. Trust your own integrity. It's enough in this bitter place.

And now to 10, the Final Outcome: the Tarot has decided this card will be the 'EIGHT OF ARROWS'. There will be struggles, as I've said to others, life will throw them at you no matter what. Use your maturity and resolve - make the decisions, and move when nudged - not pushed. You're on the path to your dreams - and even the cards don't know where you'll end up!

And that brings your reading to an end.

Mr Tarot begins to shuffle his deck again, turning away from Rayne Wolf.

How did he do?

5/18/2011 . Edited 5/18/2011 #32
Old xRayneWolfx account

This sounds about right.. Thank you for the reading Mr. Tarot, I'll review "Hailstorm" this weekend as a repayment to this reading.. :)

5/18/2011 #33

No problem, no worries/rush with the review. Care to elaborate at all? Did any of it make much sense to you personally?

5/18/2011 #34
Old xRayneWolfx account

The reading was like a mirror image, I'm almost graduating from high school so I guess I'm at a crossroads with things and people.. Lately I guess I been having a gut feeling about these dreams I been having but I won't know till something happens.. This readng was very clear and I believe true..

5/18/2011 #35

Good to hear, thanks for taking part :) Just ask any time you want a daily one card reading or a question answered (they're much quicker, and FREE!)

5/18/2011 #36
Souffle Girl

:O This sounds fun! Could I get a daily draw?

5/19/2011 #37

Hello! Of course you may :D

Here goes...

Your card for today is THE SUN!

I'm happy for you, this is a wonderful card. I think either something great will happen to you today - or it will just be a generally sunny day for you (metaphorically, not necessarily weather wise lol!). Anything bad that you come across, just imagine the warm, radiant sun. Those dark times will be few and far between, and they'll pass quickly.

I've noticed my readings have been so positive for everyone... can't complain!

Hope that was ok, feel free to ask again tomorrow! :)

5/19/2011 #38
Souffle Girl

Ooh, what a great card! :D And I did have a great day, so that worked out well.


5/19/2011 #39

As she stepped inside her first instinct was to look to the corner of the Roadhouse. Her brown eyes flickered to a man's hands shuffling some kind of cards. Intrigued, she glided over to him while trying to avoid bumping into anyone. When she made it over across the room, she stood on the other side of the table staring down at him. "Hello, my name is Verai. I see you are into Tarot Cards." She motioned her head at his deck of cards. "Do you mind doing a reading for me?" She pulled a chair out to sit down and laced her fingers together while smiling at him. "Name your price for a Celtic Cross reading."

8/30/2012 . Edited 8/30/2012 #40

Oooh I so hope you are still actively doing these readings! I would love to exchange a review for a celtic cross reading (AFTER Verai gets hers of course!)

9/13/2012 #41

When she entered the room, she felt shivers creep down her spine. The whole place freaked her out, personally. She was here because she needed to know if the person she loved loved her back. She approached the fortune-teller with apprehension, being uncertain as to whether they would do her reading.

"e-excuse me," she stammered "C-c-could you do a love match r-reading?"

10/11/2012 #42

What deck are you using?

11/15/2012 #43

*Walks in uneasily and gives a start. Brain whirring - I have been away for so long! I doubt if people remember me. Maybe if I dye my hair and get rid of the wrinkles, I may resemble my old self. Reminder - Buy some anti-aging, wrinkle lift cream. Or some similar stuff*

Greeting, Mr. Fortune-teller! And the vic-clients, of course. If you can spare some time, can you do a reading for me? Also, i am not familiar with tarot cards much. Can someone explain the concept to me? And what is a Celtic cross reading?

11/18/2012 . Edited 11/19/2012 #44

Can I get a daily draw?

2/3/2013 #45

yes you can draw daily.

2/12/2013 #46

Heh, this is an awesome thread. :) Wish we'd had it when I was around here way back.

2/20/2013 #47
H. Meadows
Sad to see this isnt active anymore. :(
5/27/2013 #48

Could this be activated again by any chance?

5/29/2013 #49

Hey :D I will take up the OP's offer and offer my services as well. I must say though that I won't go into quite as much depth as he. I use more of a story-telling format rather than drawing and explaining cards one at a time. I will work for free but review donations are appreciated!!!

I will do the following spreads:

Triple spread - A simple 3-card spread that is good for getting an in-depth answer about a specific question (example: what does old Bob think of me?)

Celtic cross - A 10 card spread that is good for getting broad answers on less-specific questions (example: what does my love life look like?)

Default is that I will post your results in this thread. But if it's private I can PM it to you instead if you ask. I will use the Shadowscapes Tarot deck. I believe that the Tarot is magical. However, I am also insane. Point is, I make sure to do things by the book. You don't have to believe the Tarot works to be entertained by it :)

Any takers?

5/30/2013 . Edited 6/16/2013 #50
Rachael With an A


Don't mind Rachael, she can get little out-of control sometimes. ;)

6/16/2013 #51
And Momo Was Loco

I would like to have a Celtic Cross Reading please!

6/24/2013 #52

@Momo what is your question? I will do one for you if you would like.

6/25/2013 #53
And Momo Was Loco

How are my career and love life? @Mistval

6/25/2013 #54

That's two separate readings. I did one for your career. I'll do the love one tomorrow if no one else wants one first.

Your cards are...

Position 1: 7 of Wands

2: 6 of Wands

3: 2 of Pentacles

4: Five of Swords

5: The Fool

6: The Emperor

7: Page of Cups

8: Nine of Cups

9: Judgement

10: The Tower

Recently there's been a great transition in your career, probably a new job. Before then you were in a hostile environment and now you've escaped it. You throw yourself into your new job, reveling in the excitement and fast pace that accompanies its newness. There's a lot you have to do and things change rapidly and you must adapt quickly, but you feel that you are succeeding and you are enjoying the experience and growing from it. Your friends and family are happy for you and everyone can tell that you're doing well. But there is something dark on the horizon and you can see it coming: a choice that you will need to make but that you are afraid to. The decision will lead to great, sudden change and it will be very difficult for you. But once you've overcome that your future will be stable and fruitful, and the excitement and newness of your new job will slow down and become a comfortable and fulfilling long-term position.

Sound like your situation?

Here are what the card positions mean:

6/25/2013 #55
And Momo Was Loco


Can I still get a celtic cross for love? I already reviewed for my career one.

6/26/2013 #56

You didn't review me, but that's ok, I'm not charging, although reviews are certainly appreciated.

About your love life:

1: The World

2: Ten of Cups

3: Five of Swords

4: Four of Wands

5: Three of Pentacles

6: Temperance

7: Ace of Pentacles

8: Six of Swords

9: King of Wands

10: Ace of Swords

You're in a relationship right now, a very fulfilling and happy one. You have just celebrated something in that relationship, quite possibly an anniversary, and you both look forward to the times to come and you both want to be right for each other and make it succeed. However, at current you're working on something together, and a disagreement is brewing, I think it has something to do with travel or moving. But it's nothing too major. You both just need to step back, consider each others' point of view, and if you are both reasonable you will overcome the trouble easily and continue moving forward without a problem.

6/26/2013 #57


3/18/2014 #58
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