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Okay, was just curious...from the books people have written, which is their longest?...well, here's a few rules...

1) This is your books uploaded on this site, not ones you wrote offline (can't read those after all).

2) This is going to be a sort of index, so I want you to fill in the form below.

3) Don't post anything other than your longest story here. You may post a new one if you upload a longer one, but it might be better to just alter your already existing post.

Okay, now you've read the 3 golden rules, here is the form:


Book Name:

Status: (Ongoing / Complete)



Summary: (Short blurb for your story)

Rating: (K, K, T, M) Reason for rating

Other: (Any more notes you might like to add)

Link: (Optional)

Okay guys, have fun and try not post any spoilers.

7/20/2012 . Edited 8/22/2012 #1

Pen-name: Baird

Book Name: Odium

Status: Ongoing (On Hiatus Until September)

Chapters: 6

Category: Sci-Fi (Fantasy)

Summary: Somewhere in a remote corner of space is the Déu Space Station. For 80yrs no one has gone in or out, untill General Toms goes for an inspection. Following an explosion a salvage shuttle is sent, but on finding a girl frozen in a pod (a survivor?) what fate awaits them? 2 lab-made children and their dangerous differences of opinion, what troubles are about to fall upon the young captain as they are pulled into the war between both Command and the mysterious works of Odium?

This story revolves around the Young Captain Toms as he tries to find out both the reason for his fathers death, and the reason for the corruption which is now taking over the Command. With his encounter of the young girl Sola, his life is about to take a turn for the worse as his crew and himself now find themselves on the run fighting for their own survival, so as not to be sent to the Mortem sector, a place from where no one has ever returned. It doesn't take long for him to realize that Sola is no ordinary girl, and she seems to know something about his father. But why does the girl scare him so much? And why is it that Command seem to be willing to risk almost everything just to get their hands on her?

Rating: "T" for some dark content later on.

Other: Short Chapter Story (This story is being written in a skeletal format until completion) -1st Edit - - Odium = Hatred (Latin) -


7/20/2012 . Edited 8/22/2012 #2
Richard S. O'Day

Pen-name: Carson Numetzky

Book Name: After the Apocalypse

Status: Ongoing

Chapters: 12

Category: Action (Suspense, Mystery, Drama, etc)

Summary: 150 years ago, a nuclear war occurred on Earth. Earth has sense recovered to a certain degree and so has its people. Nations draw political boundaries both old and new. Some countries thrive while others fall, war and poverty tear apart certain parts of the world.

The style of this story is bases on the perspectives of different people, in different parts of the world. The different characters have different stories that are not entirely related. Some things in chapters might help to understand a completely different story line, these things include world politics, countries that make up this world, and current events. I currently have 6 story lines, with some ending in the future and others may be added.

Rating: "T" for some fairly graphic violence and some mild cursing

Other: Chapters do not need to be read in order, you can just read through one story line if you want. Though I recommend reading in the order they are posted. I take suggestions for new characters, locations and story lines.


7/25/2012 #3

Hey! This is a thread that I think I'll keep around, but might I suggest changing the title a bit? You can be a bit more creative than that to get people to actually come in here. take a look at some of the names for other threads to get some inspiration. It could even be a little crude, considering you're talking about length here. ;)

8/13/2012 #4

Pen-name: Nesasio

Book Name: Bay

Status: Complete, draft 1.5 (first draft, minor cosmetic edits)

Chapters: 26

Category: Horror (Supernatural/Drama)

Summary: Something lurks in the shadows of the city of Tover. A great unease settles upon the town as first the dogs and then people start to go missing. Anke Vieth wants nothing to do with whatever dark forces are setting their sights on the city. But when the city is swallowed in darkness and the bay bubbles up to swallow them all, she'll do whatever it takes to get her family to safety.

This story could also probably be classed as romance, action, and a little mystery. Quite frankly, I sat down without a clue where I was taking it and somehow managed to tie it together.

Rating: T, though at one point it was borderline M for later violence and some adult themes (it has been edited to be slightly more tame)

Other: Ahahaha, the title was chosen on a whim but has grown on me. I originally threw out 'Howl' because of the dogs but then I was like 'well, that one's already pretty famously taken' so I had to decide on an alternate. I then thought of my friend's coonhound who bays instead of barking/howling and realized I could be extra nerdy by setting the story in a bay. So, yeah, double meaning there all because I thought it would be funny.


8/17/2012 #5

Pen-name: Scriber08

Book Name: Domain of Power-The Dreamer

Status: Complete

Chapters: 29 chapters

Category: Historical/Drama/Mystery

Summary: On one fateful evening, Troy's world is changed forever the day he meets the dark rider. He is not sure who is behind the cloak but he knows one thing... that the man wants nothing more but blood. In an effort to escape, Troy loses control of his horse and falls off, leaving him in a coma. On the verge of death, Troy recovers, only to his horror that he has lost the ability to walk. But he soon realizes he's lost something far worse... his memories. The only link he has now is the dreams that keep him up at night. With more questions than answers Troy will uncover the hidden truth that will change his life and the lives of those he loves forever.

Rating: rated "T" for violence and darker content where there are brief graphic descriptions of characters being hurt or inflicting harm on themselves. Also contains mild sensuality.

Other: This is the third book in the series making this the sequel. It takes place in ancient Greco-Roman times revolving around the main character Troy.


8/18/2012 . Edited 8/18/2012 #6
A Fire Rose

Pen-name: A Fire Rose

Book Name: "The Scarlet Snapdragon"

Status: Complete

Chapters: One

Category: Mystery/Family

Summary: The father of a runaway hires Calder McCallister to search for answers in her disappearance. Many speculate that she is dead. Some believe she may be homeless. Even rumors of a stalker are proposed. No matter what, Calder plans to discover the truth.

Rating: T -- mild violence

Other: This is a single shot over 7,000 words. I'd always love reviews and/or reads. Thanks!

8/21/2012 #7
Anihyr Moonstar

Pen-name: Anihyr Moonstar

Book Name: The Coquette and the Thane

Status: Complete

Chapters: 37 (204,468 words total, according to FP; 195k according to my word processor)

Category: Fantasy, Romance, Action/Adventure

Summary: Kedean's saddled with a deceptively simple task: deliver a bride-to-be to her fiancée across the sea. The complication? The "bride" is a nobleman, temporarily cursed with a woman's body, who's none too pleased with the arrangement—he does, however, take a quick liking to Kedean.

Rating: M - rated mainly for sexual content, but also contains some language and violence.

Other: Slash romance (that is, homosexual male content), but with a twist emphasis on gender identity, issues of class and race, and the multiple shades of sexuality.

Link: The Coquette and the Thane

9/14/2012 #8


9/21/2012 . Edited 3/13/2013 #9

Pen-name: Inked Girl

Book Name: White Magic

Status: Ongoing

Chapters: 59 (Around 133,000 words. Fictionpress lies!)

Category: Fantasy/Adventure/Romance

Summary: A servant girl with a secret that could get her killed and an exiled Prince meet up in an attempt to win back his rightful throne. They will end up facing a foe that is greater than just one man, or one woman.

Rating: "T" for death and violence.

Other: The chapters are short (1,000-2,000 words), but comments have generally been positive. I will eventually self-publish this, but it will not be for a while. If you like the BBC show Merlin, give it a read. You may enjoy it.


9/24/2012 #10

Just a bit of advice for everyone here....even though your work is copywrited and protected, I would have to suggest NEVER post your entire book on any website. Previws are a good idea. Bits and pieces that you need some help on are a good idea. Never post it all. Especially if you ever plan on getting published. Publishers don't like it. I speak from experience. :)

9/29/2012 #11

Pen-name: Mandi Rei

Book Name: A Toast to Starry Nights

Status: Ongoing

Chapters: 19

Category: Romance/comedy

Summary: Dmitri proposes to Kaylis in the midst of a swanky restaurant. She pukes on him in answer, provoked by a hidden memory. Her mother, the resident hippie, makes a deal -- she'll stay out of Kay's wedding planning if Kay goes to therapy of the past life sort to find out why she'd coat Dmitri like a vomit volcano. The resulting journey into the depths of her subconscious and through the cul de sacs of minds belonging to friends and family make this a very interesting 'trip' indeed.

Rating: M - sex, language and violence

Other: Inspired by life. Lots of geek homage. Seriously.


9/30/2012 #12

Pen-name: MeAsIAM

Book Name: Coffee, Embrace and Another Love Story

Status: Ongoing (It was on an unofficial hiatus for a while but it is going to whirr to life soon!)

Chapters: 15

Category: Romance

Summary: (Set in India - specifying, because people seem to ask me all the time!)

Aparajita is not your average Indian girl. She has moved to Delhi to pursue a journalism course and she works part time in a cafe, because...well, she values the independence it gives her. Her parents are blissfully unaware. Otherwise, they would have dragged her right back to her hometown and folded her in cotton wool, because...well, that's the sort of parents that they are. She is enchanted with a patron of the cafe because...well, he looks a lot like the guy on television that she is infatuated with. He pops up in the most unexpected of places, because...well, he's Ankit and he's the guy of her dreams.

Rating: T - no sex, only kissing

Other: Fluff. A lot. Winner of the SKoW Awards Best International : Judge's Pick (2010)


11/18/2012 #13
Kay Iscah

Pen-name: Kay Iscah

Book Name: The Girl With No Name

Status: Complete

Chapters: 30

Category: Fantasy

Summary: Banished from her village, a young shape shifter sets out on a journey to find her place in the world.

Rating: K plus (PG) The story is pretty clean. No foul language, sex, or violence (maybe extremely mild violence)...but there is death, bullying, sadness, sanitation, demons. It's a medeival type setting, so you have a twelve/thirteen year old contemplating things like marriage...but no actual marriages that young.

Other: This is a prequel of sorts for the novel I've just written and plan to publish professionally. It does NOT end in a cliffhanger. You can read the story without the novel. Though obviously I'm hoping drive up interest for the novel with character backstories. The novel takes place years later, so the stories are connected, but hopefully self-contained.


12/19/2012 . Edited 3/15/2013 #14
A. Nonymous1234

Pen-name: A.Nonymous1234

Book Name: Carriers

Status: Ongoing

Chapters: Currently 19

Category: Sci-Fi\General\Thriller\Acion

Summary: It started with them, the Carriers. Soon, everybody in America wants them dead. None of them are even old enough to legally drive. Things twist every day, and will the teenagers be able to hold it together, with people dying and it is ultimately their fault?

Rating: T for violence, language, light sexual themes



12/31/2012 #15
Highway Unicorn

Pen-name: Highway Unicorn

Book Name: Convict's Blood

Status: Ongoing (However, I only plan on uploading the first part of this novel sort of like a preview, therefore, it is almost complete, in that sense.)

Chapters: Nine

Category: Historical. (There are a lot of historical events planned out in this novel, just in case you're a history nut like me. :) )

Summary: "A dying man once told me that those who have the blood of the convicted are destined to live a life of adventure." The long life of a Australian woman who travels throughout Europe and America in search of adventure and escape. Abandon by her Pa, Alice is forced to give her hand to Adam Jones, the cowboy with the horns. Her only choice now is to run away to America and find freedom, but to do so, she is forced against society's cruel hand.

Rating: Rated M for brief strong language and touchy subjects such as women suppression and racism. There is also adult themes, such as loyalty to marriage/spouse, again, racism plays a part in here, war, violence, etc, but it's not so direct as that; these subjects are hinted/implied throughout. Again, this is a historical, therefore, such subjects are pretty much a given.

Other: Again, I only have plans on uploading the first part of this novel (around twelve chapters).


1/14/2013 #16
Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu

Pen Name: Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu

Book Name: A Ranger's Tale

Status: Ongoing

Chapters: Still in process of a longer term planning

Category: Fantasy

Summary: Redemption? Hah! The world has never been fair to anybody and everyone. It's either you pursue something or nothing at all. That's how I live my life. As a wolf and Ranger combined...

Rating: M (due to explicit mature themes)

Notes: There's quite a lot of inspirations here and there. Mostly from G.R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, Nasu Kinoko's works, plus some really profound themes on humanism. At the same time, real life events/society/organisations are also involved in the phase of portrayal, hence I know I'll be stepping on a lot of immature people's toes.


1/16/2013 #17
J.K. Weaver

Pen-name: J.K. Weaver (Not to be confused with Rowling)

Book Name: The Willow Weeps

Status: Complete

Chapters: 17

Category: Fantasy/Humor

Summary: It is the story of Ariel, a very sarcastic, fifteen-year-old girl, who comes from a broken home. She is then taken from said broken home, to a magical world that is in turmoil. She alone possesses the power needed to save the entire world and restore peace... No big deal. Can she find the power that lies within her to save everyone? She has her doubts...

Rating: T for mild language (same as a PG-13 movie) There is one F-bomb, and I actually tried really hard to take it out but, without it, the emotion from the scene gets lost. There is a tiny bit of blood, only one scene where a war is being fought is really that bad. Other than that it was written clearly more for a teen audience.

Other: I wanted to write a Fantasy novel... So I took a lot of common tropes and decided to really play with them and even poke a little fun at them. The result was better than I could have hoped for. I loved creating worlds, so I took this one very seriously, creating creatures and even special flora (that I never even used... but I came up with it) even regions of the place (again that I didn't even use. They are briefly mentioned but never visited) but I wanted the place to feel real. *The Sequel is in the works and is being posted now. Currently (as of Jan 17th, 2013) on chapter 9.


1/17/2013 . Edited 1/17/2013 #18
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