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Hey everyone at Fictionpress. I hope everyone's year is starting off good. And now to get down to business.

I started this topic because when I get reviews, I like to give reviews in return. However, I prefer supernatural stories myself (no offense to authors that don't. You're welcome if you want to read our stories too. I'm just speaking my mind). So if you have a supernatural/sci-fi/fantasy story, come check out this topic and review each other's stories and post your own. And constructive criticism only! Vampires, werewolves, witches, heck even a zombie or two. So come out!

P.S. To get this ball rolling, the story I'm primarily working on and would love opinions from is called The Fate Cards: The Joker Deck.

Summary: Hadley Valentine has dealt with the supernatural world before, all with the help of her employer Claudine and her deck of magical cards. Within the patterns of spades and clubs, fates can be told and magic can be used. But magic elsewhere has begun to stir up as an unknown evil shuffles a forbidden deck with bloodthirsty intentions. Refusing to accept her own dark fate, Hadley will gamble with destiny to change it.

Enjoy and tell me what you think!

1/1/2013 #1
Hello, J. L. and any future posters. I'm writing a fantasy story called Hero I Am, and would love reviews. If someone reviews it, I'll definitely return the favor :) , no matter rating, legnth, or age. Here's the summary: Long ago, there were four great superheroes. Their greatness, however, is a matter of opinion. My family was descended from one of them. I had a power of my own, but I had to keep my lineage secret, as the person I was descended from allegedly died at age twenty five, and never had a kid. Of course, the other three descendants just had to come to my school looking for a "fourth". Thanks in advance!
1/22/2013 #2

Thanks for being the first one to respond! I'm glad you enjoyed my story and I'll get to your story either tonight or tomorrow. Let's hope we can get more participaters!

1/22/2013 #3

I'll be willing to review anyone's who reviews mine :)

1/23/2013 #4
A. Nonymous1234

Hey, my story isn't fantasy or supternatural, but you did say sci-fi stories were also acceptable, so here's mine. (:

Carriers-It started with them, the Carriers. Soon, everybody in America wants them dead. None of them are even old enough to legally drive. Things twist every day, and will the teenagers be able to hold it together, with people dying and it is ultimately their fault?

There's the short summary ( I know it doesn't sound good, summaries are not my strong suit) the story is 20 chapters in, I apologize for the length. The first couple chapters were written AGES ago, I should be revising them soon.

1/23/2013 #5

Ooo a nice idea for a thread ;)

I'll get to Carriers again soon and anyone else who wants a review for their story, lemme know.

Mine's called Guardians of Woe, a supernatural/adventure.

Summary: Forsaken by their Creator, humanity unknowingly relies on winged guardians to keep the shadows at bay. Some shadows however, will not be vanquished so easily. (note: This summary sucks something bad so I gotta fix it later on o.O)

1/23/2013 #6

I'd love it if someone could read my story Magic In Color, then maybe review or have a nice chat (I'm very proud of it so be gentle). Summary: Following an incident in which the world was almost destroyed, the existence of magic was made public knowledge with the destruction of the Masquerade, an ancient spell that kept the magical world and the world of men seperate. Over a decade later, one of the key players from the incident, Gaius Julian the Black, takes on his first apprentice. Meanwhile Conner the Red, leader of the North American magicians, shirks his duties to go adventuring, or so it seems. In Europe, a mad Dutch Wizard builds himself an empire. many other colorful characters try to make their way in a world that has suddenly become twice as big.

2/3/2013 #7

I'm going through and reviewing all of you. I'd love it if I could get some reviews on my work. I have a mix of horror, fantasy, supernatural, a few other genres, and some poetry. Reviews on anything would be lovely. Thanks!

I should perhaps note that I tend to pick up mostly on things I disliked when I review, so if my review is full of negatives, I really don't mean to be discouraging! I love when people point out both what they I liked and didn't like about my stories, and I try to give praise for all the things I enjoy, but it's easier to make note of things I don't like, because the things I like keep me reading, whereas things that take me out of the story make it easy to take a break to jot it down. I do think all of you have pretty neat ideas, which is cool. There's a lot of terrible, boring cliches floating around fictionpress, so even having unique and interesting ideas is pretty good.

2/6/2013 . Edited 2/6/2013 #8

I really really don't know how to do this but here's my try! My story is called Fallen: The Beginning. I will try and get to all of your guys' stories by Monday I promise! Any and all reviews are appreciated. Thanks

2/8/2013 #9

I really really don't know how to do this but here's my try! My story is called Fallen: The Beginning. I will try and get to all of your guys' stories by Monday I promise! Any and all reviews are appreciated. Thanks. Oops it did two....

2/8/2013 . Edited 2/8/2013 #10
The Swan

Hi, I'm The Swan. I've been a member of Fictionpress for a while, but haven't had much time to devote to my writing hobby. I'm interested in supernatural fiction, so when I saw this section appear in the Roadhouse forum, I was pretty excited! I haven't been doing the review thing for long, but I'm looking forward to reading some of the stories mentioned in this topic. I've already read and reviewed J. L. Horowitz's really good story, The Fate Cards: The Joker Deck. (Keep up the good work!) I've only got one story running at the moment, I'm afraid, but if anyone feels like reading and reviewing it, I'd be very appreciative, and would. of course, repay you with reviews for your own stories! (Mine is called The Calling. Here's the link and summary:

The Calling

Serah isn't what she seems to be ... and everyone knows it. What nobody knows is how Serah struggles with the tasks she was born to complete. In a story spanning worlds and centuries, this enigmatic protagonist battles evils that often hit close to home, while grappling her own demons. Set in a world like our own, yet not so like, can Serah deal with her calling? Rated M.

Hope you all have great day!

2/11/2013 . Edited 2/11/2013 #11

Anyone willing to give The Path to Repression some reviews?

I will repay eventually :P

2/13/2013 #12

So, um, I found this place and it seems like a good place to leave The William Profile. I'm going to slowly work my way through the other stories, and I'd like it a lot if I could get some feedback on my own. Thank you.

4/13/2013 #13


Yaaay supernatural stories! Woot woot! Anyway. Ill be around reviewing/reading your stuff, soooo what do you say if you review my story "Our Snowflake?" I'm in serious need for feedback right now. People have been awesome so far, so pweese?

All reviews will be returned within a 24-hour-limit.

5/26/2013 #14

So, I'm really in need of some reviews for my newest story 'Sweet Desire'. So here's the summary.

Summary: Alec Blackwater – fairy gone feral. Clara Nightingale – Hunter who seems to hold more worth than the eye can see. He wants back what's his; Clara's lost everything. He's crazy, she's feisty. Besides he's not all that bad - beautiful eyes too. He also seems to be convinced he saved her 'that night', though surely there couldn't be a fate worse than this.

The days drag pass; slowly they're making their way toward the city and the bloodbath that no doubt awaits them. Clara knows it. Alec doesn't – he's mad. She was a hunter, she was supposed to protect the city; not be the one attacking it. The fairy could say what he liked until he was blue in the face, but there was no way this was going down without a fight.

I'm going all out with this one, so expect most supernatural creatures to appear - everything that I can think of will be put in this story. You review mine, I'll review yours, all within 24 hours, notifications go straight to my phone. You may even find you like it - my story that is.

5/27/2013 #15


I'm writing an story that is in the supernatural genre. Right now it's more a one-shot but I plan to do more one-shorts so they would be more a novella I suppose. Easier for me then writing a 30 chapter story/novel. I'm in the process of the 2nd one-shot to the story.

The story is called Heartbeat. The series will probably be called that and another title henceforth.

Summary: For six years, she has seen a shadow with flashes of gold. On the night eve of her 25th birthday, an Egyptian Deshirka visits Ayala, and the the legends she thought she knew will turned upside down.

I'd greatly appreciate any feedback I get.

Hint: I really love vampires, so if you have a vampire story..... =D

Thanks in advance!

6/3/2013 #16
Gothar Hrothgar

Hello, everyone! The story I'm currently working on is titled Gary: The Spirit Masters. I personally classify it as an action/sci-fi/fantasy story.

It is set in the future with neat tech and there's supernatural stuff happening too!

But in the story so far the "supernatural" part is yet to be explained/explored. I'd really appreciate if you guys give a review, chapter by chapter. I will gladly return the reviews as well. To make sure I will, please PM me and I will only reply if I have reviewed one of your works. :D Thank you!

6/6/2013 #17
Shadows of Dakaron

Hi, I'm new here as an actual forum collaborator, but I've been hanging around FictionPress off and on for awhile. I've started rewriting my story The Forgotten and would love some reviews on the currently loaded chapters while I continue the story. I would gladly return the favor and review your wonderful stories as well. Just give me a bit of time to work through them!

Summary: Jillian Paul is a fugitive on the run with her husband when she stumbles on the forgotten people, the Sidhe. She must discover for herself if they are dangerous or trustworthy. An urban fantasy - slash- high fantasy serial about the Fey and their hidden interactions with the world of Men. ten

7/25/2013 #18
Dahlia Wolffe

Yay! So happy to find one of the forums I've secretly been following is still up and running. . Anywho, my new series (I'm currently working on the last book-- or what will be the last one for a while) is a supernatural series, inspired by the actual TV show, Supernatural. So that's just compounding things. LOL. It's a long series so I am in no wise expecting anyone to bum rush my page (though it would be nice) to review each one, however, they each get about 50 hits a day and I have not seen a single review, not even for the first part.

The first one, Doppelganger, starts out with Cameron Price, who is more normal than beer and American cheese, set in Louisiana-- the voodoo capital of the world, but that's not what gets him; it's a voodoo priestess that's closer to him than he'd ever suspect, which opens up a can of worms, and that's just the beginning. Anything else you need to be sold on it you will find in the description of the story and in the first paragraph (no exaggeration) because I don't want to give it all away.

I'm all for fair trade so anyone who reviews me I will do my best to review you back ASAP. I just recently got back to paying attention to all my forums, updates, communities and what not on the site so all it takes is for me to see a "review" behind my title and I'll be well on my way to hittin' you back. .

7/25/2013 #19
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