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Look through all the s***, what you're currently reading through your internet browser. Imagine right now, a little girl with a completely different mental & physical outlook on life. Someone who is unable to walk, talk or learn without the assistance of others. I can guarantee that 90% of people reading this have minimal worries in the world, your pay is crappy? Your car has no gas? Your internet connection just cut out? How about you actually fly down to Rwanda & witness the crisis over there. Sure, it's an abandoned battlefield many thousands miles away from our homes, it doesn't relate to us due to it being "somebody else's problem" I get that. I was narrow minded at one point, I also thought that people telling me to 'donate' or 'help' to the less fortunate was just a profitable scam, I didn't believe I was that gullible. Convinced yet? Of course not, I wouldn't be either. Now just imagine outside your window there isn't a road, there're no cars or people. All you hear are lonesome gunshots in the distance; you worry constantly if your home is going to be raided by guerrilla fighters looking for money, food & even a woman to r***. Imagine the current female in your home being r***, not pretty is it? It's an unbearable thought, imagine your brother or sister being slaughtered at an early age, imagine living every single hour of every day alone & vulnerable to death. Think about it, when have you ever been vulnerable to death? When crossing the road? Eating some food? Sure these are all potentially fatal. Troops are literally fighting for their countries in other fields, we salute them & commend then, yet we're ignorant & selfish enough to complain about no f*** gas in our tank. Our enemies? Why do we insult them, I've spoken to many veterans from Vietnam & Iwo Jima, they all state that they respect their enemy more so now, then during the current fight. Right now the Taliban seem to be the filthiest people ever, who pillage & destroy towns & innocent beings. It's true to an extent, to an extent. The media place all these theories & illusions that people & countries are worse than they are, its b***. I'm not defending anyone in this argument, but the rich man controlling BBC, CNN, Skynews, Channel 10, 7, 9 (Australia). Do you think they care about the world? They're making $70,000,000 a year, what worries do they have in life? What private school there child will attend? What brand new car to buy? It's utter chaos. All I'm stating is that the Media portray 95% of things incorrectly; they're out running their multi-million dollar company to make money & more money. People all I ask is please do not be so gullible. Next time the news is playing, observe it, then actually research up on it, you'll be surprised to witness the REAL truth. Thank you all for reading,

10/19/2012 #1

Cool story, bro.

11/15/2012 #2
Brian Sullivan
I understand.
11/23/2012 #3
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