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Old xRayneWolfx account

Reviewed the following

Vernelley: "Before the beginning" and "Hakujou na Enjisha Black Jack"

Silent typer: "Hey"

Dee October: "Some Story"

NsShadowSerpent: "Mahou Shoujo Hanako Haru"


Requesting reviews for the prologue of "Trickster of Spectra", I'll be posting the first chapter some time next week :D I'll return all reviews this following weekend, thank you..

Summary: This world was meant to be peaceful. A place for lost souls to live, in a paradise of their own. When darkness rise, the fallen will become Lost.

(Side note: Tsumujikaze, I hope things will be well for you and your grandmother. Hope she get's better soon)

5/8/2012 #781

I reviewed:

Trickster of Spectra by xRayne Aleu Wolfx

Howl by Niki Tori

Working For Affection by Niki Tori

The Mute and The Liar by VictoriaBest

A Ranger's Tale by Tsumujikaze no Soujustsu

Dreamland by trilby94

The Memory Holder by Vivace.Assai

I Never by DutchAver


Requesting reviews for Penumbrae, preferably ones that are over one line. Thank you :) I'll try to return reviews as soon as I can, but I do have exams next week, so please keep that in mind.

5/8/2012 . Edited 5/8/2012 #782

Reviewed Dreamland (Chapter 1) by trilby94. Requesting reviews for the The Blossom's Fall. I would prefer you review the first chapter of the actual story instead of the Prologue. I want some feedback on that. xD

All reviews over two lines will be returned.

5/8/2012 #783
Anna Rosa

Hey everyone, Anna here, really new to this whole forum/online posting of work thing, so if you could all (well, not at all, that'd be an insane amount of people) go ahead and review my work, it'd really help me out. All reviews are returned! Thanks! --Anna

5/10/2012 #784
Deedee Elle

I reviewed I Never and two chapters of Penumbrae. Am requesting reviews for Honour of the Heart, preferably not too detailed about punctuation as I know I overuse commas.

5/10/2012 #785
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu

Popped up a new work entitled The Forgotten Song in remembrance to the most obvious for those who know what was going on so far in my life. Not gonna ask for reviews since I will keep true to my no-reviews-coming-from-me stance for around a week or so. iirc I will only focus on A Ranger's Tale rewrite for the rest of my existent chaps and random stuff on my blog at the very most. All at least till Monday where everything will draw to a close.

Read: This is just merely a notice. Read and review if you all want to, but I'm NOT gonna force/coerce/request anyone to do so.

5/11/2012 #786

I reviewed:

Hakujou na Enjinsha Black Jack, Ch 1

The Mute and The Liar, Ch 7,8

The Memory Holder, Ch 10

The Second Life of The Murder, Ch 29

Thorns and Brambles, Ch 15

I Never, Ch 4

I've updated Beautiful Dreams Twisted Realities, so any reviews over a line long will be much appreciated an returned. I'm always looking forward to reviews from new an old readers alike. Thanks!

5/14/2012 #787

Could someone please review the first chapter of the story I just started? (Phoenix) Thanks!

5/15/2012 #788
Dr. Self Destruct

Hey guys! I've done quite a few reviews/returns since my last post. I still owe a couple and will be getting to those later today. But for now I'm requesting reviews on the new story I just started called What's Eating Eric Lynch?

Of course, all reviews will be returned in a timely manner. I'm also still returning reviews for The Angel Kristoph, though I will probably be taking that story down within the next few weeks.

Summary: Some people say what you can't see can't hurt you. I'm here to show you how wrong that statement is.

Genre: Horror/Comedy

Rating: M for explicit language

5/16/2012 #789

Ohayo! Requesting reviews for my story Memoirs of a Mad Scientist ( ). Will return any reviews ASAP, likely within the next 24 hours.

5/17/2012 #790

I'm requesting reviews for this! I'll review back if you do! Don't worry, the weekends are coming up.

5/17/2012 #791

Please review Feelings and Thoughts from Seven Teenage Psychos if you can, thank you :)

5/18/2012 #792

Hey all, mod here.

I am just checking in with anyone that is still posting on here to make sure everyone's happy and things are going smoothly. I haven't noticed any problems, but I've been very preoccupied with finishing my degree, so I might have missed anything I should have seen.

Thank you all with your patience with me and I apologize for being so absent! I promise to rectify the fact and enliven this place a bit.



5/18/2012 #793
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu

Rest easy there boss. At least for now no one is saying "Houston, we've got a problem here..." ;)

5/18/2012 #794

Good! That is exactly what I was hoping for, but I wanted to reassure people I'm still, you know, lurking and whatnot. The Bar at least maintains itself pretty well. :D

Now to get more people into the normal chat thread.........


5/18/2012 #795
Old xRayneWolfx account

Requesting reviews for Trickster of Spectra and A warrior's tale :) I'll try to return them all by Thursday before I go into for my leg.. Thank you all and Have a great weekend :)



Summary: This world was meant to be peaceful. A place for lost souls to live, in a paradise of their own. When darkness rise, the fallen will become Lost.

A Warrior's tale

Summary: A warrior's emotions will always be a downer in war.. Two part war short story

5/19/2012 #796

Hey guys! Just quickly want to say that I'll be starting a new story soon. What it is depends on the results of the poll on my profile page - so, because of that, I'd really appreciate some reviews of any of the stories mentioned on there, and maybe a couple of votes, too, if you have time. As it's linked to Dark, so reviews for Blend In would be pretty good, too. Cheers, everyone.

5/19/2012 #797

Ok, I reviewed Disposable Heroes.

Review Bitten please!

Thanks ;)

5/20/2012 #798

Just updated The Blossom's Fall. Please read and review, all reviews over two lines will be returned sometime within the next week.

Summary: War is coming to Tohan, a nation deteriorated by centuries of peace and isolation. While the rest of the world industrialized, Tohan stayed behind. Clans fought for power as the throne weakened, unaware of the looming threat of invasion. In the middle of it all is Nakamura Kaede, a young court lady who is kidnapped and must now learn the secret art of stealth and assassination in order to save Tohan from total destruction.

[Link Here]

5/20/2012 #799
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu

Reviewed The Blossom's Fall and Trickster of Spectra. Reviews request for A Ranger's Tale pls. Hopefully I can get started on the rewrite for the remaining six chapters or so. Doing a multi-post for my blog can be a real monster especially if it has something to do with Chinese history. O.o

5/22/2012 #800

[ L I N K ]

Title: Arc Mage: The Descendant of Sharta

Summary: Every era has been gifted with one mage who rises above all to promote peace and enact the will of the Great Magnificent. What happens when the one mage whose sole purpose of existing is to make peace, turns out to be the one to destroy peace?

I'm sort of beginning this story and yeah, kinda shy about this but I want reviews. :D And I will be returning the favor too. Thanks It will mean something if anyone took the time to read. Hahaha. THANKS

5/22/2012 #801

Title: Different and Cool

Summary: Andrew Champion has been given a "free-will" project, a weeklong assignment that tests one's ability to make strong choices. Saddled with loudmouthed friends, an unattainable crush, and the geekiest girl in school as a partner, it will be a rocky road.

This story takes place in a quasi-anime universe (green hair, and all that jazz), but at its heart, it's a coming of age story, like The Wonder Years or Boy Meets World. It's also my attempt a creating a nerd character that doesn't compromise her personality at the end of the story. If you're at all interest, take a look, and I'll return the review.

5/22/2012 #802

Title: Parallel Encounter

Category: Manga - Supernatural

Summary: The world we are living in may not be the only one in this never ending universe. Even though we may never be aware of it, parallel worlds exist alongside ours but their existences are threatened by Doppelgangers, an evil living double of a human. Although Sugisata Nariaki possesses the "Denscrant" eyes which allows him to see visions from parallel worlds, he doesn't realize it until he failed to save a vision of his best friend from a traffic accident...

This is my first time writing in a first person POV. And the first chapter is a build-up piece, so i would like to know if the style that i used fits well, so that i could do the same for subsequent chapters :D. Will be glad to return reviews by the weekends :). Thanks in advance :D

5/23/2012 #803

Hey! So, at the moment, still looking for reviews for the stories mentioned on my poll, especially looking for feedback on things like characters and plot, etc. Thanks!

5/23/2012 #804
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu

DR, I really feel for you on the play-offs. West Ham should have been liquidated. Period. T_T Ian Holloway should be the far worthy winner. :(

Anyway, will try to review you and the rest asap. But I still need to get the current chapter rewrite out of the system first since I'm still on the job. That plus I've yet to tame that blog-post monster I've created out of self-volition. -.-'

5/24/2012 #805

Hey everyone!

First off, my sincerest apology for being away so long! School and drama distracted me from updating and reading. I owe people a TON of reviews. Please send me a PM with your story and how many reviews I owe you. :)


My stories are:

Upon a Shining Star - In the aftermath of his best friend trying to kill him, a king is left to piece his fragile kingdom back together with the ongoing threat of his friend's followers bent on fulfilling their leader's final wishes. (Fantasy/Family/Romance)

All the King's Men - When an earth-shattering secret shakes the loyalty of his two most trusted comrades, the king-of-thieves is left with only one choice: struggle to restore his honor, or watch his legacy crumble to dust. (Fantasy/Romance)

Apple Juice Kisses - When faced with the sudden death of their son, an estranged couple turns to each other for support. Along the way, they begin to question what caused their divorce in the first place. (Romance/Tragedy)


Reviews are welcome for any story, but All the King's Men and Apple Juice Kisses are on hiatus at the moment. I am five chapters or so away from finishing Upon a Shining Star! I will gladly return reviews.

Once again, I apologize for my absence. Happy reading!


5/24/2012 #806

Hi Everyone!

I'm looking for reviews on Legionnaires, a romance/fantasy aimed mainly at young adults. Ofcourse, I'll return any reviews. If you want a specific book reviewing, send me a PM, if not I'll just review the one that looks the most interesting:)


5/25/2012 #807

Hey, this is a bit of an odd request, but would anybody on the thread be interesting in becoming an editor for me? I would usually put this on our Off-Topic thread, but not many people frequent there nowadays.

5/26/2012 #808
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu

You might need to list down the basic criteria here. imo there should be ppl who are really that damned good. e.g. lookingwest, Aldrea-Draco and DR. Sadly I don't live in their country so yeah... T_T

5/26/2012 #809

I reviewed:

The Angel Kristoph, ch 42

The Bride, the Groom and the General, ch 1

Tender Considerations of an Earworm, ch 1


Please review Beautiful Dreams, Twisted Realities. I return reviews.

5/26/2012 #810
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