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I reviewed The Walker, very good writing!

If someone would review my work Troy's Story. Thanks

3/5/2013 #1,681
Kay Iscah

Reviewed Chapter 1 of The Second Reality by RemnantsOfSyreal

I owe people reviews and will get to them, but I just realized I've got corporate tax forms due on the 15th, and I'm behind on my book keeping. So I need to ban myself from fictionpress for a few days until I get that done. Trust me. I'd much rather be reading your stories.

I'm owed a few returns on poetry reviews.

Looking for reviews on The Girl With No Name (multi-chapter/fantasy). Will still do returns for the next review of The Flying Mecca (short story/satirical sci-fi).

I don't read M but will read a T chapter from an M story. Please specify general feedback (light) or pro-level critique when requesting returns from me.

3/5/2013 . Edited 3/7/2013 #1,682
Ghost Divsion

Chapter 8 of The World Ends Here is now up. I also reviewed Troy's Story by TawneyEverett. Requesting reviews for The World Ends Here.

3/5/2013 #1,683

Hello all!

Reviewed The Hawk of Amberwood by Cinnamon Shards and The World Ends Here by darkworld777.

I'd like to request some feedback on King Breaker, which has been updated since my last posting. Thank you!

3/6/2013 #1,684

As usual, looking for reviews on Riding In Vans With Angels. Getting some really solid feedback (thanks to everyone who's reviewed so far!) and as always, would love to know what else I could work on. If you don't like the look of it, then please remember I return reviews for all my work - there's some one-shots there, as well novels in other genres. Thanks in advance.

3/6/2013 #1,685
Link Roc

Recently posted the final chapter to my "Son of a Bull: Defiance" chapter. Still working on returning reviews "

3/6/2013 #1,686

Hey Link, I tossed a review your way not too long ago. I've reposted The Second Reality with the new Act I structure (which means the content has changed), and I'll be updating weekly now instead of having the whole thing in place, so I need some feedback on the new material if anyone is interested.

3/6/2013 #1,687
Tess Renee

Thank you for everyone who reviewed my poem "Monster" :)

I've written a new and much more recent one called "My Love" if anyone would care to give me some constructive criticism.

I'm sorry but I only return reviews for poetry because I am worse then useless with fiction :/

Tell me what you think :)

3/7/2013 #1,688

Would appreciate a review on Troy's Story Ch.2 or Ch.3

Will review in return. :)

3/7/2013 #1,689
Link Roc

I've recently read both the 2nd and 3rd chapters of Direwolf Rising's fantasy story "King Breaker" Both were really good, I highly recommend this story to fantasy fans! Took me a bit to read the 2nd one after awhile, but i finally got to it, lol.

Any reviews for any of my stories are welcome! Will return ASAP

3/7/2013 #1,690
Argentum Vir

I have reviewed several Chapters of Kay Iscah's The Girl With No Name, and several of Link Roc's stories. Most notably, Son of a Bull: Defiance, The Beast and the Monster.

My thoughts on Kay's story: The Girl With No Name has an "old school" fairy tail/fable/story book feel to it. If you're a fan of older styled stories that might have been told as bed-time epics when you spent time with your grandparents then give this one a read. Kay also provides great feedback and is a really awesome partner for bouncing ideas back and forth.

My thoughts on Link Roc's stories: Son of a Bull: Defiance is a prequel to The Beast and the Monster. Give the prequel a read before the second story in order to get the maximum enjoyment. Both are set in a pretty interesting universe and while still WiPs, you can tell they have some decent planning behind them.

I love to read Fantasy and Adventure. I'd like to also read some sci-fi/horror in the near future. I return all decent length reviews (1-2 lines minimum) with similar length and detailed reviews on Terrestria - Dusk and Dawn (whatever version is up at the moment), and would like all returns to be placed upon this story. I update it at least once a week. If you like me to take a look at your story, shoot me a PM and I'll gladly pop over and CnC. :D

3/8/2013 . Edited 3/8/2013 #1,691

As usual, am looking for reviews on any of my stuff posted here. All of it could do with some feedback. So just review whatever catches your eye. At the moment, I'm working hard on Riding In Vans With Angels, so reviews on that if you like the look of it would be great. Thanks.

3/8/2013 #1,692
Kay Iscah

Reviewed Ch 1 of The Hawk of Amberwood by Cinnamon Shards

and 3 chapters of Terrestria - Dusk and Dawn V3 by Argentum Vir

I kind of went light weight on reviews tonight... sorry, fuzzy head... think I'm caught up with all but one person. (Still doing taxes, but needed a break.)

Earlier I posted Chapter 29 of The Girl With No Name (only one chapter left to sad) still returning reviews for that and The Flying Mecca.

I don't read M but will read a T chapter from an M story. Please specify general feedback (light) or pro-level critique when requesting returns from me.

3/8/2013 #1,693

Offering reviews in return for giving my story a chance and possible a review if you have the time.

I'm hoping to have my story published so feedback would be really appreciated. I'll do my best to return detailed and constructive reviews. Thanks.

Here's the link:

3/9/2013 #1,694
Loraine Wentworth

Hello. I think I've caught up on my review exchanges now. If I owe anyone a review, please let me know.

I'm looking for someone to exchange reviews with. I write in the genre of fantasy/adventure and it would be nice to review a story in a similar genre.

My story: Sword and Sorceress

Amber always found her life as a temple novice dull and uneventful. This all changes when she discovers an enchanted parchment and two mysterious sorcerers arrive: Amber finds herself on the run from the corrupt Moritani rule and is drawn into sorcery, adventure and romance.

I'm looking for in depth, detailed and above all, critical reviews. I want to hear about issues with the plot, characterization and writing. I don't take offense- when my writing is bad, I need to know about it! Similarly, I like to give detailed, critical and honest (but also constructive) reviews. If you are interested in doing an exchange with me, please pm me.

3/10/2013 #1,695

I am back after a long period off-site, and starting a new story. All reviews for Sephira will be returned promptly!

3/11/2013 #1,696

any reviews on any of the stuff I have posted would be much appreciated

3/11/2013 #1,697
Kay Iscah

Reviewed Ch 1 &2 (or prologue and Ch. 1) of The Second Reality by RemnantsOfSyreal

& Ch 1 of Riding In Vans With Angels by Dreamers-Requiem

Looking for reviews on The Girl With No Name (multi-chapter/fantasy). Will still do returns for the next review of The Flying Mecca (short story/satirical sci-fi).

I don't read M but will read a T chapter from an M story. Please specify general feedback (light) or pro-level critique when requesting returns from me.

Just editing this since I have the last post:

Reviewed Ch 2 of The Second Reality by RemnantsOfSyreal ...haven't swapped the same number of chapters, but I think maybe we're even as far as word count and depth goes...let me know if you see it differently.

Lucien Maier, do you want general feedback (light) or a pro-level critique (gloves are off) in return? And is there a particular story you want reviewed more than others? You have quite a few to pick from.

3/12/2013 . Edited 3/13/2013 #1,698

Hey guys, I'm new to fictionpress and this forum. So far I'm really enjoying myself and loving this site! I would love to receive some reviews and feedback for the novel I am currently working on. I will be happy to return the favor! :)))

I'm going to try to submit a new chapter every week. I have not worked up a synopsis yet, but I will shorty and will be sure to add it to the summary. The Main character in this novel is a female vampire. This is the first chapter of Immortal Promise. I look forward to your reviews! (Warning: This novel contains vampire gore.)

3/14/2013 #1,699
Kay Iscah

I'd advise against posting your synopsis; that'll rob your readers of any sense of suspense. Writing one is a good idea if you want to pitch it to a company or give a beta/editor (or yourself) an idea of where you're going, but as a reviewer, I would not want to read a story synopsis first.

3/14/2013 #1,700

Hello Roadhouse! It's been ages since I was here and that was for a completely different story. I've caught up on all known returns (message me if you think you should have been on the list and I'll see what's up) and I'm looking for feedback on my new story.

Nomad: Rated T - After accidentally hitting a stray dog in her van, Nora soon finds herself thrown into a supernatural world of curses and monsters she never thought could actually exist. Together with the not-so-stray dog and his tall, dark, and broody brother, Nora begins a cross-country adventure to figure out where she fits in a world beyond the Masquerade. (Romance/Supernatural/Adventure)

I will return all reviews over 2 lines but let me know you're from the RH. I'm admittedly slow about returns sometimes (I have a chaotic schedule) but I keep a list and always finish my returns before I ask for more reviews.

Edit - Reviewed: The Wind Dancer (ch.1) by Infected Beliefs

3/15/2013 . Edited 3/17/2013 #1,701
Kay Iscah

The Girl With No Name is now COMPLETE! Chapter 30 went up today! [confetti] Approx. 40,000 37,300 words total. I'll still return chapter reviews for a while, but I *really* want some feedback on the ending. So here's the deal. If you read the whole story and review it in one lump, I will read at least 38,000 of your story in return and give you a lump review on them. If your story is less than 38,000 words, I'll read the whole thing (and do some proofreading...which I often do anyway and send through PMs).

My normal no M rules apply (T chapters from M stories are okay.)

I'm promoting my story in multiple places, so make sure you let me know you're from Roadhouse (here or PM preferred).

3/15/2013 . Edited 3/17/2013 #1,702

Kay Isach, Thank you for the advice about not posting a synopsis. I think your right about that, and I will be taking your advice. Also I started reading your story, Girl With No Name last night and I'm really enjoying it!! As soon as I finish reading it, I will be sure to leave you an review! Give me a couple of days though, I'm a bit of a slow reader and I have to read and write in my free time, as I have two young children. Again thank you!!

3/15/2013 #1,703
Link Roc

WOOT! Congrats on completion, Kay! I'll get to reading when I can! _ I been slackin' like CRAZY! "

With my slacking, I HAAATE to ask, I do " BUUUUUT...if anyone can review the following stories:

Captain Bones

Lucky Low

Pirate Law

Adventure on Lotus Island (pseudo sequel to both Law and Low)

The Lord's Consort

I ask for these because I usually go for my straight forward fantasy angle, but these are my pirating stories, and those play a big chunk in my fantasy universe.

That'd be great!

3/15/2013 #1,704

I'm still around! Since my last post, I have reviewed:

Flagrante Delicto, Ch 1-4 by Maddie Rose

Temptation, Ch 5-6 by Maddie Rose

Crash, Ch 6 by Dreamer's Requiem

Blue Rocket, Ch 1 by lookingwest


Requesting reviews for my story, Like Eiderdown & Disendowers. All reviews over 200 characters (one line) will be returned. Thanks!

3/15/2013 #1,705
Infected Beliefs

Looking for some quality reviews on The Wind Dancer, which, by the way, is rated M (at this point for language and mild violence).

Fate is a three pronged fork, and it twists in strange ways for the lives of three young men. A cowardly northerner, desperate for his father's approval. An insufferably chatty thief with a monstrous gambling addiction. A bipolar master swordsman who can't seem to do anything right. Come and find what fate has in store for these three poor devils.


Or, drop me a review on To Be Mulje, a short story I just published.

Far to the north the lands are cold and men are colder. A story of loyalty, betrayal, and owning up to one's mistakes. Told in three parts.


I will return reviews (that are longer than one paragraph, 200 words) and will toss some review love around in general tomorrow when I am less brain-dead. Thanks!

Edit: Reviewed, Nomad (ch. 1) by Nessio, Etherial (ch. 1) by Daisy215, and King Breaker (ch. 2) by Direwolf Rising.

3/16/2013 . Edited 3/21/2013 #1,706

Always welcoming reviews for my fledgling tale Sephira, and all reviews will be returned like for like!

3/19/2013 #1,707
Link Roc

I read and reviewed the first four chapters of Sephira by Frayling0!

3/19/2013 #1,708
Kay Iscah

Reviewed Chapter 1 of Sephira by Frayling0 (didn't realize it was M til midway though...I'm a little sick today...but I did finish reading the chapter...)

And Chapter 1 of Adventure of Lotus Island by Link Roc

Posted the first chapter of my new story "Horse Feathers" today.

Summary: "Phillip is a young boy who longs for adventure and a pegasus, which is not so impossible in his world as it may be in ours."

This takes place in the same world and after The Girl With No Name. The stories are intended to be read in a set with The Girl acting as introduction, but you could read them independently with little trouble... You may miss some of the development with background characters and world specific references, but not enough to interfere with the main story. If the storybook style of The Girl With No Name was a turn off for you, you may like Horse Feathers which is less traditional/stylized and more descriptive. Hope it won't turn off any of you who did like the style in the first story, but it's reflective of the main characters personalities...and I like variety.

Returning reviews for Horse Feathers (fantasy/in progress), The Girl With No Name (fantasy/complete), and The Flying Mecca (short story/satirical sci-fi/complete). Still leaving that 38,000 of yours for 38,000 of mine on the table.

(Unless I'm muddled by fever) I don't read M but will read a T chapter from an M story. Please specify general feedback (light) or pro-level critique when requesting returns from me.

3/22/2013 #1,709

Hello lovely people. c: I'm new here and would love some insight on my writing so far! I've only uploaded 2 writings, one complete and one un-finished.

John's Journey (complete): A couple in love, but something goes terribly wrong.

Harlie (incomplete): This is just a piece of something I wrote awhile back. I was thinking about continuing it if people wanted to read it. Let me know what you think so far. :) Contains: Drugs, adult situations and language. Rated; M

I would appreciate any feedback! If you want a specific story reviewed in return, just let me know. c:

3/23/2013 #1,710
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