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So I've never really had to utilize beta readers (since my friends usually did it for me), but for my next project I intend to ask someone to beta read. I just want to know how it works. Do I send them chapters as they are completed, or do I finish the entire story first and then send the chapters? Thanks in advance!

12/5/2012 #1
Anihyr Moonstar

Whenever I've beta-read (or had a beta work with me), it's one chapter at a time. I wouldn't personally want to be swamped with the entire story at once. Some others may work differently, but especially since what a beta says can at least potentially influence the story in important ways, I would think going at it one chapter at a time as they're completed makes the most sense.

My two cents. :)

12/6/2012 #2

I'm happy to be a beta reader, but I'd prefer you send me a few chapters at a time, I review them, and then keep on going if you're happy with the reviews

12/11/2012 #3
EL Naples

So I'm curious about something. While I do have readers that help me with my story, and I do know a copy editor (who's not into reading novels and prefers working on games although I probably could bug him over holiday via face book), I'm wondering how to go about finding a beta reader that knows more about grammer then I do. It's always been my weaker spot. Also does anyone know of any online grammer checkers that could help me split about my story? I'm good at editing others but not so hot when it comes to my own at times.



EL Naples

12/12/2012 #4
Kay Iscah

EL Naples, I've started a community devoted purely to grammar/words called For the Love of English, with a thread devote to proofreading requests (as opposed to reviews or beta readings). Feel free to post a request.


I'm looking for a special type of Beta as well, and this seemed like the best thread to post it. I'm working on a story called Horse Feathers. It's fantasy that focuses on an eleven year old boy who wants adventure and a pegasus, and what he goes through to get them. The plot is pretty set, but I've never been an eleven year old boy, so I'd love to have an 11 to 15 year old male read this and say if he thinks the character rings true. I've just finished chapter 4. It's set in the same world as my story The Girl With No Name, but told in a more straight forward fantasy adventure sort of way rather than fairytale style.

I'm not overly worried about grammar and other aspects, though I'm happy to listen to suggestions and have mistakes pointed out. I have a male friend who's my regular beta, but he's even older than I am. So while he has been an eleven year old boy, it was a couple decades ago. Mainly I just wanted to see if Phillip comes off as realistic from the perspective of someone about the same age.

1/25/2013 #5

hey! Me! I'd like some proof reading or beta or just reading or... heck, I just want people to read my thingies.

Here's Cacuu presenting his work, which he's quite proud of, except no one actually takes a look, for his deep sadness. Aihika. I know it sounds weird, but it's sanskrit for world. pretty fancy language, by the way.

Oh, and I tend to ramble a lot, so please don't mind me. and take a look. looks are good, I like people looking at my stuff. except my diary... and my drawers... and...

5/3/2013 #6

I'm also looking to get a beta reader, but I have one very important question: does the BR actually make changes to a work, or do they merely find things they think don't work and point them out? I've recently finished a novel, and I have someone IRL to do copy/grammar editing, so I'm looking for someone to kind of go over the characters and story... But I don't want anyone actually making changes to my work. If someone points out issues, that's great, but if a BR makes changes... I don't think I could handle that at this stage in my writing...

6/11/2013 #7
Kay Iscah

A Beta reader shouldn't make changes. They should just give you feedback.

6/12/2013 #8

Hello everyone, I think I might benefit from having a beta.

I have begun to upload the pieces of a story which is turning out to be troublesome for a number of reasons.

The title is "Night of the Witch," but I am not quite sure about it anymore. It is called that because it concerns a Halloween night with the protagonist dressed as a witch, but this has symbolic relevance rather than anything more literal. I defined it as the Horror genre, because of the subject matter, but I don't know if this would give the wrong impression as to the actual idea? It's not about the supernatural or any kind of magic.

In the beginning the protagonist tells a friend that she thinks she has done something irrevocable - raping the boy they both had crushes on. My idea was to then switch to the point of view of the possible victim and to eventually let the reader decide from the different perspectives that are juggled. But I am not satisfied that I am getting the tone right. It's always difficult with this subject matter. Should the initial focus be on whether a girl could possibly r*** a guy or should it be entirely about the perspectives of the characters? I was just thinking that if the former is not addressed it would make me look careless.

I think that beta who is already a confident writer is required. I suspect getting the tone wrong would make this fic more contentious than an ordinary, ineptly written piece would be.

8/10/2013 #9

May I ask for a Beta Reader?

9/24/2013 #10
Wendy Thompson135th

Click on Betas, in the tool bar. Once in, filter for Language, Genre and Rating. Start reading bios. When you see a possibly compatible beta, check if she is accepting new work and send off a inquiry. If she replies, the discussion is open. Ask her what she wants and tell her what you want. You may ask many betas who will not give you the courtesy of a reply or who don't offer a focus on what you're interested in, but keep trying.

8/5/2014 #11
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